Blame The Liberal Bias Of The Internet

I am not making this up… Now conservatives are saying that YouTube has a liberal bias. Not getting enough hits to your crappy videos, like this hate-filled slop from angry little Jordan Greene, son of 10th Congressional candidate, Bill Greene?

No prob, try QubeTV. It’s Internet TV for the people not smart enough for… YouTube! I am seriously ROFLing.


  1. Chris says:

    Conservatives have jobs and responsibilities. Liberals sit on the couch all day watching Oprah.
    Of course there would be a liberal bias on the internet. The liberals (or in the case of Jordan, kids) are the ones with free time to create the silly videos.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my package audit report is finished and I need to back back to upgrading servers.

    (take that above comment with about 50% tounge in cheek)

  2. Seth Millican says:

    Hahaha. I’m not a huge fan of Bill Greene or of videoing family Bible studies and posting them on the internet, but that parody music video is pretty clever.

  3. Rusty says:

    Or maybe conservatives all use PCs, and liberals all use Macs. So it’s just easier for liberals to post videos to YouTube.

  4. Chris says:

    Erick and I take exception to “conservatives all use PCs”. Well, I’m taking exception on behalf of Erick.

    I did finally get around to posting my first YouTube the other day. I need to get it up here……

  5. Holly says:

    I’m a Republican Mac user! 😉

    As for the post. . . how weird that people got up in arms over YouTube content. It’s based on what users post, so if YouTube has this apparent left-slant, it’s simply because more people who put stuff on YouTube lean Democratic. That doesn’t make it less open to people posting videos with a right-slant.

    I’m rather fond of YouTube, myself. Where else can you find all the versions of 1980s Nena videos in one spot, ha ha?

  6. veritas says:

    I am always suspicious of quotes — such as “liberal bias” — that are printed devoid of any context. So I did some checking.

    Here is a longer quote from the QubeTV site: “Citing the banning of a video by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin from the popular YouTube video web site, [Qube TV cofounder Jeffrey] Lord said that ‘a real danger exists that political and cultural liberals running these video sites will do everything they can to shut down a vigorous dissent from the liberal world-view.'”

    Not being familiar with the Malkin story, I searched more and found this post from Michelle Malkin herself.

    Now, a word to SpaceyG: you may not agree with Malkin or Lord, but if you are going to ridicule a comment or idea, at least do some research and try to bring a fuller version of the facts to the table.

    Also, I am unable to find any logical basis for your statement that QubeTV is “Internet TV for the people not smart enough for… YouTube!” (ellipsis in original).

    I suspect that you are making a statement about philosophy rather than technology.

    Are you claiming that people who are conservative in their political views are not as bright as people who are to the left?

  7. Chris says:

    I’m a liberal PC user…. HELP!!!!!!! Is there a Mac foundation I can get a free laptop from?

    Typical Liberal – always wanting something for free.


  8. SpaceyG says:

    Veritas: I’m a blogger. I “claim” whatever words and opinions I want to. Craft them too. You should try it sometime. You want a “fuller version?” Then click your own self into a “fuller” frenzy. Have at it. That’s what they’re there for. Now I gotta have some coffee and get back to…again… BLOGGING.

  9. Chris says:

    RJL: Thanks. I think

    Demon: Good point. Since this is polite company I’ll keep my ideas about his motivation for inventing global warming to myself.

  10. SpaceyG says:

    Chris and Demon: You guys are, kinda sadly, the perfect example of why Dems are beating Repugs on the Internets… you’re just not all that timely or all that funny. Pity.

  11. Federalist says:

    Ww chris farris, you lie alot. you know that there are more millionaire Democrats in Congress than gopers. It is because dems work, that is why they get the working poor vote. if you think there is a liberal bias all through out the media, there is a reason…it is the liberal population that remains educated enough to read and think.

  12. RJL says:

    Liberally Biased Wit Appreciation Award, Runner Up, goes to Chris at 9:43. Take the rest of the day off.

  13. jsm says:

    Talk about making a mountain out of an ant hill. Good research, veritas, but it seems like wasted time based on such an obscure remark cited in the subject of the thread. Somehow, I don’t think the web is affecting people either way politically. Too bad for Mr. Gore.

  14. Federalist says:

    I forgot to mention, the Greene you tube video sucked…nice plug in with the bible reading, even though it was very scripted and did not sound at all sincere. “People buy that god and country stuff.” But only when you mean it mr. greene.

