Hispanic legislators stand for secure borders.


ATLANTA – Today, State Representative David Casas (GA), chairman of the National Conference of Hispanic Legislators (NCHL), issued the following statement regarding the Senate debate about immigration.

“The senate’s reconsideration of immigration reform is a positive step towards addressing one of the most critical issues facing our nation today. As the debate unfolds, we must remember that our number one priority is to secure our border. The recent thwarted plot on our soldiers at Fort Dix is evidence that we still live in very dangerous times. It is in the best interest of the Hispanic community and of our country as a whole, to secure the homeland. Once our federal government secures the border, we can address the remaining challenges.”


  1. Adam Smith says:

    the only question is the implied comment that goes with it….

    Basically, First we secure the borders. Second we deal with the illegals in the country (the remaining challenge referred to).

    Hmmm, sounds like a fence being traded for amnesty/guest worker permit/citizenship.

  2. sethweathers says:

    i don’t think they necessarily mean that amnesty will be given if we have a fence. though, i would be more than willing to trade amnesty for a REAL fence and REAL enforcement of the border.

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