Fred Thomspson: Last Best Hope for the GOP?

That’s what Tim Echols said in an Athens Banner-Herald column a couple days ago. He also had this to say:

As trivial as this may sound, Thompson is balding, and bald candidates have struggled in attaining the oval office since Dwight D. Eisenhower. You think I am joking. Maybe he can compensate for this unfortunate factor and choose a vice presidential candidate with a lot of hair. Imagine a Thompson/Romney ticket and how that might play. Using the hair theory, the GOP dare not put Giuliani on the ticket with him, and McCain is not much better.

You know who has great hair? Echols’ — and his homeschoolers’ — favorite, Ralph Reed.

I think I’d rather be bald and be ignored by some folks. What do you think?


  1. Terran1212 says:

    All of these people have jumped on board a war so murderous, so vile and unjustified that the entire world has just drawn back in disgust.

    You want to know the GOP’s saving grace? Going back to sanity. Ron Paul might be an application there. Like Kucinich, his main problem is Money. God bless America and its real god, Profit.

  2. GOP Girl says:

    Bald is the new sexy. Learn it, love it, live it. Fred Thompson is DA MAN for 2008!!!!

  3. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    I find it fascinating that so many GOP activists are shilling for Thompson. It seems desperate and forged out of a lack of alternatives. He’s a conservative in the Bush mold (expediency, namely) and is eternally tied to the White House law-breaking machine, most notably through his service and contribution to Scooter Libby’s defense fund. He’s also anti-business and a foreign policy isolationist, believing that the best way to foment change in Cuba is to continue a half-century of embargo. If thinking it’s okay to leak the secret identities of America’s spies and punishing American businesses who seek new markets isn’t enough to turn off GOP voters, they must indeed be desperate.

  4. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. So what if Thompson wants to get into the race. He’s obviously a viable candidate. The argument of the field being crowded is lame. The man sparks far more interest than some of the others.

    We’re going to have to nominate someone who is going to be able to energize the base and present a vision. Remember Bob Dole? Nothing wrong with Dole, he just didn’t excite the electorate.

    Good public policy doesn’t have to bore one to sleep.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    John McCain in 2008. That’s the candidate that can and will win!

    Nothing wrong with Thompson, but I don’t think he has the fire in the belly to make it a race.

  6. Joy says:

    Well, if Bull Moose is taking another journey into Dreamland, I might as well say…

    Ron Paul in 2008!

  7. Federalist says:

    I think the GOPs problem is the intolerance of their voters. They have a number of electable candidates, but their voters have these moronic litmus tests that a GOP presidential candidate must pass.

  8. grabbingsand says:

    Balding candidates don’t get elected? Perhaps.

    But this reminds me of a psychology professor I knew. He taught general psych, as well as an elective course on personality and so on. In that course, he made this blanketing statement that has always stuck with me.

    He believed in his heart of hearts (or mind of minds) that in a presidential race, the win will always go to the taller candidate. Always. He refused to hear any argument to the contrary. Personally, I think he was off his rocker.

    Even still, since then (1992 or so), I’ve thought much about this statement. I suppose it could seem true, as Clinton was taller than Bush I. Bush I was taller than Dukakis. Was Reagan taller than Carter? I think so.

    Of course, Gore is taller than Bush II …

  9. Federalist says:

    Gore also got more votes than Bush 2.0…perhaps that thesis would only apply to popular votes…but my previous statement debunks your professor’s query entirely.

  10. Icarus says:

    “Like Kucinich, his main problem is Money.”

    You mean money for therapy and meds? Where can either purchase some reality?

  11. Darth Mike says:

    yea, Bull Moose, McCain for president in 2008. I LOVE a politicain who speaks first and thinks later. It makes it so easy to make my smartass comments. I gotta love a man who jokes in public about potentially starting WWIII by bombing Iran. That is someone that I can trust with the presidency.

