Attention Macon Resident — Five Guys Is Now Open

When I lived in Washington, I lived on 5 Guys. Well, okay, beer and onion rings at Union Pub *and* Five Guys.

I’m pleased to report that the one in Macon is now open, though the Telegraph reported inaccurately today that it will not open till Wednesday.

I’ve already been. Yum.


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Five Guys is a Northern Virginia/DC icon. Their potato wedge fries are incredible. They’ve opened one in Alpharetta as well.

    The Washingtonian always names it the best burger in town.

  2. EAVDad says:

    I go to the one in the Edgewood Plaza (Atlanta) frequently. One of the best burgers around. And more fries than you can handle (unless you are fat like me!)

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Greatest Fast Food Restaurant. Ever.

    I cannot wait for them to open one in Savannah.

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    great food and Burgers….but I prefer Backyard Burger, tastes like they were cooked over charcoal.

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