Off the Record With Fred

I have not written about it in detail because it was off the record, but Robert Novak sums up how I spent my evening last Tuesday and the sole reason I was in Washington this past week. The meal was shrimp or chicken (I chose the chicken) with sorbet or chocolate cake (I chose the chocolate cake). The conversation was off the record. The man at the head of the table was Fred Thompson. There were twenty of us total.

Dinner was okay last Tuesday. The conversation was great. The company was fantastic. I’ve never felt so inferior in all my life, but to be surrounded by the people who surrounded me (and have most of them know who I am), I was overwhelmed and very flattered to have been invited.


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Fred was a big shot lobbyist/DC beltway insider for 20 years. 20 years people!

    Lobbyist, the one profession where ethics and morals are banned from day one on the job.
    Lobbyist, the chosen profession for ole Saxby.
    And god help a cute female lobbyist in GA; fooling around with a married state rep or senator is part of the job description (sorry Emily H. and Gas Gal).

    Anyway, Fred canned his wife of 25 years/mother of his two kids, fooled around with any woman with a heartbeat in DC for ten years, and then married a little hottie four years younger than his daughter. I give him credit for scoring hotties with a mug like his.

    As senator, he was known as being a bit on the lazy side. Fred will focus on the issues, because he can’t say a word about family values (same with Newt) or working hard to improve your lot in life.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    “Thompson implied at Stamford that Republicans, along with Democrats, are responsible for making Americans cynical. While so far not spelling this out publicly, he deplores ethical abuses, profligate spending and incompetent management of the Iraq war. He becomes incandescent when considering abysmal CIA and Justice Department performance under the Bush administration. He is enraged by Justice’s actions in decisions leading to Scooter Libby’s prison sentence.”

  3. Mark Rountree says:

    Trackboy, you sound quite suddenly threatened by Fred Thompson’s campaign, spouting the liberal talking points as if you were Baghdad Bob while the Americans were hitting the airport.

    Please, now after revealing to us the intellectual capacity of a man who reads bumper stickers out loud and laughs, who is your choice for President?

  4. Trackboy1 says:

    Take a chill pill Marky…
    Not threatened at all by Fred. Just hoping that this takes all the family values crap off the table and the election is about issues. Big props to him for scoring such a fresh hottie.
    And let’s be honest when someone presents himself one way to the public, but is really a longtime DC insider. Just like we don’t need any more lawyers in office, we sure don’t need any more lobbyists.
    Bumper stickers? You a funny man. Didn’t know I was dealing with such a well known MENSA member, intellectual giant such as yourself.
    Was actually a McCain guy until he went crazy. Like Ron Paul. Like Bill Richardson. And I naively dream about Colin Powell changing his mind one day.
    But before I chose my horse in this race, II’m going to listen to what they say, and check on what they have really done.

  5. EAVDad says:

    Just a few thoughts on Fred … he’s old and he has cancer. Not exactly “hey let’s get this guy into office” kinda stuff. BUT…I’m interested to hear what he has to say. Until now, it’s been people attracted to the idea of Fred Thompson, not any real ideas or substance.

    We’ll see what happens. All I know is that McCain and Rudy must be VERY worried

  6. Mark Rountree says:


    Pill taken, think it was a Flintstones.

    After that original hot verbal assault I was hoping for a little better than the chill pill line combined with that classic “wish Colin Powell for Pres” stuff.

    I feel like I just said “I’m your huckleberry”.
    And you just stood there.

  7. Erick says:

    Wow Trackboy, where do I begin? He and his first wife (who is supporting him, btw) divorced in the mid 80’s. Fred continued acting. He went to Washington in 1994 and admitted he was single and had fun. Somewhere around 2001, he and Jerri got married. They had a baby three years ago.

    Yes, that certainly makes him an awful person.