    Too bad there is not a candidate who is repsected for being a visionary. A man who who is a Republican revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. A man who has been in a position of power and helped lead this country. Wait I forgot, there will be such a candidate in the race, hopefully as soon as October.

    DRAFT NEWT!!!!

  12. Darth Mike says:

    Terran, you are confusing me!!!!!

    “God bless America and its real god, profit.”

    If Profit is god, then are you saying profit bless America and its real god profit? If so, since you are bringing this new god to the attention of the masses, are you not the prophet of this new god profit? Is it profitable to be the profit’s prophet?

    Owww, my head hurts now.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I gotta love a man who jokes in public about potentially starting WWIII by bombing Iran

    Darth Mike, you are aware that Iran is at war with us at the moment, are you not?

  14. Federalist says:

    perhaps terran believes in a different god, and believes that the god of America is Profit. like those polytheistic people’s that have a god for everything.

  15. Darth Mike says:

    oh yea, forgot Newt’s most important qualification…. He still has more hair than McCain, Thompson, and Giuliani combined.

    Newt will be unstoppable with his hair power. All he needs is the endorsement of a true American entrepreneur. Wait forget endorsement, I see it as THE dream ticket….its a vision of the future……

    Newt Gingrich—Sy Sperling ticket for the GOP!!!

  16. Federalist says:

    If Newt could make people forget about his entire life, and then recreate his platform…sure he might have a chance at winning a national election…but until then he may only have the support of Southern GOPers.

  17. Darth Mike says:

    Jeff, Iran is at war with us…we are at war with Iran. They support terrorists against us, support Iraq’s insurgency, and cause instability in the world. In return, we have special forces operating in Iran. We have agents of the CIA trying to destabilize the government.

    That is an underground covert war. Both sides have basically agreed by their actions to keep it below the radar. Neither side would win an overt war.

    A bombing attack against Iran will lead to a war like we have not seen in our lifetime. A US overt attack on Iran would ignite the region against us like nothing else has. Iran would retaliate not by attacking the US, but attacking Israel. It would bring in Syria overtly, and most Moslems in that region would see this as a New Crusade. Once that happens, say bye-bye Betty, there goes the neighborhood. The region will explode. Gas will go up to 9-10 dollars a gallon (at least). Now you can say bye-bye to the global economy. Say hello to inflation. Say hello to job loss and a new Great Depression. Say goodbye to record highs in the stock market. Say goodbye to your way of life, and goodbye to your children’s bright future.

    So yea, I realize that we are in a war with Iran. I also see that any person who makes jokes about overtly attacking a religous country in that area of the world which would have serious implications for the world, and more importantly, the US, is not a person who is capable of thinking of what the results of his actions will be.

    While McCain’s comments sound good, and sound funny (I admit I laughed when I heard his remark for the first time), it is too serious for anyone who is running for the presidency to joke about. To joke about it shows either a complete lack of understanding of what an overt war with Iran would mean, or, even scarier, a display of arrogance not seen since the days of tyrants having power in the Roman empire. Either way, it shows McCain is mentally unsuitable to hold the power of the presidency.

  18. Darth Mike says:

    Federalist…”Stranger things have happened though, Darth…Jar Jar became a Senator.”

    Touche, I concede the point to you with that comment!

  19. MountainThinker says:

    Fred Thompson was a fine senator from Tennessee, and he’s a good actor in my opinion. However, in the wonderful world of Presidential politics, he has some serious problems.

