Isakson signals S.O.S.

Saying that “reckless spending is threatening the future of our nation,” Georgia’s junior Senator has signed on as a co-sponsor of the “Stop Over-Spending (S.O.S.) Act.”

The Act is intended to:

  • Create a mechanism for the President and Congress to quickly and effectively eliminate wasteful spending, while maintaining Congress’ power of the purse.
  • Implement procedures to automatically slow the rate of growth for mandatory programs if Congress fails to meet deficit reduction targets;
  • Reinstate statutory caps on discretionary spending; and
  • Convert annual budget, appropriations and authorizing budget process from a yearly process into a two-year cycle.

According to a press release, the “S.O.S. Act” will also “create two new bi-partisan commissions. The first will study the accountability and efficiency of government programs. The second commission will examine and provide solutions to the impending entitlement crisis.”

“One of the problems we have in Congress with deficit spending is spending money on projects that by anybody’s definition are projects that shouldn’t be funded with tax dollars,” said Sen. Isakson in the release. “This is about changing our budget process and setting priorities for spending.”


  1. Joy says:

    I like this, but can’t help but think it’s an attempt to get back on Georgians good side for the Immigration thing.

    Not that I have any complaints on that issue, other than typical complaints about any massive bureaucratic effort… yet. I’ll come up with plenty to say after reading as much of the immigration bill as I can before either falling asleep or gouging out my eyes.

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Ahhh, another commission. Perfect.

    Question: Will this “S.O.S. Act” apply to next year’s Farm Bill? One can hope, right?

  3. Federalist says:

    Just drop the immigration thing. The conservative idea would be a huge waste of money. Arrest them, send them home. It costs $109/day to incarcerate a person. then a bus ticket home will cost an arm and a leg too. You want a plan to cost gov’t spending…leave Iraq.

  4. Jace Walden says:

    Someone needs to send out an S.O.S. to Georgia voters warning them that they are represented by the two biggest dumb*sses in the Senate.

    So, is good ole Johnny finally concerned about spending? Or is this just a feint to keep the attention off his immigration betrayal?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, some of you people cannot be pleased. You want to reign in out of control spending but when Isakson steps up to the plate to do so you attack him for doing so?

    Come on.

    I worked in the federal government for 11 months and I can tell you, spending was out of control and inconsistent with our values.

    It will take a commission to evaluate how the money is spent and come up with a plan.

    The government’s just too big to do it any other way.

  6. IndyInjun says:


    Johnny voted for the largest social program in FORTY YEARS…..and he has the NERVE to announce something like this!!!!!!

    Johnny, oh Johnny – sure this works with the majority of dumb clucks an d GOP hacks, but it insults my intelligence.

    Vote Dem for Senate in 201o, if the GOP cannot relocate its PRINCIPLES!

  7. IndyInjun says:

    Johnny or Saxby decrying out of control spending is like a pig complaining that the trough is empty.

  8. JConnor says:

    Bull Moose,

    11 months working for the fed doesn’t make you any more qualified than anyone else to say what’s needed.

  9. Jason Pye says:

    According to a press release, the “S.O.S. Act” will also “create two new bi-partisan commissions. The first will study the accountability and efficiency of government programs. The second commission will examine and provide solutions to the impending entitlement crisis.”

    Uhhhh…ok, let’s add another bureaucracy to examine our other bureaucracies.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    Lessee. by now the OFFICIAL DEBT of the USA stands around $9 trillion, or $30 grand per capita. Expanding this to include the present value of ‘trust funds,’ retirement , and Health care shoots this number to 45 triillion (higher by some reckoning) or $150 grand percapita or $600 grand for a family of four. Family incomes are 75 grand and per capita income is about $45 grand.

    It’s too late to “STUDY” the problem that our senators contributed so heavily to creating.

    Just picture some designee flipping a coin. One side is Bankruptcy and Great Depression. The other is Death of Dollar and Wiemar Hyperinflation.

    Flip the coin.

    There are no ‘choices’ and no room for ‘study’

    There is however, time for one not-so-small task – dealing with the pols and their masters who did this to the greatest nation on earth.

  11. joe says:

    The first will study the accountability and efficiency of government programs.

    Isn’t that part of the charter of the GAO?

  12. rightofcenter says:

    You don’t need the good Senator to insult your intelligence. You do a very good job of that all by yourself.

