A Great Deal for Travelers

If you live south of metro Atlanta and travel a lot, I think I have a solid recommendation for you. Though, to be honest, it’s probably one of those things for people living south of Griffin.

Right now I’m sitting in the Atlanta Airport waiting for a connection. I’ve got to make a quick trip to Washington today. I flew out of Macon’s Airport on ASA. A flight round trip to Washington-Reagan from Atlanta was $323. Roundtrip from Macon to Washington-Reagan and back was $343.00. Factor in parking at Atlanta (it’s free at Macon’s airport) and gas and you’ve got yourself a very good deal.

What’s even better is getting through security. It took all of five minutes. Because everyone was present and on the plane when boarding started, we left earlier than the stated departure time. The flight to Atlanta was 18 minutes. Total gate to gate time was just under 30 minutes.

The convenience and minimal price difference made the choice easy.

One more thing — I noticed a U.S. Airway jet in a hangar at Macon’s airport. I wonder what’s up with that.


  1. macongop says:

    Parking is not free at the Macon Airport. They will leave an envelope on your windshield and check off the days that it is parked there and it is up to you to be honest and pay at the window when you leave. I don’t know if they take the plate number down or not. Remember when you get on Council that this will need to be addressed about the lost revenue and the Down town parking fines….

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