The $$$$$ Zipcodes

I would have guessed Buckhead.

A small but elite group of metro Atlantans are getting an early and crucial say in the next presidential election by voting with their pocketbooks.

Two-thirds of the $1.38 million raised locally by presidential candidates came from just 19 of the region’s 152 ZIP codes, according to analysis of individual contributions over $200 made from January through March.

Early campaign money is crucial in determining which candidates can stay in the race, and that’s especially true considering a field packed with viable contenders for 2008.

As they try to land big dollars, Democrats and Republicans are doing their best fishing in the same financial pools.

Consider that Buckhead’s 30305 —the top ZIP code for Republicans Mitt Romney and John McCain — also was the best for Democrat Barack Obama. South of there, in the Midtown area, 30309 was the sweetest spot for Democrat John Edwards and Republican Rudy Giuliani.

Um, I haven’t seen any contributions from 30305 to my campaign. Hint. Hint. Nor from 30309. Hint. Hint.



  1. DavidAtlanta says:

    What’s your platform for Macon? Your website mentions nothing about what you will do if elected.

    BTW, if you were running for a statewide office, I might consider giving money to your campaign even though you and I are diametrically opposed on most social issues.

    Even though I am a gay man in Atlanta who has mostly voted Democratic, I have been a RedState reader since it was a tiny little blog and I’ve always respected your writing there even though I often disagree with it.

    You really earned my respect on PeachPundit when you wrote recently about the lesbian custody case in rural Georgia. I thought your opinions were very fair and I wasn’t expecting that kind of fairness from a Republican.

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