  13. Bull Moose says:

    You missed my point — it doesn’t take an expert to know that Johnny’s SOS proposal is very much needed… Maybe I didn’t articulate it very well…

  14. IndyInjun says:

    RightofCenter – Do you have facts and figures like those posted to refute mine?

    Do you DENY that Johnny voted for the Medicare Drug bill, that it is now an ENTITLEMENT, and that the low range estimate of the cost is $4 trillion at present value, that the mid range cost is $8 trillion and the high range estimate is $12 trillion. (Source Financial Statements of the United States).

    Do you deny that there are 300 million Americans, so that the mid range estimate is $8 trillion/300 million = $26,667 for every man, woman and child in the COUNTRY?

    Do you deny that his party, the GOP, controlled the Congress, the Whitehouse, and the Supreme Court when Johnny voted for this? Why is he complaining about ENTITLEMENTS NOW?

    Do you deny that there was a Contract with America, which called for a balanced budget? Do you deny that fiscal responsibility is a central article of faith for the GOP?

    About now, I have concluded that all GOP hacks are in DENIAL about the treachery, deceit, and willful abandonment of principle on the part of GOP officials. This is why you lost Congress in 2006 and are looked dead at another blow-out in 2008.

    So, what exactly DOES THE GOP STAND FOR?

    I await your response.

  15. IndyInjun says:

    Yes, Bull Moose, if you have a fire chief who has been found to be a closet pyromaniac, do you entrust him to put out the fires he set?

  16. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    The SOS is going to come when these guys try to run for re election after opening the flood gates to every illegal alien in the western hemisphere.

  17. IndyInjun says:


    I forgot that Nixon went to China too. That was SUPPOSED to be an accomplishment to trump his virulent anticommunism, but 40 years later it is proving disastrous.

    This is what we get from electing and reelecting carnival barkers instead of men with principles like Ron Paul.

    The GOP is so low right now, it has to climb a step ladder to kiss the belly of a snake.

  18. Joy says:

    Speaking of principled men…. Ron Paul just gave a speech on the floor. 9-9:30 on CSPAN. Is worth the listen once it gets put on YouTube.
    Plus, he’ll be on Bill Maher’s show Friday, with P.J. O’Rourke. That should be a rollicking good time for a cocktail.

  19. Jason Pye says:

    Plus, he’ll be on Bill Maher’s show Friday, with P.J. O’Rourke. That should be a rollicking good time for a cocktail.

    Oh, that’ll be interesting.

  20. Jeff Emanuel says:

    This is what we get from electing and reelecting carnival barkers instead of men with principles like Ron Paul

    Heh. You just completely lost me, Indy. 🙂

  21. Joy says:

    I’d like to add this to my earlier note…

    Looked up the show schedule on HBO – earlier note was based on update at DailyPaul. Ron Paul will be on with the following:
    Ben Affleck, PJ O’Rourke, and via satellite, Michael Moore.

    I might need snacks to go with that drink.

  22. IndyInjun says:



    Before I lost you, you lost the House and Senate!

    Isakson is an obstacle that must be removed in order to return to conservatism. What we must do is to bolster the spirits of a worthwhile challenger by giving no aid and comfort to the wayward Senator.

  23. bowersville says:

    Yes, let’s elect Ron Paul, the one and the same that advocated in the last debate…we brought the 9/11 attacks on ourselves…what a fool(idiot!!!!).

    Another charter member of the “blame America first” crowd.

  24. Lee Benedict says:

    After Johnny’s and Saxby’s steadfast support of the immigration…”bill”, they lost a whole heap of support. All SOS does/will do is add more cooks to prepare the soup. Johnny needs to support eliminating crap such as SOS and place responsibility and accountability with FEWER people instead of committees, commissions, and whatever else they come up with to expand government. As you can tell, I am not exactly pleased with Georgia’s Congressional delegation (state and federal) as of late.

  25. Joy says:

    “Yes, let’s elect Ron Paul, the one and the same that advocated in the last debate…we brought the 9/11 attacks on ourselves…what a fool(idiot!!!!).
    Another charter member of the “blame America first” crowd.”

    Congratulations on drinking the koolaid.
    That’s not what he said. Granted, it could have been worded better, but even in the hurried way he said it, Ron Paul’s words have to be twisted to make your meaning.