    – Contributed to Scooter Libby’s defense fund
    – Has Cancer (the health issue plays…i.e. when has it been ‘taken off the board considering Cheney?)
    – Trophy wife 30 years his junior (we’re not talking ‘younger’ we’re talking daughter…expect enormous professional women backlash!) Wonder if his ‘starter wife’ will give her two-cents?
    – Thompson’s faith has such an impact in his demeanor and judgment that James Dobson said he didn’t think Thompson’s a Christian…
    – Thompson has no executive experience, and in all reality, his resume is pretty shallow from a political stand-point. We won’t go into his senate voting record, which has potholes to be certain…
    – Then there’s the fact that he’s going to wait at least another 5 weeks, which means he won’t have participated in the first 3 debates, he hasn’t raised a dime, and the hill is gonna be nearly prohibitive. I think the major thing he’s waiting for is the campaign receipts for 2nd quarter to see how high that hill is

    I maintain that much like Newt, the prospect of his candidacy is far more atractive in imagination than reality. Unlike Newt, Thompson has not shown particular outstanding brilliance at any point in his past, nor commanding leadership on anything but a movie set. As for Newt, I’ll demure out of respect for a great Georgian, albeit one who’s time for being on a ballot is LONG since past.

  20. grabbingsand says:

    Iran is at war with us…we are at war with Iran.

    “We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

    Thompson’s going to run. For a short while, I thought that he was just enjoying the attention and soaking up all that sweet, sweet political infatuation. But with each passing day, I’m convinced by his actions — the odd rebuttal to Michael Moore, his Memorial Day op-ed, his rather public comments about immigration — that his hat is about to sail into the ring.

    But I’ve got to wonder just what people are seeing in him. He’s Fred Thompson, not District Attorney Arthur Branch. And as tough and no nonsense as his Law & Order persona is, he’s still only an actor at the end of the day. In fact, Thompson has been an actor for longer than he’s served in any elected office. He’s been out of the Senate since 2002.

    And the Reagan-was-an-actor argument falls flat here, as Reagan had always been more of a politician than an actor. Even before his two-terms of California governorship started in 1966, he’d held the office of Screen Actor’s Guild president for two non-consecutive terms. For good or ill, Reagan heard the call to attain authority throughout his life.

    So, yeah … Thompson will run. And people will cheer. But I don’t think they’ll be getting the Messiah they expect.

  21. Federalist says:

    I think you just summed up FT, MT. I have been saying this for a while, not in the detail you have provided though. FT is not in the spotlight yet, and when (or if) he is this will all come falling down on his candidacy.

  22. Adam Smith says:

    Fred Thompson, as much as I hate to admit it, is a viable candidate. He is someone that the American people can trust. Too many people feel disenfranchised by the entire political process. Too many Americans are ignorant. Too many Americans want to watch “Deal or No Deal” so they can feel smart by guessing which breifcase has the million in it. FT has a face the majority know. He has the name recognition that goes with it. For the majority of Americans, he has political experience due to being a Senator.

    When looked at from the viewpoint from the average American, he is electable. (and just as important, he has not become senile and irresponsible like John McCain yet)

  23. IndyInjun says:

    He is the last hope, indeed.

    The trouble for him is that he carries the weight of an entire party gone terribly wrong and one who cannot seem to bring itself into a true reform mode.

    This leaves us previous supporters no choice but to reform the party by voting it out of office.

  24. Bull Moose says:

    Okay folks, I hate to rain on your parade here, but the LEADER for the race to become President is John McCain.

    A consistent conservative with a record to back it up, McCain is leading in Iowa, New Hampshire, AND South Carolina.

    Iowa: McCain 25%, Giuliani 23%, Romney 16%
    New Hampshire: McCain 30%, Romney 23%, Giuliani 21%
    South Carolina: McCain 32%, Giuliani 23%, Thompson 13%, Romney 10%

    I mean, I understand to a degree the allure of Thompson. I mean, he’s a Hollywood actor turned politician turned Hollywood actor. Some of you think he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan!

    However, 2008 isn’t 1980 (or 1976 for that matter). John McCain is the by far the most qualified candidate and he has the momentum to win this race!

  25. Bull Moose says:

    And before any of you say a thing about Thompson, he was included in the poll… He actually fell from 13% to 6% in Iowa; from 7% to 3% in New Hampshire, and he is up from 10% to 13% in South Carolina.

