David Scott in trouble.

Believe it or not, there are corrupt Democrats out there. I know it’s hard to comprehend because Democrats only desire to help the little people. Sadly, it appears Georgia’s own Congressman David Scott has been hanging around William Jefferson too much:

“I have done nothing wrong,” Scott said in an hourlong interview Thursday.

But a packet of tax, property and campaign documents that has been anonymously circulated among news organizations, including the Journal-Constitution, in recent months implies Scott has blurred the lines between his personal, political and family business.

Since 2002, Scott’s family members and business have received from the campaign between $52,000 and $344,000 every two-year election period. The Federal Election Commission allows that practice as long as family members are actually working and the business is providing a service it normally provides at a fair market price.

The Scotts said they decided to staff the campaign themselves after spending huge amounts of money on consultants in his first campaign.

“We were paying these consultants, and we were doing all the work,” said Alfredia Scott, who now runs the family business and her husband’s campaigns.

Remember the outrage when Tom Delay’s campaign hired his wife and daughter? Let’s see if Big Media is as outraged at Cong. Scott.


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Family members making big bucks off of one’s campaign is bad…really bad. Whenever an elected officials says ““I have done nothing wrong”, they almost always have.

    And how do you let yourself get “more than 40 tax liens placed against his home and business”. How can you vote for the nation’s finances when you have no freaking clue with your own money? Rep. Scott needs to go.

  2. Since Alfredia had my cell phone number during the last election cycle I can verify that she was doing work for the campaign. She (and the Congressman) wouldn’t stop calling me at some points!

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