This is still funny to me

I know this has already been mentioned, but this is from Insider Advantage on the whole Reed/Bauer mix up:

It’s happened to a lot of us. We see somebody we know and blank out on the name, or – even worse – somebody sees us and blanks out on our name. Well, that happened to Ralph Reed Friday during a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at the 1818 Club in Duluth, just across the parking lot from the Gwinnett Convention Center, site of the convention.

Romney, beginning his talk, made the comment, “I’m happy to have with us today my good friend Gary Bauer.” (Bauer is a conservative activist whose career to some degree parallels Reed’s, and who somewhat resembles Reed. See photo at right from his website.) Then, in response to groans from the audience, the former Massachusetts governor confessed, “I know I am getting mixed up here,” spent a few seconds searching for Reed’s name and then gave up before moving on to the next dignitary.

The fundraiser, as we’ve mentioned before, raised $250,000 for Romney. Other attendees were Rep. Mark Burkhalter, who helped spearhead the effort; Eric Tannenblatt, Gov. Sonny Perdue’s former chief of staff who now heads the Romney fundraising team in Georgia, and conservative author and commentator Phil Kent.


  1. JB says:

    Insider Advantage provides a pretty lousy description of what occurred. Romney never described Ralph as “my good friend Gary Bauer.” he simply said hello to “Gary, Gary Bauer.” And there was absolutely no groan from the audience. It took Governor Romney all of about 1 second to move on. He did make sure to talk to Ralph immediately after his speech.

    I was amused by the slip-up as well, but Insider Advantage’s description of events is really shameful. I cannot see who wrote it as it is behind a firewall, but unless it was Phil Kent (who was sitting a few seats away at Ralph’s table), then this warrants a detraction. I rarely if ever comment, but this is simply journalism at its worst. Completely inaccurate, and written seemingly so as to embarrass Ralph Reed and Governor Romney. Shameful.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Hmm, I don’t know JB, I heard it from several people that were there that Romney introduced and welcome his good friend Gary Bauer.

    At least he didn’t have a real slip of the tongue and recognize him as Jack Abramoff. You know, he could have associated the scandal prone convicted felon with his former partner. I mean, when I see Ralph Reed, Abramoff is the first thing that comes to mind.

  3. JB says:

    I was there also and am certain of what I heard. I noticed the mistake immediately and turned to see Ralph’s reaction as I was about 5 feet to his right. I retold it just after watching Ralph’s reaction to a friend who was in attendance but a little less familiar with the faces in the room, e.g. Ralph Reed.

    Nice dig on Ralph, though. A real classy non sequitur. No wonder you seem sympathetic to the alternative version of the mix-up.

    In any case, my comment was not about Ralph; it was about truth…which is what we should all pursue no matter what you or I think of Ralph Reed or Gov. Romney. Insider Advantage did the truth a disservice with its version of events.

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