From WSB-TV to the US Senate?

That’s what Dale Cardwell hopes to do. The WSB-TV investgative reporter left the station for good on Friday (after 11 years), and today declared that he will be running (as a Democrat) against incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss.

According to the AJC Political Insider:

Cardwell said he will run against what he calls the daily, debilitating corruption of Washington, and promises to eschew money from special interest groups and political action committees.

In an interesting move for a Democratic candidate, the first issue which Cardwell spoke out against the current immigration reform bill. According to the PI:

Cardwell called it an “amnesty” bill that’s aimed at satisfying corporate interests. “Georgia has to be freed from this illegal invasion that’s holding down salaries,” he said.

Does it sound like he’s running for the wrong party’s nomination? Well, don’t tell him that — he says:

“If you boil both parties down to the salt, the Republican motto is survival of the fittest. The Democratic motto is do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

He also says that “his Southern Baptist upbringing would never let him embrace social Darwinism” — thus, the Democrat candidacy (also bolstered by the fact that, according to the PI, “Cardwell’s family background is hardcore Democrat”).

So…thoughts? It looks like Georgia Democrats at least have an alternative to Vernon Jones now (without having to resort to drafting Roy Barnes). Can Cardwell pull it off?


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Vernon absolutely, absolutely DESPISES Dale Cardwell. Dale has been the only reporter at any metro TV station who’s ever investigated DeKalb and Vernon. There’s so much to uncover, and he’s uncovered much, but the AJC or anyone else never follows up on it.

    This is “throw punches at the first debate” kind of hate. Vern will call Dale a racist, a hater, etc. This is goin’ be a fun, fun ride.

  2. EAVDad says:

    I know Dale from my former profession and I wish him a lot of luck. But I fear he may not do so great.

  3. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    The Democrats may be sensing that Saxby has mortally wounded himself with illegal immigration amnesty. How long before the GOP figures that out too?

  4. ugadog says:

    Nice, a democrat who will hit Republicans from the right on illegal immigration. He’s got my support just so long as Jim Butler doesn’t run.

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Ah, Chambliss thinks he can change his mind, vote against amnesty, and the short-memoried voters will quickly forget the amnesty flap.

    The question is whether he has opened the gates to remembering all of his other votes that show him to be an IMPOSTER as a conservative.

    A candidate who successfully paints the FULL PICTURE of this miserable hack might overcome his $2 million war chest.

    The people I talk to have had it with incumbents, especially GOP incumbents, with many pining for a return to Democratic rule.

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Hey Chris, the word “Democratic” is even in italics. It’s really not that hard to get it right — if you actually read the post instead of trying to be offended over something that isn’t there.

  7. RuralDem says:

    Amazing how people on here tend to forget that this is Georgia politics.

    The Democratic Party here is not as liberal as the national party, although some seem to forget to mention that 🙂

    ugadog – Butler announced a few weeks ago that he would not run :(. Congressman Bishop also squashed the rumors that were going around about him running as well.

  8. DMZDave says:

    Anyone else surprised that Cox-owned WSB’s top investigative reporter turns out to be a committed, lifelong Democrat and so much so that he believes he has earned the right to be the party’s nominee for the United States Senate for his first job after retirement?

  9. YPL President says:

    Well the race for GA U.S. Senate 2008 is becoming almost as interesting as the Presidential race. The Democratic Primary is going to be so nasty because as someone pointed out earlier, CEO Vernon Jones cannot stand Dale Cardwell and well see this announcement as slap in the face after Cardwell’s investigations into everything about the CEO and the DeKalb County Government.

    All we need to make this race more interesting is a 3rd Democratic canidate. Can someone say Roy Barnes or even better Kathy Cox now theres a primary race I would like to see. But the question many are to still be left with is out of the current list of potential canidates who is best suited to run against Saxby in 08 and what effect the Presidential ticket will have on this race.

  10. RuralDem says:

    Yeah DMZDave you’re right…. we need to set a “previous experience in the political arena” rule before we allow someone to run for the US Senate!

