Statement From Robert Brown

Until today, it had been my intention to run for Mayor of Macon but due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to run.

I am recuperating from surgery. The surgery and my recovery period could last for another 2-3 weeks. As an active and, until now, very healthy person, I believed that I would be able to speed up my recovery in time to run a full campaign for Mayor of Macon. Unfortunately, I was overly-optimistic in my ability to recover from my surgery. I want to thank the many people who encouraged me to run for Mayor and to assure them that I will continue working with them toward a better Macon.

My doctors assure me that I can expect a full recovery, but unfortunately the period of time from qualifying until the primary vote is compressed – only 6 weeks – and every day on the campaign trail will be crucial. I look forward to continuing my service as Democratic leader in the state senate.


  1. John Douglas says:

    Robert: Best wishes for a full and complete recovery. I have enjoyed working with you in the Senate and look forward to many more years.


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