    However, there’s only going to be 2 or 3 who make it all the way to February 5.

  26. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Mountain Thinker,

    Congratulations. Those are some of the dumbest f’ng comments I’ve read on this board in quite some time (namely because Debbie has been on sabbatical).

    Cancer. A younger wife. Dobson’s opinion.

    You, sir, are an idiot.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Fred Thompson’s allure is that he is a conservative and a great communicator like Reagan was. When Fred talks, you listen and you believe him. He has strong conservative credentials and has charisma. There has been a big void in these qualities since Reagan left office. There is a reason that Reagan’s people are encouraging Fred to get in the race..

    I help carry the Draft Fred Thompson banner in the Dacula parade yesterday and the response was pretty amazing. Pat Quigley carried it as well. We received cheers, applause and we need Fred chants when people saw the banner.

    People are not enthusiatic about any of the other candidates in the race. Remember what happened in 1996 when there was a lack of enthusiasm for Dole?

  28. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Bull, you keep citing these phantom polls in which McCain leads in NH and Iowa.

    The Des Moines Register has Romney at 30 percent to McCain’s 18 percent and Giuliani’s 17 percent.

    Strategic Vision has Romney at 20 percent–up from 8 percent the month before–followed by Giuliani with 18 percent and McCain with 16 percent.

    Zogby has Romney at 35 percent, with Giuliani and McCain lagging behind, each with 19 percent.

    And Survey USA has Romney at 32 percent in NH.

    I’ve found one poll in which McCain leads Romney in NH, and it’s a Research 2000 poll that has Romney at 16 percent, versus McCain’s 18 percent and Giuliani’s 17.

    I suspect McCain’s numbers will improve in Iowa as a result of his recent flip-flop, which saw him morph from an anti-ethanol crusader into the high priest of biofuels.

    I’m not pushing Romney. I’m just getting sick of your tired McCain cut-and-pastes, and your insistence on citing fictional numbers.

  29. Bull Moose says:

    Be nice Jacks Post…

    I think the Thompson idea sounds great on paper, but in reality where you have to work like crazy to get elected President, I don’t think it takes off…

    His numbers are already trending low in Iowa and New Hampshire. Yeah, some folks in Georgia have gotten behind his campaign. Guess what, it doesn’t take a lot of political courage or leadership to get behind a draft effort. Call me when he announces and then we’ll discuss…

    McCain made a quip about Iran, big deal.

    Newt’s another one of those prospective candidates that look good on paper but don’t translate into reality that well…

    Newt’s a brilliant on idea generation, but not necessarily great on idea implimentation.

  30. debbie0040 says:

    Fred is the best hope the GOP has to keep the Whitehouse. He is a strong conservative and great communicator. There has been a void of these traits in GOP leaders since Reagan left office.

    From a woman perspective, they are not bothered by the fact that Thompson’s wife is much younger. They would be bothered if he had left his wife for another woman as two of the other candidates had. That is not the case.

    Who is Dobson to judge? Just because Thompson does not wear his religion on his sleeve does not mean he is not a Christian or have strong beliefs. Dobson has sense retracted his statement about Thompson after he received flak from other religious leaders. My Dad is a retired Independent Baptist minister and he does not have a favorible opinion of Dobson. My Dad loves Thompson.

    As for cancer, if memory serves me correctly, several of the other candidates have had bouts with cancer…

    Bald is beautiful.

  31. Adam Smith says:

    Bull Moose, I proudly present, a new show called……McCain’s Stains….

    1) A trusted representative???