    (Yes, I’m kidding)

    Honestly, I like the idea of non-career politicians running for an office like US Senate.

  11. Holly says:

    I don’t think we’ll see Kathy Cox running in a Democratic primary. Perhaps Cathy Cox will, though. . .

  12. IndyInjun says:

    UGA Wins wrote “The Democrats may be sensing that Saxby has mortally wounded himself with illegal immigration amnesty. How long before the GOP figures that out too?”

    They won’t. They (and HE) figures that he can vote against it and reclaim his position. They are in awe of his power as an incumbent and will suck up to him, no matter how unfaithful he has been to GOP principles.

    An excellent example of how the GOP reveres incumbency power was how Speaker Hastert covered up for Florida congressman Foley’s obscene behavior with male pages in a effort to preserve his seat for the party.

    What we have is a corrupt party that condemns homosexuality but embraces homosexual harassment of young boys; a party that condemns social programs and deficit spending, but whose entire Congressional delagation (save Norwood) votes for the biggest social spending program in 40 years at a cost in the $trillions.

    They show no sign of actively supporting my postings that Saxby is done.

  13. IndyInjun says:

    Ah, I was assuming that his agenda is to keep his seat. However, we do not pay them, and the stakes are very lucrative for the business community, so he might pull a Billy Tauzin. Tauzin, you recall, secured a $2 million a year lobbying ‘job’ with Big Pharma in exchange for his committee’s rubber stamping of Medicare D.

    Yeah, we don’t pay him and he figures to have a golden parachute ready and waiting if he doesn’t retain his seat.

    Chambliss can put a lot of faith in Georgia being a permanently red state and that the state GOP will remain spineless and slack-jawed in its awe of incumbency.

    After all he has done to trash real conservatism, one more outrageous vote is not a stretch.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    “real conservatism”….

    Ah, where oh where did the days go when the only thing out of a conservative’s mouth was the fear of “gay marriage.”

    If the illegals were smart (or. led by someone smart), they would learn to just spout-off “No gay marriages!” and the conservative rank-and-file would embrace them as one of their own.

  15. son of awcomeonnow says:

    Trackboy- I might have posted this under the wrong heading. I think I may have figured out why
    Vernon was able to get Smith re-assigned.
    This is speculation, but her goes. It’s because
    Wayne Mason entered the picture. Mason owns much of the land around the beltway, and it’s imperative to both him and the AJC that it gets developed. It’s more important to the AJC and probably Vernon that it gets developed the approved Georgia way , which is through bonds being issued.
    The AJC ALWAYS supports any local referendum that results in a tax increase for voters. Why? They’re generally bond referendums, financed by “safe” tax exempt municipal bonds. If the referendums don’t pass, then no tax exempt bonds are issued, and Cox misses out on yet another tax shelter. Much of their wealth is due to being able to legally shirk taxes. Vernon’s minions might have used being left out of the bond pool as a strong arm measure with the big boys. Just a thought.

  16. Federalist says:

    Now is this guy really a Democrat, or is he just a Republican that is scared to face-off against Saxby in a primary?

  17. rightofcenter says:

    Bill Simon,
    Your best post ever! Excellent work!

    (I have been wondering who gets to issue the “real” Republican cards? I’m sure Sadie thinks she does.)

  18. IndyInjun says:

    Hahahaha…..Sadie WOULD enjoy being on the “real conservative” credentials committee. In her mind I am sure she might even find one!

    Conservatism in no manner resembles Republicanism as currently defined by Republicans in office. Social conservatism has been stabbed in the back with the Foley and Haggard scandals, while my fiscal conservatism has seen doubling of the debt and new unfunded spending programs.

    By the same token, the Democrats are similarly conflicted, having won in 2006 on promises to end the war, yet since they have been voting to fund the war and to give the POTUS a green light for a new war on Iran.

    It would seem that if one believes in PRINCIPLES, one does better by voting for the other party.

    As for me, I am THROUGH with Saxby Chambliss.

    My motto is “Throw them ALL out!”

    It’s the only way.

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