  26. Jason Pye says:

    Our foreign policy does create enemies. You cannot deny that. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    It’s simply stating the obvious. If we are involved in foreign affairs like we have been, it will increase the likely hood for terrorist attacks.

  27. Icarus says:

    Indy, You ignorant slut…

    Isakson was rated the 6th most coservative voting Senator by National Journal. Get over yourself.

  28. IndyInjun says:


    Flying too close to the sun is blinding one supposes, but the gratuitous insult missed the mark.

    Isakson voted for the Medicare Monstrosity while in the HOUSE.

    Similarly it can be said that Pol Pot lived uneventfully for a decade after slaughtering 2 million and that Lee Harvey Oswald never killed anyone other than that day in Dallas.

    In other words, Johnny might not have messed up but once or twice, but they were KILLER mistakes for the futures of the rest of us.

    Do you DENY that he so voted?

    Instead of insults, can you tell me what the GOP stands for now? Y’all seem at a loss for words.

    Instead of insulting me, you should be emulating Erick and trying to reform your pathetic party of imposters.

  29. dingleberry says:


    You’re a d*mn fool. I can’t believe there are still neo con sheep like yourself and the rest of the 28% out there. You act all patriotic, but you’re a fraud. You could care less about the troops and about this country.

    Leave the blogosphere to people who actually have ideas and can contribute to a logical discussion. OR go back to doing what you do best, following the man in front of you and never having to take on responsibility.

  30. IndyInjun says:

    Dr. Ron Paul is one of the FEW people in all of the US Congress truly knowledgeable about the nature and degree of our financial mess. He is one of the few who intelligently question, and even intimidate, Fed Chairmen appearing before the Finance Committee.

    A sure sign that America is in free fall is when pseudo- conservatives and GOP hacks attack the only true conservative left, while cheering on those plunging us toward destruction.

  31. Icarus says:


    It’s hard enough to try to get real reform when folks in the “base” like to harp on one vote as a reason to vote out everyone currently in office.

    You equate voting for medicare drug benefits (which I’m not for, either) to Pol Pot and Lee Harvey Oswald and you say I’m off the mark?

    There are a lot of things about the current state of our party that can not be defended, but I ask you again, Isakson has the 6th most conservative record in the Senate; Do you propose we throw out all but the top 5? Top 3? All? and if so, how do we go about that?

    Not every politician is going to make you happy with every vote. I say again, get over yourself.

  32. Joy says:

    Being the 6th most conservative senator doesn’t mean much these days.

    The conservative viewpoint doesn’t exactly track alongside the freedom index. And I’m not even pulling the social libertarian card.

    The spending habits, constant meddling and regulatory fixes of our national government have shown most “conservatives” to be firmly off on the economic liberty issues, too.

  33. Holly says:

    Icarus, be careful what you suggest.

    That said, the spending is pretty ridiculous. Then again, I think Mark Myers is on to something with his proposal of a new Grace Commission. Maybe that’s what this is. Hopefully, it won’t be members of the Congress, because we all know how ineffective that would be. . .

  34. IndyInjun says:

    The Medicare Drug bill vote is too great to overlook. I stood in amazement while Sonny was excoriated here over vetoing the $142 million tax refund which was a measely $20 bucks percapita, while Saxby and Johnny with that one vote put another $26,667 in NEW DEBT on everyone.

    What makes y’all so mad is that you KNOW THAT I AM ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    Don’t get angry with me, get angry with those who betrayed us and who are obstacles that must be removed in order to save ourselves.

    Johnny is a nice man, but that vote was too costly to ignore.

    LISTEN to him complaining about (his words) “ENTITLEMENTS” when he voted for the biggest ENTITLEMENT IN FORTY YEARS is just simply amazing.

    Yet even more amazing is that you expect us all to follow the party line and support folks who are as bad as the Democrats.

    We Indies have left the building, but not before telling you how to save it.

  35. IndyInjun says:

    To answer your question, the vote on Medicare D makes a perfect litmus test for fiscal conservatives just as abortion is for social conservatives.

  36. Jason Pye says:

    To answer your question, the vote on Medicare D makes a perfect litmus test for fiscal conservatives just as abortion is for social conservatives.

    Amen. And the only Georgia Republican Congressman to vote against it? Charlie Norwood.