  8. Lee Benedict says:

    Judging from the first few comments, it appears as though Fred has some explaining to do. His Senate record is impressive and I always got along with him when I worked for the Republican Policy Committee (cracked a few jokes about 1 or 2 of his movies). I signed a few “Draft Fred” petitions, now let’s see how he does on the national scene and see if he shifts to the left (I hope not). If he can explain/comes clean about whatever skeletons he has in the closet that we all know will come out, and remains the true conservative that he was in the Senate, he will probably get the nomination. Until then, I’m with Tommy Thompson.

  9. Mark Rountree says:

    Jeff, if you’ve got something to say, then say it.

    Be specific. Name names. Come on man, don’t be a coward and say something like that with no substantiation.

  10. Erick says:

    OMG! Lee you’re for Tommy “I like young, tight females” Thompson? Holy crap, that’s bad judgment on your part.

    As for Fred, of the candidates running, the National Taxpayer Union says the only two candidates more conservative than FDT are Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul.

  11. Erick says:

    Mark, let’s see, there’s the time a good friend of mine met Tommy at Washington’s National Zoo while Tommy was with Mistress #1. She had to introduce herself.

    Then there’s the famous party where Tommy went for one of the young things there only to discover that she was the host’s daughter.

    And it goes downhill from there.

  12. Mark Rountree says:

    what’s the matter, jeff? not used to a conservative who will fight back?

    come on — don’t out yourself as just another member of the msm who smears people’s characters with no evidence. name some names, give some proof. don’t just make stuff up and say “it’s well known”.


  13. Erick says:


    While it’s a great debate tactic to demand names and information from someone you can bet has solid facts but probably not all the names or, if he does, probably doesn’t want to sling mud on anyone other than the candidate, the fact is that if you do not know Tommy Thompson is a dirty old man who can’t keep his pants on and loves 17 year olds and tells their father at a party he’s invited to that he wants to “f*** the s*** out” of the host’s own daughter while not realizing that the underage girl is the host’s daughter, you either don’t really know Tommy Thompson or are just trying to pick a fight.

    I once called Rudy Giuliani a lecherous adulterer. That was before Tommy got in the race. Tommy makes Bill Richardson look like a priest.

  14. Mark Rountree says:

    I stand by my post: Jeff , give some evidence, name names, call it what one wishes. But to make that kind of statement and then fail to provide any proof doesn’t cut it, regardless of debate rules or strategy.

    Saying “it’s been well known for years” just doesn’t cut it.

  15. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Heh. The combination of the fact that you call me a “clintonite” and a “member of the msm,” attempt to taunt me with the question “not used to a conservative who will fight back?,” and don’t know anything about TT’s past issues with the fairer sex, do not speak well for your situational awareness, Mr. Rountree.

  16. Mark Rountree says:


    I note again your refusal to name names, only to smear someone. Call yourself what you will.

    Behaviorally, the shoe seems to fit, regardless of terminology. Please clarify with facts, Jeff. If you are a new media guy, don’t act like msm quoting “sources”.

    Your statement was not about the “fairer sex”. It was about teen age girls.

    Let’s have a higher standard that this. It was simply a cheap shot. I grant you, however, that you blog under your own name, and do read your online column in Athens. (surprise).

  17. Lee Benedict says:

    Well shucks by golly! I have yet to hear this about Tommy…one would think that an opponent and/or media people would be all over this and we would be posting about how sick we are of hearing about it.

  18. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Hm. Not sure what that last is supposed to mean, Mark…if you’re referring to the fact that I live in a Democrat-heavy county, you are most correct — I am, in fact, a resident of the People’s Republic of Athens-Clarke County (are you saying “surprise” to that because I’m a “clintonite” or a Liberal? That one bears a bit of explaining…)

    But you don’t have to read the paper here to see my stuff; you just have to — again — have a little more situational awareness than you’re displaying here. For example, you could look here, or here, or perhaps here, or here. Or here, or here.

    But that’s not the point. Yes, I write under my own name; I’m not too worried about criticism, nor do I peddle innuendo and made-up “facts.” There’s no need.

