“Georgia’s conservative ESPN.”

Andisheh Nouraee’s profile of several Georgia bloggers is the cover article in this week’s Creative Loafing. Feel free to pick up the paper copy or help save the earth by reading it online. Among those profiled was PP’s uber-blogger Erick Erickson:

Blogger profile: Why did you quit being a lawyer to become a blogger?

“That’s the question I get asked the most,” says Peach Pundit’s principal poobah, Erick Erickson. In 2005, he quit his job at Macon’s prestigious Sell & Melton law firm and became a full-time blogger.

“It scared my wife,” Erickson says. “She was a month away from giving birth when I told her I was gonna do it. Fortunately, it didn’t induce labor.”

He says he actually makes more money as a blogger than he did as a lawyer. “Lawyers in Macon don’t make a heck of a lot,” he explains.

Well done Erick and great article Andi.


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