1. Rick Day says:

    (yawn) This is old news. I sent this in to the Tip line months ago. Greens, Libertarians, Indies, DJs; I got friends everywhere.

  2. GOP Girl says:

    John Galt – ha. I love that pen name. 🙂

    I feel about Cynthia Big Mac the same as I do about Roy Barnes…..

    And was this topic a Peach Pundit urban legend??? Gota be.

  3. Ray4VP says:

    What I find amusing is that the media will waste valuable ink and bandwith on Cynthia McKinney who has absolutely no chance and not even mention Raymond McKinney, Savannah, Ga, who is a registered candidate, P80004203 and is already listed on the Florida Ballot as a Republican. BTW, he is currently in third place at a Washington State University Presidential Poll.

  4. Adam Smith says:

    Raymond McKinney? before Bull Moose Squirrel says this, I am sure that McCain is currently beating him in some random poll out of New Hampshire.

  5. rugby_fan says:

    Wow, who would have thought Georgia would produce two moonbat liberal candidates for president? Cynthia McKinney and Bill Bolton.

    And someone who seems to think you become VP in the same manner one would become Lt. Gov.

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