1. BlackfinDay says:

    Actually, not. This just rallys the faithful. And it won;t make a difference to Whitehead in Athens.

    AND, you might just hear an Munson ad for Broun before it’s all over. He’s pretty much for sale in these things.

  2. Observer says:

    This will get the attention of many marginal voters who may not have otherwise even cared there is an election. Not everyone is a political dork like us.

  3. Kepper says:

    Has anyone heard about an incident in Athens last night involving Bill Greene’s fundraiser and the Minutemen getting into an altercation with a Whitehead supporter?

  4. Kepper says:

    I wish I had a better source. Apparently, a Whitehead supporter put a big 4x sign in his yard near the Greene fundraiser. Supposedly (and this is not confirmed as far as I know) either Greene himself or someone in his camp came by and demanded the guy take the sign down. The guy stated he is the homeowner and he wants the sign to remain up. He was then, allegedly, threated with the minutemen if he didn’t comply and take the sign down. The guy didn’t back down and the minutemen showed up. There was an altercation and either a minuteman member or a Greene staffer was arrested.
    That is how it was told to me. I’m just looking for someone to verify it. If it’s false, then I do apologize.

    Also, this was supposed to be the night that Alan Keyes appeared. I would be interested in what he had to say.

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Perfect. I’ve been waiting for Alan Keyes and the Minutemen to make it into the same post.

    Check out this story from the Washington Times detailing how Alan Keyes and the Minutemen are scamming donors and pilfering contributions. As he’s proven time and time again, you can’t leave a wallet anywhere near Alan Keyes. Simcox is fleecing donors and Keyes is a straight up money hustler, and they’re not accountable to anyone.


    Sorry for hijacking this thread. I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take another swipe at those jackasses.

  6. Holly says:


    From what you’ve said, it would seem to me that if the sign was on private property, it’s up to the homeowner as to what goes in his yard.

    If there was any incident, I’m sure police reports will be available shortly. That should verify what, if anything, transpired.

  7. Kepper says:

    From what I understand, the homeowner was making his case that it was his property and that he could do what he wanted and the minutemen took exception. I just wish someone could substantiate it. I hate passing rumors if they aren’t true. This whole thing just sounds crazy.

  8. I Am Jacks Post says:

    This is the way it went down, as I understand it.

    I heard that when the property owner refused Greene’s and his team’s demand to take down the sign, the Greene team and the Minutemen hunkered down behind some shrubbery and began pelting the property owner with balled-up, leftover Terri Schiavo fundraising letters. I heard it wasn’t pretty.

  9. jackson says:

    Oh my God! That is crazy, Jacks. People…read that article. I knew Keyes was a money hustler (I mean, who pays HIMSELF as a candidate for office?) but didnt know the Minutemen were scum. Good research.

  10. bowersville says:

    There is a headline at Athensonline.com (Athens Banner Herald) that reads “Police Respond following Greene fund raiser Fracas,” if you’re interested and want to post a link or details of the story.

  11. bowersville says:

    Munson, “What have you got Loran?”

    Loran, “Larry, I’ve got Jim Whitehead here, a Letterman from the 60’s. Jim, tell us about your days in football.”

    Whitehead,”Loran, as you recall, I lettered once in football at UGA and went on to be drafted in the 19th round of 20 by the Chicago Bears.”

    Loran, “Jim you’re running for Congress and what does being drafted in the 19th round have to do with your candidacy?”

    Whitehead, “Loran, I don’t believe it has much to do with it, but I noticed on Peach Pundit that Rusty, the Radical Georgia Moderate, was upset about it and I’m just setting the record straight.”

    Munson, “Wait a minute Jim, we can’t stand for Rusty to be upset about the round in which you were drafted, I need to do a radio spot to help you out.”


  12. profg says:

    So much speculation, so little knowledge of the facts. So here are the facts.

    On the evening of May 22nd, the Greene for Congress campaign was holding a private fundraiser at the Community Center in Watkinsville, Georgia. A Whitehead campaign staffer, Brandon Phillips, arrived as it began and placed Whitehead campaign signs all around the building (NOT just in a private yard, we have the pictures) where the Greene fundraiser was being held. I approached the Whitehead staffer, who was standing by his truck in a private driveway getting more signs out, and asked him to take down the signs around our building, which he refused to do. Then the owner of that property asked me to step off of his property, which I did. As I left, I mentioned to him that (A) I’m sure Jim Whitehead would never approve of placing his signs all around the building where his opponent’s private function was being held, and (B) I’d hate to see them lose all that money, since the people inside the building would be coming out shortly to pull up the signs there were not on private property. (And yes, there were Minutemen inside as well, which Phillips knew in advance.)

    I went inside to greet all of our supporters, and our campaign manager, Eric Spohn, went out to take pictures of the signs and the truck’s license plate (to show Jim Whitehead what his people were doing), at which time the Whitehead staffer jumped into his truck, threw it into reverse, and attempted to run down Eric. Eric jumped out of the way at the last second, pushing off of the truck as it sped by, putting a small dent in the side.

    All of this happened right in front of the police station (which is attached to the Watkinsville Community Center, where our event was being held), the two of them were questioned, and they were asked if they were pressing charges against each other (against Phillips for assault with a deadly weapon and/or attempted vehicular manslaughter, against Eric for property damage). Eric said he didn’t want to have to do so if it could be solved between the two of them, as he didn’t want to have to bring all of his witnesses (some of whom were minors, there with their families as volunteers at the event) into court. Phillips, it turns out, couldn’t file charges, because it wasn’t his truck.

    So no one got into a fight. No one was arrested. No one filed charges. The signs were all removed (both the dozens surrounding our building, and from the yard of the private home — apparently, someone was simply paid off to put a sign up for the evening). Our event went great. We all went home.

    Unfortunately, this is just another example of politics as usual. What we had was a foolish young man, making several foolish mistakes. He was foolish to put dozens of signs around his boss’s opponent’s private event. He was foolish to try to stop the Greene for Congress campaign manager from taking pictures of his truck & license, by attempting to run him down. And he was foolish to think that this is how politics is done — which is what the voters of Georgia are sick and tired of. Jim Whitehead should do the right thing: this staffer should be fired (or if he was a volunteer, banned from the campaign), and I hope he learns his lesson and avoids foolishness in the future.

    That’s what happened. I was there. You weren’t. End of story.

    Except for one more thing: I called Jim Whitehead’s campaign several times, and left messages asking him to return my call, so we could discuss this incident. He hasn’t done so.

    Bill Greene

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