CD 10: A Candidate you might not have heard of.

At the GOP Convention this weekend I met Erik Underwood, one of the candidates in CD 10. He’s a young African-American Republican who’s not getting much media attention but gets kudos from me for sticking his neck out there and running.

BTW, he’s a regular Peach Pundit reader which makes him a cool guy.


  1. patriot says:

    I met him, also. I commend him for running, and getting involved – good experience.

    I do wonder about the 3rd agenda item on his “push card” – Exit strategy from Iraq…

    Seems to me we need to show support, and focus on success, not on withdrawl.

  2. shep1975 says:

    We do need an exit strategy, just not a timetable.

    An exit strategy should be based on the Iraqi goverment hitting important benchmarks of stability so we can bring home the occupation force in favor of a smaller forward position…like we have in Japan or Germany today.

  3. Federalist says:

    Well patriot, we already won the war and should be bringing the troops home. That is what militaries do after a war is over. I am with shep1975, and believe we should use the recommendations of the Iraq study group. Furthermore, I was not impressed with Underwood. Anyone can run, just pay the$4950 fee to qualify (it is too late now) andyour a candidate. I saw Underwood at the Reynold’s Plantation forum, to which he arrived late, and watched him repeat the same garbage as the rest of the Republican candidates. Pleasant kid, but his candidacy is a joke.

  4. Holly says:

    Erik is a smart guy, and very kindhearted. He should come out of the reader-only shadows and post on Peach Pundit!

  5. Federalist says:

    Jeff, what do you suggest? The Bush admin has been wrong at every corner, and can no longer be trusted with making decisions concerning the war. Sure GWB is the chief executive, but that does not mean he is right. Just look at his record at being a chief executive, prior to public office: Harken Energy, Spectrum 7, Arbusto Energy. I will exclude his time with the Texas Rangers.

  6. Federalist says:

    Tell you what, rather than being long winded here you go. The situation can no longer be handled as a military operation, that is long over. The situation is mostly political. Regional instability is fueling the current situation even further. Rather than cutting of Syria and stonewalling Iran, we need to engage them diplomatically, and get them involved. Furthermore, the recommendations (i believe there were 65 of them) need to be coordinated efforts, not handled one at a time. In addition to this, milestones (timetables) need to be set, and a phased redeployment is necessary. It is time to put the fate of Iraq into the hands of the Iraqi people and their representatives in parliament. there is much more, and i do not like being long winded. I can not stress enough that a lot of the problems can not be looked at as Iraqi problems. they are regional problems. If anything is going to solved and sustained, diplomacy must be sought. I can say now, and if you have paid any attention, diplomacy was waved bye-bye along time ago. SALSA and the current deal with Iran are prime examples of the U.S.’s ambivalence with the current situation.

  7. Federalist says:

    I wasnt looking to give a dissertation mr. deal, but comprehensiveness has long been an issue with some of the people on this site. It is easy to leave nuances out when summarizing. There are many psychological, political, and sociological considerations to make when going through the Iraq study group. It is not a military manual, nor does it read like stereo instructions.

  8. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “We need to support our troops!” “It’s bad for our troops!” “We can’t just cut and run, that would be surrendering!” Blah Blah Blah.

    So sick of people using these lines to justify sending more troops into the meat-grinding Sh*thole we call Iraq. You want to support our troops? Then get them the hell out of there and let the whole rotten mess of Iraq come crumbling down. Too late to care now, we broke it, and can’t quite fix it, and can’t afford to buy it either. Bush should have listend to Powell’s “Pottery Barn” Theory. the war was totally mishandled from the beginning.

  9. columbus06 says:

    I also spoke at length to Erik and his campaign staffers over the weekend. I was very impressed with his presentation in general and knowledge of his points. He has a great future- good luck Erik! David Helmick

  10. Lee Benedict says:

    Erik is a nice, pleasant person. His “Underwood Plan” is almost the exact same thing that the US Senate has been discussing for a few months now. His campaign manager, although a very nice person, and Erik erred when they (Erik DOES have the final say, or he should) put on campaign literature, “A vote for Erik is a vote for Helen”. No, Erik’s name is on the ballot and this leads one to believe that this is being done to take votes away from Jim Whitehead and/or Erik is being a puppet. Furthermore, her picture is shown almost as much as his. Let Erik run as Erik.

  11. Federalist says:

    Erik is a nice guy, but he does not know what he is talking about…much like Evita Pascal

  12. bowersville says:

    Erik is an impressive young man that I was pleased to meet.

    I will venture to say that had Erick been from the district, involved with a local party, and active in 10th district affairs, he would be a force to be contended with.

    Erik, you’re future is bright…the very fact that you have raised the ire of Federalist (Marlow supporter) proves the point.

  13. HungarianAngel says:

    Concerning exit strategy of Iraq–
    Heard some interesting comments recently from an officer serving in Iraq concerning the current operation to establish safe, mulit-cultural communities in Iraq. The premise is that once established and thriving, other Iraqis will be desirous of a similar, prosperous, orderly lifestyle and continue the process. Only families are allowed, and they are given protection from outside insurgents.
    The primary problem (as I understand it, with my limited knowledge) is that the terrorists are receiving asylum by the locals due to the threat against their own families. It is a vicious cylce that has been perpetuated for centuries in diverse parts of the world. Once the cycle is broken, usually by an outside source, recovery can begin. It is a slow process, but already underway, with positive results.
    I am typically opposed to nation building, however, in this matter, it is in America’s best interest to eliminate safe-haven for the terrorists along with routing out the enemy, as is being done concurrently by the soldiers and the advisors and diplomats.

    An exit strategy is in place, it’s called winning the war. And with our current commitment to low collateral damage, it is a slow process.

  14. Federalist says:

    I am not a Marlow supporter. I have positions on certain issues, and the only candidate close to my positions is Marlow, but he is still off. bowersville, if anybody is “been from the district, involved with a local party, and active in 10th district affairs” they would be a force to be reckoned with. That leaves only one candidate though, Whitehead. And we all know that he has made terrorist threats on UGA. What mastery of Standard English, sure does not use pseudo-words like “ain’t,” but he misuses words very often in a hollow attempt to look intelligent. Erik is very naive.

  15. Holly says:

    Does that mean I would be a force to be reckoned with if I ran?

    I think not. I think Erik has one other disadvantage that I would also have at this point: age. Give him time, though. . .

  16. Lee Benedict says:

    Run Holly run! Hey, if Ben Harbin does not do the honorable thing…resign…if you are at least 25, you should challenge him in a primary next year. Just a thought.

  17. bowersville says:

    Holly, you are active in the local party, active in the 10th, a party activist extraordinar, go for it.

    Harbin should do the honorable thing, step down.

  18. Federalist says:

    Harbin got a dui. big deal. resignation? come on people, quick letting your hatred go to your head. if you had a dui, would you resign? What about Pres. Bush? No, and for hamilton’s sake, Bush is responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 people and still will not resign.

  19. drjay says:

    resignation does seem a bit much for this, at this point, as the story shakes out tand justice runs its course the voters in evens will of course have a chance to decide if this is important enough to them to relieve harbin of his office or not…

  20. Holly says:

    Ha ha, first of all, I’d never assume Ben was going to step down. We still haven’t heard his side of the story.

    Secondly, for those who know me, they can vouch that I have candidate-phobia. I never, never want to run for public office, but I’ll work for those who do! The thought of me running really did amuse me, but because of the absolute absurdity of the idea in my mind, not because I actually entertained it.

    Ben should have no worries about me actually throwing my hat in the ring. 🙂

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