Doug Monroe heading for the Big Apple.

Doug Monroe, lately of Peachtree Screed fame, is leaving the ATL for NYC (from Rusty’s blog):

All fans of “Peachtree Screed” Monroe:

Please reserve this Saturday evening for an impromptu get together for Doug at the Red Light Café in Midtown. We will be celebrating Doug’s new position as New York City Teaching Fellow, where he will be working towards a Masters, teaching special education students in Brooklyn, and, hopefully, blogging.

He leaves for NYC on Monday, so this is your only and last chance to send him off. As an added bonus, his daughter Caroline performs at Red Light at 7:00 p.m. Please arrive early and stay late…

Red Light Café:

Caroline Monroe:

[Info about Caroline’s performance]

Hope to see y’all there,


Best wishes Doug on your new venture. Just, please don’t become a Yankees fans or worse a Mets fan.


  1. Dear Doug,

    Best wishes, i don’t think you could have chosen a nobler career course at this juncture. Hope you can come back to Mid-South Georgia and share some of the wisdom you glean from your experience up there.

    Dr Michelle Valeria Ronnick is the writer in residence at the Mentor’s Project of Bibb County’s summer program this week. After one hour, she had the kids and adults totally mesemerized and hungry for classical history.

    She has crafted an award winning teaching approach that encapsulates Classic, Latin & Greek studies into bite size morsels that inspired 60 inner city kids to continue their education.

    Tomorrow we are going on a cemetery search for Jeremiah Scarborough, the father of William Sanders Scarborough – who went from Macon, Georgia Slave to President of Wilberforce University.
    Jeremiah died in Macon in October 1863 and his grave site is so far unknown. I’ll let you know if we find him.

    Dr Ronnick discovered William Sanders Scarborough after decades of classical historians had overlooked his accomplishments. You can learn more at:

    Be safe, well and stay in touch.


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