The Real Gun Owners Support Paul

Interesting. While the NRA seems enamored with Whitehead, Gun Owners of America, a smaller group, but arguably a more staunchly 2nd Amendment group of purists, have endorsed Paul Broun.


  1. Paul Shuford says:

    Is there any statement by the GOA stating why they’ve thrown their support behind Broun?

  2. Observer says:

    The notorious Paul Broun. The (little) man who began sending out letters of support in his campaign for Charlie Norwood’s seat three years before the man died. For shame.

    You are not an honorable man.

  3. Federalist says:

    Paul Broun is crazy. Seriously. He thinks that just because he carries a pocket constituion in his pocket at candidate forums, that it makes him a “strict constitutionalist.” Paul Broun is as much a moron as he would be an ineffective congressperson.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Paul Broun is a kind, intellegent and NOBEL man. You do not know ANYTHING about him.

    Fed & Observer – you are both morons and dishonorable.

  5. Federalist says:

    I know Broun, and his father. Broun is neither kind nor intelligent. Nobel, I would have said that because he does the house call thing…but then I found out it is only because he lost hospital privledges. The smartest thing Broun could have done is not run for this race. How many candidate forums or debates have you been to in this campaign GOPeach? Broun would be a terrible poker player, lets just say that. It is so obvious when he lies, and when he is waiting for his turn to speak (not listening, he does not do that), he is lifeless. Just sitting and staring, at what I do not know. It is as if somebody puts down the radio controller that operates that man, and he is on standby.

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