Attention Team Broun: This is how you write a hit-piece press release

Jim Whitehead’s campaign has responded to Broun’s press release yesterday which accused the former of “posturing on immigration and abusing Charlie Norwood’s good name.” The end result? It looks like Broun brought a knife to a gunfight — and then got hosed down with lead.

From Whitehead’s release (entitled “BROUN FUNDRAISING WHILE NORWOOD FOUGHT CANCER”):

Paul Broun, MD, was sending out fundraising letters to run for Congressman Charlie Norwood’s seat as early as 2005 while Norwood was still battling cancer.
“I pray for Charlie to be returned to good health,” Broun wrote in December, 2005, “however in my heart, after much prayer and consultation, I have a deep assurance that I must prepare for a future campaign. What I have been doing these past few months is preparing for the moment – whether very soon, or further into the future, that our Congressman is not a candidate for re-election…As of the date of this writing, I have received firm financial pledges of more than $250,000!”

The most damning statement, though, was this, made in response to Broun’s accusation that Whitehead’s campaign was “abusing [Norwood’s] name”:

“Supporting Charlie’s positions is not abusing his name,” said former Norwood Deputy Chief of Staff John E. Stone, who represented Whitehead in the forum, and served under Norwood in the 10th District office since 1994. “Sending out fundraising letters to run for Charlie’s seat while he was recovering from cancer surgery is abusing Charlie’s name.” Stone said Norwood actually read Broun’s letters while fighting to recover.

…”Everyone who loved Charlie and knew about these letters was outraged at the time,” said Stone, “but for Dr. Broun to then have the gall to criticize anyone over using Charlie’s name is so far over the line that this behavior can no longer be ignored. Georgia voters need to know about this behavior before making their decision in this election.”

“Charlie actually found some humor in this,” Stone added. “When he checked back into Inova Hospital in December after his cancer returned, the first thing he asked me to do for him was to look out the window to see if Paul Broun was circling overhead yet.”

Emphasis added. Ouch; score another for Whitehead’s camp in the battle of the volleys.


  1. Skeptical says:

    I gotta tell ya, as a Democrat who doesn’t live in the 10th, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this little saga.

    I’m gonna give it to the Whitehead people on that press release. THAT is how you do a smackdown…

  2. Federalist says:

    I understand why candidates have to wear make-up know-a-days…but Paul Broun wears way too much. He looks like an alabaster doll on his signs, fliers, and mailers.

  3. CHelf says:

    John should have written Whitehead’s AJC editorial. Better yet, Stone should be on the ballot. Better communicator and knows this district better than anyone.

  4. matth says:

    If Whitehead could just send surrogates to every event, and to editorial meetings, and to congress, I think everyone would be happier.

  5. Observer says:

    Broun has gotten a free ride to this point while all the attention was on the frontrunner. But what good is it to bash the frontrunner if those waiting in the wings are worse? Whitehead might misspeak, but at least he is honorable. It seems that finally the truth about other candidates is finally emerging.

    Broun is a slug and he is now done. He can’t overcome fundraising while Norwood lay in a hospital.

  6. Holly says:

    Stone is a Virginia resident.

    He worked for Charlie from 1994 until. . . um, 2003-ish, I think. Then, he worked for Max Burns through 2004, and went back to Charlie in 2005.

  7. HungarianAngel says:

    Have to agree with CHelf and MattH. John is a great guy, and he would be a serious contender if he were to run. Jim was very wise to bring John on board.

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