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Media induced TB hysteria.

The health scare hysteria surrounding an Atlanta man with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis bears little relationship to the reality of the low risk he poses to others, doctors treating the man at a Denver hospital said Friday.

“He’s about as noninfectious as you can be,” said Dr. Charles Daley, chief of infectious disease at National Jewish Medical and Research Center, where Andrew Speaker is undergoing treatment for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. “It’s gotten attention undeservedly — at least in terms of this fear,” Daley said.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    And does this shock anyone? The older I get the more I think that people are addcted to panic.

    It explains the over-reaction to everyting from this case to terrorism to cartoon network promos. (And by terrorism, I mean people’s fear of flying, not our appropriate military response in afghanistan).

  2. SpaceyG says:

    When I saw the ludicrous level of faux seriousness by the nets last night, complete with a masked Diane Sawyer nodding with great gravitas (she does that gross gravitas thing so well) I wondered if this was really worth all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and finger pointing.

    Indeed, they had to reduce the whole piece, ABC News at least, and they admited as much at the very top, to a “He said, She said” scenario. The finger-pointing being between Infected Man, the CDC and the Fulton County Health Dept. Lord knows, they never even got around to the Italians!

    But I couldn’t really find any genuine news on how at risk we really are, given all the theatrics and hysteria of the coverage, but anything that involves spokespeople from Fulton County on national TV has got to be fun to watch!

    Just wish it had happened in Dekalb, then maybe Vernon would have jumped in there somewhere. Anything to get on TV. Heck, I expected Baton Bob to pop-up out of the blue.

  3. MelGX says:

    I expect the level of hysteria has something to do with this being a common (shared), fear among travelers. Who hasn’t sat in a cramped airplane next to someone who’s hacking and wheezing and thought, “Oh great, I sure hope this guy isn’t contagious”.

    Even if you aren’t a germophobe, odds are you’ll think of this story the next time you hear a cough on an airplane. One more of these stories and you’ll start to see people carrying (and wearing), masks like they do in Japan.

    Then comes the head on collision between Homeland Security and wary, health conscious travelers.

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