More on the Governor’s vetos

Senator Shafer has his own take about the budget vetos and re-prints part of a column by Dick Pettys.

Governor Perdue’s veto message:

“An appropriations consists of a recipient, a purpose and an amount,… Language added by the General Assembly in addition to these three criteria is not part of an appropriation and is non-binding. By adding additional criteria, the General Assembly engages in trying to authorize general law in an appropriation bill. In such circumstances, the added language is not operative and may be disregarded.”


  1. Bill Kecskes says:

    Zero based budgeting is the only way to go!

    Make every department and every state agency publicly justify every nickel requested with full documented disclosure of every request and need.

    Make the budget process transparent!

    Start the public budget process and hearings earlier than the 1st day of the session.

    Plus, a veto should be a singular and absolute action; if the Governor should veto a project; then the accompanying money should automatically revert to unappropriated reserves.

  2. Federalist says:

    While we are at it, can you think of any of way to make the government bigger? When disclosure prevents the providing of services, there is a problem. In addition to that, the public does not know what is in their interest. A few people will, and the rest will just let their prejudices guide their decisions.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    In addition to that, the public does not know what is in their interest.

    Sounds like you’re in the wrong country, kiddo. Why don’t you move to Venezuela or Cuba where there are dear leaders who make sure that the stupid public gets “what is good for them,” despite the protests?

    Seriously, I don’t usually go for ad hominem in commentary — and I think most frequenters here and at RS would second that — but I think that you really must be the dumbest person on this board.

    GOPeach included.

    Have you ever engaged your brain, instead of just spitting out the most inane, mindless, talking-points-style idiocy you spout on a regular basis?

  4. Federalist says:

    Well Jeff that just goes to show how stupid you actually are…do you really think that the average american can make decisions about government spending, taxation, national security, etc? I know you don’t, and I know that most people in this forum would agree that they don’t…but to make such a suggestion is wrong isn’t it? Truth hurts. If you do not believe me I suggest you study American history…you will see that the founders, and the philosophers that influenced them, did not trust the people to make the right decisions on these matters…hence the creation of a democratic republic. “ever engaged your brain”? Maybe you should, so I do not have to explain this stuff over and over again.

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