  15. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    “Veritas: I’m a blogger. I “claim” whatever words and opinions I want to. Craft them too. You should try it sometime. You want a “fuller version?” Then click your own self into a “fuller” frenzy. Have at it. That’s what they’re there for. Now I gotta have some coffee and get back to…again… BLOGGING.”

    I always thought BLOGGING included actual investigation of facts, otherwise it’s nothing but a diary, in which case it should be posted on livejournal, not PP.

  16. Federalist says:

    livefreeordie, like all “news” service or information outlets…this is entertainment…only a few people take it seriously, and no responsible person would take the information posted on a blog with any more than a grain of salt.

  17. Demonbeck says:

    Very true, Federalist.

    However, information posted here with a dash of paprika and lime juice is actually quite tasty!

  18. Federalist says:

    i am not so sure about it being tasty…i often find that it is a stench that you can not stop smelling…and you know it stinks, but for some reason you can not stop smelling it.

  19. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    Federalist, when I think ‘entertainment’ I think The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, or C-SPAN. Sure PP has some entertainment value but I think most of us come here to get the scoop on local politics, albeit with the slant of the poster, and THEN entertain ourselves in the comments section. The sole purpose of blogging is not entertainment. It’s meant to inform and has gained its popularity by picking up on stories that the mainstream media doesn’t pay attention to but that we citizens want to hear about and discuss. The people that come to PP care about things that go on around them, it we merely wanted entertainment we’d be playing Sudoku instead.

    Sorry that I hold anyone that officially assigns the title of ‘blogger’ to themselves to a higher standard than just another moron with a keyboard and internet access. The nya-nya-ing and conservative v. liberal name calling is fruitless and a waste of all of our time.

  20. tribalecho says:

    It may be hate-filled (I’d really love to talk to this kid) but the video, the lyrics and the music are pretty damn good.

    I may be the last person in the sphere to have discovered this funny song, but just in case, check out Cows With Guns. Cow doldrums….cracks me up.

  21. SpaceyG says:

    PP is like that mildewed sponge at the kitchen sink that stinks so incredibly well you can’t stop sniffing it.

    Tell me what actress in what movie actually had a line of dialog about sniffing sponges and you will win a special SGR prize. Tell me what the actual line of dialog was, verbatim, and I swear I will come to your house, tape your own YouTube video, edit it — and post it on PP.

  22. griftdrift says:

    The movie is Walking and Talking.

    The quote is

    “This sponge that I’m washing
    dishes with is unbelievable. It. Oh, my God. It smells like a hot dog. It’s disgusting. And I can’t stop smelling it”

  23. Donkey Kong says:

    Um, more on topic than raunchy sponges and home videos by SpaceyG:

    To be blunt: conservatives suck in the media, and suck in their approach to the media. The best way to restore media neutrality is NOT by creating our own pathetic little media outlets, but by taking over the mainstream outlets with conservatives. It is the ONLY proven method. The communists know it. Conservatives know the communists know it. Conservatives have watched libs and commies successfully take over higher education and the media and exert massive influence over public debate through those outlets. And we whimper in defeat and are too scared to address them in their own arena and retake the MSM. PATHETIC. I’m guilty of it too–I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 years simultaneously battling the libs/commies in both the media and higher ed, and if I could go back to the beginning, I’d do things differently. Let’s get out of the closet and attack them on their own ground.

  24. HungarianAngel says:

    I don’t care who you are…now that’s funny.

    “Hate filled slop”?
    Wow, now where’s the venom coming from?

    Sorry, guys, but coming from a 15 year old kid, this is pretty good. And…um… I don’t know, but my *guess* is the Bible reading was a shtick for the video, Federalist.

    I’m sure that video probably offended more conservatives than liberals. Not too many folks can laugh at their own legalism. Good job, kiddo.

  25. Federalist says:

    I figured as much, given what I know about the christian religion…no person could actually be a christian and hate as much as the Greene family.

  26. Donkey Kong says:

    Ok, I just saw the youtube video by Jordan Greene. I LOVE IT. Way to go, Jordan.

    Hate-filled slop, Spacey? I normally like your posts, but this is just angry banter.

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Spacey Sez:PP is like that mildewed sponge at the kitchen sink that stinks so incredibly well you can’t stop sniffing it.

    Thus the explanation for why Gracey is “spacey”…too much sponge-sniffing for too many years. 😉

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