CD 10: Red State Endorses Whitehead.

Red State Endorses Jim Whitehead

One candidate who does live in the district and who is worth supporting is State Senator Jim Whitehead of Augusta. Jim Whitehead is a pro-life conservative who will be a reliably conservative vote on fiscal issues, immigration, the war, and life.

Hat Tip: Holly


  1. Jmac says:

    It’s funny that the actual folks who write for Red State weren’t responsible for the hat tip. 🙂

    Still, the aversion to Paul Broun is weird to me. Not being a conservative, I don’t have much insight to it … but for you Whitehead supporters, what makes him a more appealing candidate than Broun. With all due respect, the former has been a bit wacky at times, hasn’t he?

    Have you seen Broun’s forum in the Athens Banner-Herald?

    Not that it matters much to me, since I’m a Marlow man, but I’m curious to see the rationale behind picking Whitehead over Broun.

  2. Holly says:


    I support Jim because he has a better handle on the Augusta issues than Broun does. I do like Dr. Broun as a person, and I certainly wouldn’t think we’d lost all hope as a district if he were to win the seat. However, given Jim’s past legislative experience and his willingness to listen and learn, I think he’s the better choice. I do know that Dr. Broun has run for office before, but he has not actually served. That’s a key difference.

    Now, after listening to the candidates at a few forums and debates, I’m interested to know why you’ve chosen Marlow over Denise Freeman, so I’m going to return the question to you.

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Yeah, I think voters have had, what, 3 chances already to vote for Broun? They’ve passed on him every time.

  4. jackson says:

    Funny thing is that Greene and Broun want to continually trash Whitehead. What has Whitehead said about them? As a Republican I find it offensive that they need to completely attack someone when they havent even got their own positive message out.

    I also think it is hilarious that folks are saying Whitehead has said some wacky stuff…Dude, do you guys know anything about Greene or Broun. If Whitehead ever decides to hit back, its not going to be these softballs that Broun/Greene are throwing at him.

  5. Federalist says:

    None of the GOP candidates in the 10th have positive messages. All I hear them say is how everything in America is wrong and needs to be changed. I can make a comment about why Freeman is not a good choice. She has run how many times and people will not vote for her? Freeman does not have a position on any issue, when she is asked about any issue she simply replies, “I will listen to my consitituency on the matter.” Maybe that is the responsible position for any representative, but this district and most of the GOP incessantly complain about people who change their minds when the political environment changes. Jackson, negative campaigning does not win votes, it lowers the turn out of a candidates support,…and it works whether the information is true or not.

  6. Observer says:

    Here’s what’s interesting. let’s say the polls right now are something like this: Whithead 35%, Broun 15%, Marlow 10%, Greene 10%. If the object is to get into the runoff, shouldn’t Marlow and Greene be going after Broun, not Whitehead? Seems like there is some short-sighted thinking going on in a couple of these campaigns.

  7. Federalist says:

    Shortsighted, well…you only have 60% up there. I do not see much of the GOP vote floating to the other 6 GOP candidates, and it would be hard to imagine Freeman or Pascal getting more than 3 or 5 % and the 10th votes a little over 40% democratic. I expect marlow to catch more like 20-25% of the vote (low est.)

  8. jackson says:

    The others are undecided Federalist.

    As it relates to your comments, “All I hear them say is how everything in America is wrong and needs to be changed”. Well there are a lot of things wrong. What I am talking about is bashing other candidates before even taking the time to flesh out what THEY believe.

    I would never vote for Broun or Greene just based on the simple fact they are trashing another Republican and no one even knows who they are yet.

  9. Jmac says:

    Thanks Holly. For me, I like Marlow a little more since I think he seems to get the big picture a little more than the other Democratic candidates. Particularly, I like the fact that he advocates for funds for job retraining and increased opportunities for low-income families through trade schools and technical colleges.

    Plus, though he hasn’t exactly fleshed them out too much yet, I’ve heard mention some interesting ideas on investment in rural areas (something similar to the concepts that John Edwards spoke during the 2004 primaries which I liked that resembled rural versions of Economic Revitalization Zones).

    To be fair, I think Freeman’s not a bad candidate either. And, as I’ve mentioned before here, I would have been leaning Doc Eldridge had he run.

    Regarding Broun/Greene vs. Whitehead, I didn’t realize that Broun/Greene had run more negative than Whitehead. Again, I’m not up to speed on GOP circles, but I just hadn’t recognized that from Broun (perhaps because I’m from Athens-Clarke County and there are Broun signs everywhere up here).

