Conservative Political Education

The Young Elephants of Atlanta (Atlanta Young Republicans) have an opportunity for some red meat conservative political education this weekend, the “Georgia Conservative Leadership Academy”.  There are still seats open for any aspiring conservative campaign / politico types… It’s this weekend, Saturday and Sunday; at Powell Goldstein in Atlanta, and it costs $30.  If you’re interested contact Cameron Fash (is that not a name?) at [email protected]


  1. Federalist says:

    wait…how can a human being put the words “conservative” and “academy” in the same sentence…isn’t that an oxymoron?

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Does that make all of the atlanta YRs “Fash”ists?

    Seriously, with the image we Republicans have in the media, who put this name in charge?

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    This is a great event that the Atlanta Young Republicans put on. I have been the past two years and it has been a huge success each year and contains a lot of valuable information. I will be there againt this year. Even though the AYRs are hosting this it will be conducted by the Leadership Institute in DC. For $30 you cant beat it. Every year they have several state legislators, mayors, and other elected officials attend as it is valuable to both the politician and the grassroots activist.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    One question – What on earth do Republicans know about conservatism? They sure don’t practice it.

    Maybe they are like the Rev. Ted Haggard, who got naked with a gay escort, but did not have sex, and Bill Clinton, who did not have “sex” that woman.

    Everything is relative these days and depends on how one defines “IS.”

    Maybe they can lay claim to doing “research” on all of the things they claim to oppose when partaking of them…ROFLMAO!

    Dems=GOP=Poison for You and Me.

    Parents should not allow young folks anywhere NEAR the GOP.

  5. Mike Hauncho says:

    This is good advertisement for the event. Anytime the Dems start to insult Republicans who are trying to educate themselves you know you got something good. Maybe the reason they are having a conservative training session is that they are working to get back to their conservative ways. Ever think about that?

  6. CFash says:

    Fash sounds like a great name to me. I like how it only took two posts to get completely away from what the article was all about. But for any of you who are interested in attending this is an event geared for training grassroots leaders. Like Mike Hauncho said this is something that you can benefit from whether you are a politican, a business leader, Party officer, or just looking to become a more effective grassroots activist. If any of you want more info you can go to our website at and click on the GCLA link. The Leadership Institute is one of the premiere training schools in the country so you time and money would be well spent. I hope that those of you who are not interested in conservative training would be respectful enough to allow those who are the opportunity to read about this without bad mouthing them for gaining a little extra knowlwdge.

  7. kendrial says:

    I wish that the Dems. Would learn from the great organizational experience that the Reps. have. The Reps. carry on grassroots training throughout the year whether it is an election year or not. This is a great program.

  8. BigChalk says:

    I can speak from experience, this is a great program. I went two years ago and had I been able to I would have gone last year. If I am not mistaken it won an award as political event of the year in the state. I hope to see all of you there this weekend.

    What is IndyInjun talking about? Did you seriously go from a conservative academy topic to naked gay escorts? This might not be the right website for you to be sharing your feelings on.

  9. Bill Simon says:


    A lot of Republicans who are NOT elected to office know a great deal about conservatism.

    The Leadership Institute’s job is to teach the theory, not make sure everyone adhere’s to the theory.

    The 2-day workshop is a good thing to attend to get a feel for how grassroots is supposed to work and how campaigns are planned and implemented.

  10. Holly says:

    I’ve been to LI schools in Arlington before. They do an excellent job – and they are not necessarily affiliated with the Republican Party, though they are doing this school in conjunction with the YRs, it seems.

  11. Benita says:

    It’s an exceptional workshop, with constructive, reality-based lessons on campaigning, not partisan, and not pie-in-the-sky.

  12. IndyInjun says:

    Ah, I get it.

    Young Republicans are like Bible School in a Baptist Church. The children are taught that drinking and adultery are WRONG. These are good lesssons in life and the fundamentals of doctrine for the church.

    The problem is that they don’t have blinders to put on when the drunk deacon hits a utility pole on the way home to his wife from his girlfriend’s house.

    Shouldn’t it be the ‘how grassroots ARE supposed to work’?……as in the grassroots are dead from being urinated on by their electees.

    Or are Young Elephants supposed to have attention spans of gnats?

    Was Ralph Reed a Young Republican?

    My goodness, I am in one ever-more cynical mood today. Maybe it’s from listening to Saxby Saturday.

