1. Federalist says:

    drjay, you talk alot and never back it up. What colors was marlow showing. You already have made it obvious that you did not attend…do not make observations about something that you know nothing about. If he was showing his colors I am sure that it would be all everywhere…you know how Greene makes racist comments and those show up, or Jim “Iraq is not a big deal” Whitehead puts his foot in his mouth. These are examples of showing ones true colors, what the hell are you talking about? Any particular issue or statement given would be welcome, but when you just shoot your ignorant mouth off it makes you look intolerant and moronic.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    That *%^#^$ liberal posted “Whitehead is Georgia’s Tom Delay…or worse.”

    I hardly think that a man who included the Republicans in his criticisms contained in one of his first campaign mailers is ANYTHING like Tom Delay.

    Whitehead recognizes how far that the GOP has strayed from its principles and wants to take the party back.

    Were he a slack-jawed blind supporter of the GOP’s conduct, I would not be supporting HIM.

  3. Federalist says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, when has Whitehead ever made a statement. He has flip flopped more than Kerry, and has proved that he will be a rubber stamp for the GOP (look at his record, the whole thing).

  4. bowersville says:


    An AP story by Bob Evans ran earlier by Andre as a front page on P/P as an anti-Whitehead.

    The other viewpoint in the article, Marlow “said he would have supported a recent bill in Congress-vetoed by President Bush-to link war spending with a withdrawal schedule.”

    A Pelosi rubber stamp?

    I hope the link is still valid.

  5. Federalist says:

    Hey bowersville, let me tell you a little secret. The bill passed. Wanting to bring the troops home does not = a Pelosi rubber stamp. How many Congress people ran on that platform in November? Are they all Pelosi rubber stamps…no.

  6. drjay says:

    federalist–the mere act of blogging on dailykos speaks for itself in my opinion–i’m not sure what i tend to “not back up” i do talk to people that follow the campaign in the 10th and they have commented that marlow plays it pretty conservative when camapigning–i believe whitehead even made a little jab at him to that effect in the recent debate at augusta state.

  7. SpaceyG says:

    Drjay… I have a feeling that’s because Marlow really is a, ummm, how shall I say this…a…. devout centrist. Hon, I’ve seen plenty of “progressive left”, even radical left, but never in Georgia.

  8. drjay says:

    that’s all well and good gracey and perhaps whether the folks in the 10th care about it one way or the other is a good test of how much effect the “new media” is having on the landscape in our fair state–but i do not equat kos and his minions w/ devout centrism–these are the folks that got behind the effort to relive joe lieberman of his senate duties last year, after all…

  9. drjay says:

    and to put my original thought back in context this is why i am curious to read or hear what mr. marlow said while he chatted over at kos…i wonder if he stayed true to the centrism you ascribe him–or if he was dishing out red meat to the crowd.

  10. Federalist says:

    So a Dem can not have conservative values, is that what you are saying. I whole heartedly disagree with you if that is the case. For all we know he was just making an appearance in front of those people just to stimulate the base. I am certain that if he said to the Dailykos what is posted on the website he would be blasted for not being liberal enough…I mean those people are scary liberal, they do not think or really stand for anything…like most of the Kerry or Hubert Humphrey voters, the Dailykos people are just opposed to anything remotely conservative.

  11. SpaceyG says:

    LOL Drjay! I couldn’t make that event, or believe you me, you’d have gotten all the dirt on the evening either here or on the SGR. And frankly, we’ve all been off the “red meat” so long in this state, I feel like a boney waif of a starved vegan supermodel most of the time. (Without the paycheck that is.) And not eating makes you mean. Just ask Ann Coulter.

    Frankly, I’m ready to pack on a few pounds. Southern men have never cared for that anorexic look anyway.

  12. drjay says:

    i was a democrat myself at one time–there are plenty of dems w/ conservative values–esp. here in ga–i just want to know what marlow said to them and what they said to him…

  13. Federalist says:

    There are a lot of people in GA that used to be Dems, then it became popular to be a Repub. I am pretty sure that the Dem party will come back in the future, not sure if it will be in my life time (not too much longer). From what I have gathered in the past hour, Marlow gave his stump speech and was questioned about his loyalty to the Dems (not directly questioned, the bush was beaten around) b/c he is not campaigning on impeaching the president. I hate reading that damn blog (dailykos), those people are so unreasonable and intolerant…I can figure out why they call themselves liberals, they are just as close minded as the people they criticize.

