Hogzilla has been dethroned.

Even before the movie about him could be finished, Hogzilla has been knocked off his perch as largest known pig by “Monster Pig.” Is it any surprise Monster Pig is from Alabama?

Monster Pig


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Agreed. There was another picture of this hog being retrieved from the woods by a backhow/loader, with the bucket end used as a hoist. The porker was still huge but not as big as in this photo.

  2. dingleberry says:

    Mark Taylor needs to deal with the fact that he lost and keep himself out of the news.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    I disagree. I think the scale looks ok. What is more questionable is why is there a kid in Alabama walking around without camo on? Secondly, who goes hunting in a blue polo shirt, a baseball cap, and a pistol?

  4. Erick,

    I’m back barely a week and you guys are about to push me over the line, again. What did that pig ever do to hurt any of you guys? And what did that poor Snake ever do to hurt Grayson???

    One day, i’m gonna teach you guys how to talk to Mother’s Nature’s Creatures, stay out of their domain and man handle snakes before you decide to make the judgement call to send them home to Jesus, in the future. In the meantime, it’s beans, rice & fresh fruit for a week for me…


  5. Jason Pye says:

    That’s not Monster Pig, It’s ManBearPig.

    And it was killed by global warming…


    I literally blurted out laughing just now.

    I love South Park.

  6. SpaceyG says:

    Victor hon, that snake was going to hurt Bernita’s family, many who were gathering, unbeknownst, in the rattler’s path. She’s the one who chopped its head off to defend her kinfolk. Had it been my realtives, believe you me, I’d have let that critter keep on its merry way.

  7. -~-~-g,
    hmm, sensed that and that’s why i’m such a periodic, south carolina, space coast fan. tell Bernita to email first, i’ll come up and catch it next time. but if she still can’t restrain herself, make sure she dresses it out and saves the skin; i got an idea for a new line of one of a kind tennis shoes to auction off.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    I read the story in the AJC…is a 50-caliber pistol standard issue in Alabama?

    I used to think the 44-caliber handgun was “the most powerful gun and can blow your head clean-off.” Has Dirty Harry been dethroned as the man who carries the most powerful handgun?

  9. griftdrift says:

    Yes. Just put that link up to show you a verified 1000 pound hog to see the difference in scale. I don’t doubt the kid killed a big pig. But that picture has been doctored.

  10. YourFutureLeader says:

    The reports I heard on 750AM about the hog was that it was 10 ft long, so Im not sure if the picture is doctored or not. Id still like to see it on video or something.

  11. GOPGrassroots says:

    On such a big target, you’d think the kid could make a better shot. It looks like he hit it close to the hind legs.

  12. Darth Mike says:

    I am offended by all of the insensitve comments made so far in this blog. Manbearpig, 2000 lb hog, etc.

    On behalf of the dozing Rosie O’donnell pictured with her cabana boy and his butter gun pistol (for buttering all objects in her reach), I demand an apology.

  13. Icarus says:


    I think you just called Rosie O’Donnell Manbearpig…

    Not saying you’re incorrect, but you should probably apologize yourself.

    I’m serious…

  14. Darth Mike says:

    I sincerely apologize for any offense that Manbearpig took at my comment. It was made without thinking, and I apologize for the harm done to him, his family, and his community. It was a callous and cowardly comment and no offense was meant to Manbearpig.

  15. IndyInjun says:

    GOPGrassroots –

    You have not rooted around hog hunting enough. A pistol round will NEVER be fatal when fired directly from 90 degrees away, because of the massive muscle in the area.

    Bow and pistol hunters must wait until a hog is quartering away and shoot about 2/3 back. This makes for a bullet/arrow trajectory forward into heart and lungs.

    The young one made a PERFECT SHOT.

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