  13. Mark Rountree says:

    I’d urge any good conservative to go to this seminar. I have not only been to three Leadership Institute seminars myself ( years ago), but have been the primary organizer for them (over 100 college kids at one), and have been an instructor at them.

    This is a great course in campaign skills and even more importantly in networking yourself with other right-thinking good people.

    Ignore the liberal bozos above Cameron (and I know you will). You and the AYRs are doing your part to preserve the Republic for another 100 years. And it just drives the bozos crazy.

  14. Suggested Workshops:

    1) How to raise political money in your church sand divert it from sorely needed local initiatives.

    2) The “politics for politics sake junkie:” how to avoid real social problems and maintain your adrenaline fix up til Feb 5th.

    3) How to violate littering & right of way ordinance prosecution by working for the incumbent.

    4) Securing those post election lobbyist & government jobs.

    5) Getting your cake, eating it too, while feeding it to others.

    6) How to join the Monopoly, Marching Drum Corps.

    7) Avoiding wartime body counts by immersing your attention in the heat of battle of the political race.

    8) Creating bad, inflamatory and misleading advertisements, it’s your God given right.

  15. IndyInjun says:

    Victor – You left out a few

    9) How to demonize those conservatives not in your clique by branding them as ‘bozos’ and ‘liberals’

    10) How to trick conservatives who would NEVER contribute to your lying deceiving candidate into giving to another in the party who will promptly share the money with your candidate.

    11) The Art of the Excuse – a half hour of instruction on how to divert accountability by somehow blaming the other party for wanting “to do worse.”

    12) The Paul Wolfowitz award will be given to the YR who best demonstrates the ability to commit the greatest financial mistake in world history then go on to high achievement at the World Bank…..ooopsss…..

    13) The Ralph Reed award for the most creative essay on how to pimp out the Baptists and get $millions for doing so.

    14) The Saxby – An award given to the YR who can best betray GOP principles while saying repeatedly that he is nothing like Ted Kennedy.

  16. bowersville says:

    Suggested Democratic humanitarian workshops:

    1) Capture a moment,

    2) capture a memory,

    3) protect a treasure,

    4) save Bernita’s snake, save it’s life, so the snake can bite another day.

    5) Hold dear an old friend of individual folly,

    6) have your work become exceptional,

    7) become provocative,

    8) become new media addictive and

    9) dream on.

  17. Mark Rountree says:

    IndyInjun, based on your previous post, it sounds like you are perhaps hypersensitive to the word bozo.

    now why might that be?

    perhaps in the future it would be wise to do a bit of research about the Leadership Institute and it’s unique conservative mission. Leadership Inst. has stayed in the fight for conservative wins. They are as effective as anyone in training young conservative Republicans at political campaign organizing.

    Again, I recommend the upcoming school to all conservatives who want to learn effective campaign tools.

  18. IndyInjun says:


    You are right. I am just madder than an assaulted hornet at what the party I supported has turned into and I do not intend to shut up until there is serious reform.

    Too many here think that Georgia is safely and securely in the GOP column.

    Instruction on how to remain true to principle might be advised.

  19. joe says:


    I don’t thik that you are hypersensitive about anything, much less the word bozo. But if you are, I recommend Firesign Theater’s “I think we’re all bozos on this bus.” It even explains that bozo comes from bosotros, the Latin for “the be being the same”. Now if that isn’t apropos, what is?

  20. Mark Rountree says:

    Indy, not sure we’re on opposite sides of the equation after all. Conservatives are more upset than anyone about the drift of the Party, and I hope you don’t “shut up” about it at all.

    Most conservatives have chosen to stay in the Party and fight for it, though. But the right 08 Presidential nominee is crucial to many. No question about it.

    Kudos and renewed respect.

  21. Dear Bowwow,

    Two year chart of a Media Monopoly Acquisitor on the prowl:

    High 70, Low 27.57 today
    April Ad Revenue down 7.6%
    Don’t ask me what the long term projected swing target of this one is, you’ll have to stop politicing & blogging long enough to learn how to do it for yourself…

    hang on bowersville, tomorrow has a big surprise for Georgia Media Moguls and their lemming stockholders & cheerleaders …

  22. bowersville says:

    Oh darn Victor, I give up. That has to be high tide on the Ocmulgee in Macon.

    Now I’m so confused. Do I invest, or do I sell?

  23. bowersville says:

    Dang Victor, I googled that stuff, surely you haven’t bought into that .com crap from Marlow have you?

  24. GOP Girl says:

    wonders if I should say to hell with it and bring the 6 yr old…….early political education???

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