  37. bowersville says:

    Dingleberry, you assume much, what’s your point? Following the one in front is like being the rear dog on a dog sled, every dog in front appears as an @ss hole with a dingleberry.

    Until you have walked in the steps I have, I will disregard your comments. like your name implies, you are close to being fuzz on an @sshole and no more. A pimple on the @ss of progress.

  38. IndyInjun says:

    Yes Jason, Charlie was the only one.

    NOW Isakson says ““reckless spending is threatening the future of our nation,” after he voted for it.

    Our Charlie said at the time in a press release that the bill was the greatest example of fiscal irresponsibility imaginable. In the Washington Times he was quoted as saying “”creating a completely open-ended entitlement … then handing the bill to our kids and grandkids, is just the wrong answer. … The fiscal path this bill sets us on scares the heck out of me.”

    It is noted here that the GOP loyalists bent upon the destruction of America denigrate Ron Paul who is warning of the INFLATION TAX created by Isakson, who is RESPONSIBLY insisting upon spending reform as the highest priority, and who has not taken a dime of PAC money.

    The GOP loyalists are the biggest leaches on America ever, even greater than the welfare queens, bound and determined to bleed this nation dry. It matters not that they run over principled and honorable men in doing so.

    Just as Isakson is in denial about his role in the spending madness and wants us to be there with him, so are the pathetic followers of his party, who sent us into bankruptcy.

    GOPers need to decide which is more important, party or country. Sadly there are too many here loyal only to their lamentable, corrupt party.

    Ron Paul is a defender of the Constitution. Isakson and Chambliss threw it out the window.

  39. Bill Simon says:

    “8 trillion”…”9 trillion”…c’mon, let’s race this thing up to 999,999,999,999,999 and then do a countdown until the last dollar pushes this debt to 1 Quadrillion dollars.

    Oh wait…we just need a Dem President in there…that’ll do the trick!

  40. Doug Deal says:


    That’s the problem with the current state (and probably the historical state) of politics. The only thing that people campaign on is what is wrong with the other guy. When you have nothing to offer as an alternative, and would likely make matters worse (e.g. the Dems), why should the people trust you?

  41. IndyInjun says:

    The bigger question is why the GOP will not welcome opposition to Chambliss in 2008 when he dumped party principles. It was posted elsewhere on PP that Chairwoman Everhart says there will be no GOP opposition to him next year.

    What you seem to be not getting is that these imposters are blocking our way to a return to conservative principles and MUST BE DUMPED. I would prefer that Republicans take a PRINCIPLED STAND and take him out in the primary, then go on to win the general election.

    Barring such action within the GOP, I intend to do everything within my power and influence to elect the Democrat, unless it is someone like Cynthia McKinney, in order to get the obstructionist imposter out of the way of progress.

    I won’t feel the least bit guilty either, for the Dems did not pass a massive Great Society in 40 years of control. It took GOPers Saxby and Johnny to do THAT.

    You guys lost in 2006, because the real conservatives are sick of you. You are so arrogant and blind you are gonna get blown out in 2008. Georgia may not be as red as you thought.

    The Dems and Indies did not do the GOP in, it was your suicidal party loyalty to every pig wearing an ‘R’

  42. IndyInjun says:

    Icarus – You implied that I am judging Isakson on a single vote. This is dead wrong.

    I say he is an imposter because of his votes to bail out Delta by putting its pension costs off on our backs at the time one CEO had just gotten $10 million in severence and the CEO at the time was due a similar payout (which to his credit he declined) I don’t have a pension and it makes me madder than hell that I am taxed to bail out the highest compensated union employees in the world and a herd of fat cat CEO’s.

    BOTH Chambliss and Isakson voted for No Child Left Behind while in the House.

    Both of them have obstructed the Inspector Generals throughout the federal government, resulting in the greatest wave of corruption this nation has ever seen.

    We fiscal conservatives have been paying attention and we have not liked what we have seen.

    The exit polls in 2006 indicated that CORRUPTION was one of the primary reasons the GOP got thrown out. It is going to be much, much worse in 2008.

    The Democrats don’t even have to do anything other than unleash the IG’s (who by the way are not normally thought to be wild-eyed liberals with an agenda, but instead are a pretty conservative, though unbiased bunch.)

    You folks are better than this.

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