  10. Observer says:

    The percentages don’t add up to 100% as there are certainly plenty of undecided out there. But the plan of the Broun/Greene/Marlow camps seems to be to attack Whitehead. It seems to me they should be trying to attract undecided voters while attacking the other candidates who are their real competition to make the runoff. What good does it do to attack Whitehead but miss the runoff?

  11. Holly says:

    Jmac, thanks.

    I’m not certain, but I believe Jackson is referring to Dr. Broun’s op-ed in the Banner-Herald today. That’s really the only thing I’ve heard from the Broun camp at all recently.

  12. bowersville says:

    JMAC, there a quite a few issues facing rural counties in the 10th. One of the foremost, is the closing of local industry. Here in Hart County, we have lost several factories to outside the border “cheap labor.” One, a clothing manufacturer, is closing in August, at the end of current contracts. After 60+ years, they can no longer compete.

    Replacement industries, with more technical skills required, have agreed to come to our county for local and state tax incentives through current economic development plans. Part of our requirements is that the industry agree to offer training incentives(money) with local, state sponsored, technical colleges.

    When the local manufacturing plant for clothing is forced to close, the local, state and federal government already offers re-training monies for technical training.

    I hate to see these loyal and hard workers fleeced with talk, that’s one of the reasons I can’t vote for Marlow…his proposals are already being addressed. I see Marlow as nothing but empty rhetoric tugging on emotions.

  13. Federalist says:

    40% of the electorate is never undecided. It is more like 10-15%. Party matters much more in Georgia than it does in a lot of other states, so expectations can be made. Damn, cheap labor is driving jobs out of the state, sounds like you might need some cheap labor in Hart county…I wonder who might fill those jobs? Oh wait, Whitehead, Broun, and Greene do not care, they want to send those workers to jail, then to Mexico (even if that is not where they are from). Furthermore, if you like rural GA I do not see how Whitehead could be your choice. He supports the construction of I-3 and said that a nuclear plant in N. Ga is necessary. I guess if he is elected we can expect the Chattanooga to be undrinkable, swimmable, and inhabited by fish with 7 eyes. Empty rhetoric bowersville? Like what? Do not beat around the bush, give examples and describe how that is different from any candidate for any office.

  14. bowersville says:

    Well for one, it’s not Chattanooga, it’s Chattahoochee. You don’t even know the water basin of the district. Had you known, you would know the Chattahoochee flows to the Gulf, the Chattooga, through the Savannah river basin to the Atlantic.

    H*ll, if you don’t understand our water needs, how do you understand our people needs, you don’t!

  15. Federalist says:

    The Chattanooga begins where bowersville? Rabun countyish. the Chattahooche flows next to atl. The Chattanooga goes right through the 10th, and along the border to Savanahh. Shut your stupid f*cking mouth and get your facts straight before correcting another person.

  16. Federalist says:

    trout fishing up there sucks enough as is, given the calcium deficiencies. The DNR has to stock the river and its streams with new fish every few months. I would hate to see what would happen if we gave Whitehead (or any other candidate that has not mentioned conservation) a say in the fate of that precious land.

  17. Holly says:

    Nuclear power is cleaner than most other forms. By the way, that nuclear power plant is at Vogel, in Burke County. That’s not north Georgia.

    Jim also supports stopping I-3 at I-85. The counties south of I-85 are the ones that want the interstate, and the ones to the north of I-85 were the ones who didn’t, so that seems like a good stopping point.

  18. bowersville says:

    You know, I’m listening, but when I see gripes from the left leaning blogs about the closing of state parks, some of them home sites of confederate politicians, others in south west Georgia that have eroded so much from former cotton plantations, that they call it “little grand canyon” or some ilk, I’m miffed.

    The best preservation we can have is the closing of all state parks and converting them to wilderness areas, which I thought conservationist supported. Yet the left gripes. Hypocrisy!

  19. bowersville says:

    The Chattooga flows between South Carolina and Georgia, through Tugaloo Lake, Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell, Lake Thurmond (Clark Hill) Augusta, Savannah and into the Atlantic.

    The Chattohoochee, through the hills of Habersham, down the valleys of Hall ( poet Sidney Lanier), Atlanta, West Point Lake, and on down to the Gulf from Columbus.

    They all sound the same sounds like “they all look the same” to me.

  20. Holly says:

    The Chattooga is better known as the Savannah around here. 😉

    I’m not sure exactly where it changes names, though.

  21. BlackfinDay says:

    Um, back to the race in the 10th…

    What is it Broun should be doing, besides distinguishing himself from the other republicans in the race?
    The pro-whitehead posts here seem to suggest it’s unseemly to attack a fellow republican, but to follow that logic to it’s natural conclusion, Broun and Greene are traitors (ot something) for even qualifying, right?

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