“Posturing on Immigration and Abusing Charlie Norwood’s Good Name”

That’s what Paul Broun accuses 10th CD opponent (and frontrunner) Jim Whitehead of doing in the title of his latest press release.

Pretty harsh — but it doesn’t stop there. In the release, Broun also called Whitehead out for “‘double talk’ on the issue of amnesty,” and said that “Whitehead’s “damage control team” is resorting to the lowest kind of posturing in an attempt to “sound tough” – he is abusing the name of the late Congressman Charlie Norwood.”

Just what that abuse of Norwood’s name actually is was less clear, although what really seemed to get the Bround campaign’s unmentionables in a wad was Whitehead’s suggestion that 36,000 US troops be placed on the border — something that is apparently “abuse” because Norwood first suggested it, and is not “an easy thing” because we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Whitehead has “overlooked the Iraq war,” but Broun won’t because he was “in the Marines as a Navy medical officer” [auth. note: yes, that is accurate, before anybody questions the veracity of a Naval medic serving with the Corps], but it the 36,000-troop thing was a good idea when Norwood suggested it because it was “a conscientious suggestion to secure our borders,” but it’s a bad idea when Whitehead suggested it because he wasn’t in the military and, according to Broun, he “just wants to wave the magic wand of amnesty” anyway.

Confused? Yeah, me too — I’ll post the entire release in the comments so that you can try to sort it out for yourself, as well. I can’t quite figure out if this is a sign of desperation on the part of the Broun campaign, or just a sign that he needs to go out and hire a coherent communications director.

What do you think?


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    PRESS RELEASE: Broun Blasts Whitehead for Posturing o
    n Immigration and Abusing Charlie Norwood’s Good Name

    Paul Broun for Congress :: Press ReleaseFor Immediate Release

    Paul Broun Blasts Jim Whitehead for Posturing on Immigration and Abusing Charlie Norwood’s Good Name

    Athens, Georgia – May 31, 2007

    Paul Broun earlier this week cited specific examples of Jim Whitehead’s “double talk” on the issue of amnesty. Today Broun said Whitehead’s “damage control team” is resorting to the lowest kind of posturing in an attempt to “sound tough” – he is abusing the name of the late Congressman Charlie Norwood.

    In an email over the weekend defending his stand on the issue, Whitehead accused his opponents of trying to “paint me as a flip-flopper.” He went on to call for placing 36,000 troops on the southern border; this was an idea originated by Norwood.

    Broun’s reaction: “In his first radio commercial Jim Whitehead said that he could not be Charlie Norwood, but he could be himself. Well, he got the first part right. Jim Whitehead is no Charlie Norwood. Charlie Norwood was an independent- thinking, straight-talking, fearless and fiery advocate for the people of his beloved Augusta and the entire 10th District. Charlie stood his ground. He was never a lackey for the political establishment.

    Jim Whitehead got the second part of his commercial wrong. He can’t even be himself. While trying to mislead voters into thinking that he is tough on illegal immigration, Whitehead’s own words make it clear that he is soft and conciliatory on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. That’s because he is the candidate of the political establishment and the Washington crowd that has created this mess by not enforcing our laws and securing the borders and that is now pushing amnesty.”

    “Frankly, throughout this campaign, Team Whitehead, as they refer to themselves has presumed upon the good name of Charlie Norwood. They have tried to artfully create the illusion that Jim and Charlie are interchangeable. This time they have overdone it. Charlie Norwood would never waffle and waver and double talk on the issue of illegal immigration. He was strong and resolute. His word was his bond. He never pandered to his audience. Charlie Norwood would have called “comprehensive immigration reform” what it really is: a code word for amnesty. In fact, I can almost hear him call it “shamnesty,” Broun said.

    Broun declared, “Jim is a captive of the politics-as-usual crowd from whom he has gotten endorsements and campaign cash. These folks desperately want to do with illegal aliens what Whitehead told the Oconee Enterprise that he wanted: make them legal. In fact, his exact words on May 17th were “there are lots of ways to make them legal.”

    Broun urged voters to “hear Whitehead’s words loud and clear – ‘Lots of ways to make them legal. Lots of ways to make them legal.’ That, my friends, is the real Jim Whitehead, not the carefully crafted image by campaign pros in expensive direct mail pieces and media commercials.”

    Broun served in the Marines and as a Navy medical officer. Whitehead did not serve in the military. Broun said, “Earlier in the campaign, Jim said that Iraq was not a big issue. Maybe his oversight of the Iraq war where we have hundreds of thousands of troops deployed, as well as in Afghanistan, lead him to believe that it is an easy thing to put 36,000 or even as he said possibly 48,000 troops on the border. Congressman Norwood sincerely made a conscientious suggestion to secure our borders. Jim Whitehead is trying to pull a fast one and create a false image of strength and toughness by stealing Charlie’s suggestion. Whitehead and his political spin doctors fail to calculate the different times and circumstances that we face today precisely because of the war that he says is not a big deal. My question to Jim is where are you going to get the 48,000 troops to send to the Mexican border? Are you ready to deploy the Georgia National Guard and Georgians in the Army Reserves? That is a rhetorical question, because the truth is Jim just wants to wave the magic wand of amnesty – one of his ‘lots of ways to make them [illegal aliens] legal.”