    No, I won’t name names. The issue here is the person who’s put himself out as a candidate, not those who have either carried on affairs with him, or been the underage targets of his comments or advances. Here’s a starter for you, though — although I don’t doubt that regardless what “evidence” I might provide you, you’ll likely just call it “made up MSM lies” or some such.

    It’s an unfortunate fact that there are multiple candidates (and perspective candidates) in the running for the GOP nomination who have marital or extramarital issues — but the fact that it’s mentioned doesn’t make it a “lie.”

  19. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I saw Tommy, drunk and sweating through his suit, with a very young blonde (not his wife) who ended up spending much of the party up on his lap. This went down at the “Melee for Haley” on the final night of the 96 GOP convention in San Diego. Embarcadero Park. Saw it myself.

    I also worked on the Hill for a WI Member of Congress, and in the WI Governor’s office in Washington. Spent many receptions and meetings in the presence of Tommy. Trust me, Tommy’s his reputation for cavorting with the young ladies is A. legendary, and B. well-earned.

    There’s your substantiation.

  20. Josh Trevino says:

    Lee and Mark: I wrote speeches for Tommy Thompson from ’01 through ’04. All I’m going to say here is that you’re on the wrong side of this exchange.

  21. Mark Rountree says:


    Hm. You apparently missed my point that I have read your column and am aware of your opinions. The fact that I noted that you write in Athens was simply to let you know that I had actually done so.

    And you missed the point of my statement that “I grant you that you write under your own name”. That was intended as a point of respect, and it is appreciated because you voluntarily allow yourself to be held to a standard. That deserves high regard. Obviously, I do the same here.

    I think most people are just looking for more than unsubstantiated comments, though. Nearly every candidate I’ve ever met or dealt with has to deal with rumors, most unfounded but some real.

    It’s about the principle, not about the specific candidate.

    By the way, my apologies for referring to you as a clintonite. A man who posts under his real name deserves better.

  22. Mark Rountree says:

    Josh: not defending Tommy T. Was pointing out the need for substantiation as a general rule.

    Fred Thompson supporter here.

  23. Erick says:

    Um, not to bring things down here, but I think we are *all* missing the central point of this post: I got to have supper with Fred Thompson, Robert Novak, George Will, John Fund, Mary Matlin, and Michael Barone.

  24. Clint Austin says:

    Congratulations Erick. Heck of an honor to be invited to that table, and shows how much influence your work is having. Keep it up!

  25. Erick says:

    LOL Lee. Let’s see, the salad was arugala with parmesan wedges and olive oil. Green beans and carrot slices were served with the chicken and capers. I stuck to water instead of the wine.

  26. kenlangston says:

    Somehow I believe Thompson is being paid to run (a theory) for his personal financial benefit and the people paying him hope to dilute the Ron Paul ground swell of support. I’ve never seen anything like the amount of support Ron Paul has. See the action, see the online/text polling results, see the youtube subscriptions. This is just the beggining. Corporate media is drooling over the Hilary/Romney/Obama/Guliani campaign funds and they will do anything to push low-budget candidates out of the race. The censorship around Ron Paul is subtle but freightening. If you’re going to let big media run your country into the ground, you’re no patriot. You’re pathetic!

  27. drjay says:

    “I’ve never seen anything like the amount of support Ron Paul has”

    you mean virtually non-existent–or even imaginary???

  28. Erick says:

    Amen, Dr. Jay. Ron Paul’s support is all illusory from a rabid few.

    The people who scream the loudest always appear to be the largest in the crowd, even when they aren’t.

  29. Jeff Emanuel says:

    kenlangston, you’re right. Great men like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Lyndon LaRouche just get jobbed by the system.

    It’s almost…”freightening”…isn’t it?

  30. RJL says:

    Ken is believing (“somehow”):

    Fred is being paid for his personal financial (see paid) benefit…

    Corporate media is drooling…

    Ron Paul is subtly censored…

    Big Media (vs. corporate media) is running the country into the ground…

    So, Erik, is Nicky still working at the Monocle?

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