  14. Rick Day says:

    rising above the inter-partisan bickering…

    My observation is instead on this new type of ‘attack ad’. Limited only by ability, vitriol and software.

    I have always detested attack ad’s that force the opponent to waste resources defending the attack, instead of attacking the issues.

    perhaps these FlameEdits ™ will force the status quo to address the wisdom of such public ball-ripping?

    Nah, they will jsut suspend the first amendment and torture videographers.

    Poor Whitehead. I don’t know him and he already looks like a cracker’ caddy from the Augusta Country Club.

  15. V. Monroe says:

    The idiot that is making the anti-Whitehead videos knows how to put together a deceptive piece of garbage,but obviously don’t read or HEAR WELL. WHITEHEAD HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN FAVOR OF IMMIGRATION REFORM!!!!!! The Democrats never run on their merits or the issues-their campaign generally consists of pea brain nasty tactics.

    News Release

    Jim Whitehead for Congress
    May 17, 2007: for immediate release
    Whitehead Denounces Senate Amnesty Plan

    (Hiawassee, Georgia) — State Senator Jim Whitehead (R-Evans), frontrunner in the race to succeed longtime immigration reformer Congressman Charlie Norwood, says the bill unveiled in the Senate today is, “amnesty, pure and simple”, and should be opposed by all Americans at all levels of government.

    “With passage of this bill, America would be a nation of laws no more”, says Whitehead. “If we don’t enforce immigration law, what other law will we not enforce because some people don’t like it or think it’s fair? The people of my district don’t like income tax, and don’t think it’s fair. If this amnesty bill passes, how can I, as their federal representative, tell them in good conscience to continue to pay income tax?”

    Whitehead called on all Georgians to make their voices heard by the U.S. Senate. Whitehead pledged to vote against the bill if elected in time to impact House action on the measure, and to seek repeal of the bill if the Democrat-controlled House approves it prior to a new representative from Georgia’s Tenth District being sworn into office following the special election June 19.

  16. bowersville says:

    Hey Federalist, let me tell you a secret, I did not make a statement, I asked a question.

    Since apparently I didn’t clarify sufficiently, let me rephrase.

    In the news article I referenced, Marlow is quoted, “The American military won this. We removed Saddam Hussein from power…”

    If we won, why would Marlow not support defunding the mission and bringing the troops home? What else does Marlow believe our troops should accomplish?

  17. atlantaman says:

    Now they are making fun of his football heroics? This is worse than not caring about the Iraq War.

  18. Rusty says:

    What football heroics? Dude only earned a varsity letter his third year. He was a benchwarmer, but pretends like he was some sort of star. And the Dawgs never beat the Gators while he was playing for them.

  19. Federalist says:

    bowersville, I thought you were throwing around rhetoric, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  20. Holly says:

    He was offered a position on the Chicago Bears after college, Rusty, so obviously he did more than benchwarm.

  21. Rusty says:

    Here is a list of UGA starters since 1957 from the official University of Georgia athletic site. Jim Whitehead doesn’t appear anywhere on it. Further, he only earned a letter one season of the three he played (see this document).

    The Bulldogs only had one winning season during the three Whitehead was there, and he wasn’t even good enough to start on those teams.

    He was taken as the 266th overall pick in the 19th round (of 20 rounds) of the 1964 NFL draft, which only really proves he could pass a physical.

  22. Holly says:

    Wow, you’re really stretching for things to complain about, aren’t you? Were you good enough of a football player to play in college, Rusty?

    As for Jim, he not only played football in college, but also was on the track & field team. He set a shot put record while at UGA that stood for six years.

  23. Rusty says:

    Jim says he was a football hero. Just setting the record straight that he’s exaggerating his role, just like he exaggerates all other aspects of his so-called leadership ability.

  24. Federalist says:

    I am sure that Whitehead had to walk uphill, both ways to school and used to be able to throw a “pig-skin” a quarter mile too. How can anybody believe a word that Whitehead says?

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