    From arizona daily starresign
    By Daniel Scarpinato
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 05.23.2007

    HOENIX — A Phoenix-area Republican legislator called on Sen. John McCain to resign from his seat Tuesday if he continues to miss votes while campaigning for president.
    State Rep. Russell Pearce of Mesa also said he regrets supporting Sen. Jon Kyl during last year’s election because the senator now supports a comprehensive immigration bill — though he stopped short of calling for Kyl’s resignation.
    “It’s about time we start cleaning house if that’s what it takes,” said Pearce, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.
    According to the Washington Post, McCain has missed 43 votes, nearly 50 percent of the current Congress’ votes. In comparison, Hillary Clinton has missed less than 2 percent of votes and Barack Obama has missed 6.4 percent, according to the Post.

    2) McCain, a “real” Republican???


    In recent months, it has become clear that McCain and his coterie of advisers made a series of miscalculations in 2001 and 2004. According to former Democratic Senate Leader Tom Daschle, after his bruising primary defeat at the hands of then-Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, McCain was the first Republican to approach the Democrats about switching his party affiliation. Of course, eventually it was Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont who crossed the aisle, becoming an independent and deciding to caucus with the Democrats. McCain stayed put in the GOP caucus.

    Once again, in 2004, after spending the intervening years as the proverbial thorn in President Bush’s side, McCain thought of bolting the GOP. This time he approached Sen. John Kerry to discuss becoming his vice presidential running mate (not the other way around, as previously reported, according to Kerry himself). Again, McCain changed his mind, and in exchange for whatever promises made by Karl Rove for Campaign ’08, suddenly moved hard to the right. McCain heartily endorsed President Bush and other Republican office-seekers, and attacked Democrats for good measure.

    3) from msnbc

    McCain deplores anti-Kerry ad White House declines to repudiate it

    4) flip floppin wafflin…. from

    Exhibit A in the South Carolina ads, however, is a quote from the Aug. 20 San Francisco Chronicle in which McCain says, “I’d love to see a point where (Roe vs. Wade) is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to (undergo) illegal and dangerous operations.”

    “John McCain wants South Carolina voters to think he’s pro-life,” a narrator says on the radio ad based on this quote. “But in California, he struck a different pose. Regarding the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion on demand, McCain told editors of the San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 19, quote, ‘Certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.'”

    Holly Gatling, executive director of the South Carolina Citizen’s for Life PAC, accuses McCain of “playing both sides of the fence when he’s on the East Coast trying to blow in the ear of Christian conservatives, or on the West Coast pandering to the ‘pro-aborts.'”

    plus, his irresponsible comments as to Iran…

    Can’t wait to see what he does next to waffle and pander to the voters.

  32. Bull Moose says:

    Jacks Post the numbers I cited are according to American Research Group and they are the MOST recent poll numbers out of those three states. I’m not “cutting and pasting” anything, so deal with it buddy.

  33. Bull Moose says:

    IndyInjun, I think you’re the one whinning my friend!

    I’m just saying, the Fred Thompson boomlet is fading and fading FAST.

  34. IndyInjun says:

    The GOP Bomblette is ticking and ticking LOUDER.
    It started when maverick McCain started sucking up to the Bushies.

  35. debbie0040 says:

    Sorry I posted links twice, but the first posting did not show up for a while. I waited ten minutes and I thought it did not go through.

    I post links so you can read what interests you. No need to post long diatribes to get the point across. Read it for yourself. We are all pretty busy, so I just give you the meat and you can digest it yourself.

    Oh. Rugby fan, I bow to you, you were the all seeing and powerful wizard that correctly predicted the Lt. Governor’s race. 🙂

  36. debbie0040 says:

    Fred Thompson is not fading out. Pat Quigley and I carried the “Draft Fred Thompson” banner in the Dacula Parade yesterday. The response from the crowd was quite unexpected. People would applaud and say go Fred or give us a thumbs up.

    People would ask when Fred would enter the race. Some wanted to know where to buy the Draft Fred t-shirts about 8 of us had on.

    Keep in mind these were not die hard GOP activists, they were everyday GOP voters and Fred received that enthusiastic response.

    We did hear one shout of Giuliani for President.

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