On The Wings Of A Gulfstream Full Of Poodles

Silly me, I’ve been so wrapped-up in my fantasy world of committing new media, I completely and utterly failed to acknowledge the passing of a Cox Enterprises belle, Barbara Cox Anthony. Hon, Mrs. Cox Anthony could “do boards” like nobodies business!

My favorite Mrs. Cox Anthony story is how she once had one of the numerous family jets fly a load of her poodles over to meet up with her in Paris. Men may come and go, and Lordy how they did come and go from Ms. Anthony’s splendid life, but a real lady knows the value of a snappy little lap dog to an aging, weary heart. And Dear Reader, ladies’ hearts, be they rich or poor ones, all get a little saggy as the years go by.

Thinking on the Coxs’ bags of billions, I do have to laugh a bit when people wonder if new media is “monetizable.” Honey, all information is pure gold… to those who can make it come to life. Just ask a Cox heir. I think there are still a few left around this town.

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  1. atlantaman says:

    She was definitley the epitome of a limosine liberal.

    Fly the poodles over on one of your jets from the fleet and let the peons worry about global warming.

    I’ll promote liberals to restore that warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart and rid myself of the guilt of my excesses.

    Let them eat cake.

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