Perdue Opposes Government Accountability & Transparency

The Governor vetoed HB91 – this bill would have required all state agencies to disclose their consulting payments; expenditures exceeding $20,000; Board member expenses and payments; and payments to outside agencies and companies for services rendered.

Both House and Senate Appropriations committees were eagerly awaiting these reports so they could examine the continuations in the State Budget (currently, legislators only see what is added and what is taken out of the budget – continuations are funded each year without detailed disclosure and examination).

The bill passed unanimously in both the House and Senate. One day I hope we can elect a Republican to the Governor’s Mansion.


  1. I’m not surprised accountability is oppossed. He sent me an email telling me he couldn’t help me, a small business, who lost contracts at RAFB due to favoritism of certain corporations. After I followed the money, I learned those certain corporations and their lawyers helped fund his campaign.

    Perhaps he will be accountable to the lawsuit filed against him and the other politicians who failed to help the small businesses at RAFB. He’s named in this suit:

  2. LeftofCenter says:

    Why do we need a law to do this? IMO, the committee can request this information of the agency.

    Do you really think any good would come of this law? If you ask me, particular legislators would target specific contracts for elimination based on politics. Let the agencies decide how to spend their money

    If a legislator wants to play an active role in the budget process, I suggest s/he actually try to understand the budget; ask direct questions; review what has been done in the past; utilize their budget offices.

  3. jackson says:


    Are you kidding? Every dime of goverment money should be accounted for. Every dime. If you think you can take politics out of ….politics…you are very naive.

    Chris, you are right. I cannot wait until we have our FIRST Republican Governor.

    No Zero Based Budgeting. No Accountability for Spending. Raises taxes and Vetoes tax cuts. Sonny Perdue is an idiot.

  4. Jace Walden says:


    We did elect a Republican to the Governor’s mansion. Don’t blame Sonny. We’re the one’s who put him in there knowing that he was worthless.

  5. Ben Marshall says:

    Left of Center-You are the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen post on this blog. You obviously have never been down at the Capitol to watch the budget process. You’re right in that the committee could request this, but when legislators have asked for information like this, agencies have denied to provide the information. They have no right to do so, they are suppose to provide the information, but they dont’ provide and then hide behind the Governor who is going to back them up on not being accountable to the legislature (and this is an example of him doing that).

    This bill is necessary to see how agencies are spending money throug such things as contracts. Jill Chambers, the author, used these requirements in her committee’s oversight of MARTA, and it helped to expose the corruption and waste that was taking place.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    I do not understand Sonny Perdue’s logic. Doesn’t everyone want more transparency in government?

  7. Harry says:

    This is a terrible decision on the part of the governor, that apparently keeps the lid on information needed by the legislature and public in order to understand and participate in where all that 20.2 billion is being spent. It really makes you wonder.

    Another thing that bothers me is allowing the university system presidents to individually determine whether or not tuition waivers will be granted to non-legal Georgia residents. This should be a state-wide, transparent rule.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    Excuse me, geniuses, but when did “transparency in government” become a Republican issue? I don’t recall Reagan ever talking about it.

    Do you know what you have to do to be a Republican in this state? Claim to be one. That’s it. There’s no such thing as a “real” Republican, or perhaps I should say there is no such thing as a “fake” Republican. If you don’t agree with a fellow Republican, oppose him/her, or run against him/her. But you are no more Republican than they are.

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