An Interesting Idea

Given all the legislators who get away from their wives and up to Atlanta for a few months and immediately start acting like deer in heat, Scott Hudson on Augusta radio has an interesting idea.

Basically, he wants a new law prohibiting members of the legislature and lobbyists from having inappropriate personal relationships — no sex for legislation basically. I think he’s serious. And I’m not opposed to it. Given the number of legislators I’ve heard of who have a thing for strippers and hot young lobbyists, I think it just might be needed.

Of course it’d never pass.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    But it’s so much fun watching the country boys go hog wild in the big city for the first time! They tip great too, so I hear.

  2. Jace Walden says:


    Why is it any business of the government if a state legislator has a thing for strippers?

    You say you support big-government intervening in the lives of these legislators, right? Yet, you run a website (RedState) that supposedly promotes “conservative” values…something doesn’t add up.

    Why not let the natural process of the market prevail here? If voters are fed up with their legislators not being able to keep it in their pants, they’ll vote them out.

  3. Jace Walden says:

    The only thing you could possibly make a “conservative” case against are the legislators who consort with lobbyists inappropriately…THAT goes against the whole “transparency in government” idea.

  4. bowersville says:

    ….longing for the good ole days of Democratic control of the Gold Dome and the anonymity of the Grady Hotel?

    It’s always been the same:

    If you want to catch a legislator, bait the trap with liquor and women.

  5. atlantaman says:


    Couldn’t you make the conservative case that a legislator should be able to do what ever he wants. For instance if the legislator always voted against his district in favor of a particular attractive lobbyist, shouldn’t the people throw him out of office?

    The problem is the average voter is lazy and doesn’t have a proper awareness of how his representatives are voting. So we end up trying to legislate ethics and morality in our elected officials – a futile endeavor.

    “May we get the government we deserve”

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