    The Special Election for Congress is on June 19th.

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    [email protected]:

    Contact Paul Broun for Congress at 706.369.9039.

  2. Jmac says:

    I don’t like the idea of putting troops on the border, but I agree with your point though Jeff. If anything, rather than ‘abuse’ Norwood’s name, Whitehead is doing his best to follow in his footsteps.

    Now, I disagreed with many of Norwood’s positions, so that’s gonna win me over … but this is an incredibly conservative district so it seems like a smart move to me. For the most part, I think Broun’s been pretty sharp in his criticism of Whitehead, but this one misses the boat big time.

    Also, I hate the ‘he didn’t serve in the military’ argument, as if that makes him weaker on national security or as if members of Congress don’t receive well-reasoned and experienced military consulation.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I agree, Jmac. While serving in the military can give great perspective, it is not the be-all, end-all by any means, for someone on either side of the aisle.

  4. AlanR says:

    Double Talk? Broun should check his own record. He ran for congress twice and senate once. Doesn’t he remember what he said back then, or does only this year count?

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Yup, he’s a three time loser, and as I recall, he moved into 3 different cities to run for those 3 different races. In fact, he moved into a city and rented an apartment when he ran against Mac.

    Paul Broun
    Have Open Seat, Will Travel

  6. Holly says:

    I don’t think Josh has had any formal media training. 🙂

    That said, if Paul Broun doesn’t want troops on the border (and one has to believe he doesn’t, given than he’s said the troops are stretched too thin elsewhere), what is his plan for securing it?

    Secondly, I’m really confused about “sound tough” being in quotation marks. Who’s he quoting?

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Careful, Jeff. Channeling GOP PEACH may seem fun at first, but once you get her in your head, well, she’s like Herpes–impossible to get rid of.

  8. Holly says:

    Ahahahaha! Much love, Jeff.

    You forgot that Tom Tancredo is raising money for him, though. 😉

  9. Holly says:

    Greene? He is, but Jeff is channeling GOPeach, and that’s one of the things she tells us often (albeit incorrectly, it seems) about Paul Broun.

  10. drjay says:

    if whitehead is polling around 40% which is the number i have seen–should not these other guys be going after eachother a bit more in an attempt to be the clear #2 choice as opposed to trying to take whitehead down, i’m just asking what would be the best move politically for the “others” in this race?

  11. Jmac says:

    What would make sense, drjay, would be to let Broun say things about Whitehead (ridiculous as they may be), and then go after him. It would seem that Marlow would be right around third with Greene trailing him.

  12. GOP Girl says:

    wait, wait, WAIT. who was the guy passing out flyers at the GOP Convention which said that Ronald Reagan had recommended him? Oh man. Was it Whitehead? Who did Charlie beat to get that seat? That’s the guy.

  13. drjay says:

    charlie beat ralph hudgens to win the gop primary for the seat originally–i thought mike myers was the one touting his 1988 endorsement from reagan…

  14. AlanR says:

    When Broun ran in 1990 against Richard Ray, Broun was pro-choice, in favor of aid to farmers and stuff like that. He criticized Ray for cutting the number of federal employees. Ray was the conservative.

    Broun was also endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters. And he was proud of it.

    By the time he ran for senate in 1996, he was pro-life, against federal aid to farmers and a for a smaller federal government. So I don’t know, maybe he is Georgia’s answer to Mitt Romney, but Broun really needs to be careful who he accuses of double talk.

  15. Quick, no googling…

    1) What were Georgia politicians echoing & saying six months ago? Budget Surplus? GDOT solvency? No Problem with Georgia’s Mental Health System? Where did DHR Chair B.J. Walker immigrate from? What Missions were accomplished?
    Why are the feds having to do double duty to clean up the DHR mess?

    2)How much of the vilifying, politics for poltics sake rhetoric went from bad style to substance?

    3) How much quality of life time did you lose reading campaign rhetoric? How much quality of life time did you lose in Atlanta Traffic? What did GDOT chair Harold Linnenkohl hide from the board members? How long is a politico for politico’s sake average attention span? Who is the GDOT rep in your region, have you spoken with him/her personally?

    4) Which generation of your forebearers were called “Immigrants?”

    5) What % of Georgia kids made it to graduation this year?

    6) When will you or one of your loved ones end up at Grady Hospital?

    7) How much total money did all of the Georgia Politicians raise last year to continue this nonsense?

    ciao for now,

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