Jim Marshall’s Life Just Got Tougher

For about six months I’ve said there was only one person who could give Jim Marshall a run for his money — Gen. Rick Goddard (Ret.) Well, he’s in and I don’t think you’ll see anyone challenge him in the Republican primary. And should anyone, Goddard will probably beat them like a drum. His wife is heavily connected, Goddard is very popular, and he’s from Houston County — the county that must be won.


  1. Icarus says:

    “I don’t think you’ll see anyone challenge him in the Republican primary”

    I’m not sure Mac Collins is willing to concede yet.

  2. Thig says:

    You don’t have to be in San Francisco to run against Pelosi. I thought Jim Marshall’s voting record was OK, but I knew a vote for him was the same thing as a vote for Pelosi being Speaker of the House.

  3. memberg says:

    Thig is right. You can live in L.A., San Diego, or anywhere in CA, and run against Pelosi.

    I still hope my favorite rural Butts Countian signs up for another go.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I recall that Democrat candidates across the US spent years running against Newt.

  5. DeacfromGA says:

    I’m not so sure what is so great about Jim Marshall’s political abilities…
    Have you ever had to deal with his office? Total incompetence.

    Sure he’s a war hero but I would think he could get better folks to work for him.

  6. gatormathis says:

    One thing about Mr. Mac, you don’t have to take a “poll” to find out how he feels.

    We “bumped” into each other at the Convention, and must have spent thirty minutes visiting on the floor.

    All this time, folks stopping by to give Mr. Mac their condolences.

    Almost a full six months later, people who are Mac fans still have a lump in their throat about him losing.

    Collins, knows from owning a business, that every day dosen’t always go your way.

    As Collins started out, he knew that when his truck broke a part, he had to fix it, pay for fixing it, then work in enough revenue to overcome the breakdown in money spent and downtime.

    Ownership comes with a different solution than “having the day off because your truck is broke down”.

    And in that sense, he knows that it all ain’t roses. And every day isn’t the best.

  7. gatormathis says:

    (hit submit by accident, sorry)

    After a pile of folks kept stopping by talking to Mac, I commented, “You know Mr. Mac, folks know they love you”.

    He said, “Ya know, when you come to the Convention and don’t have to be on the Agenda, or give speeches and stuff, you get to “see” a whole lot more “folks”.

    Sure looked like a lot of “folks” was glad to see him.

    He told several, listen, the race was close, we done good, real good, it just wasn’t our day. That, accompanied by Mr. Mac’s big ole grin was reassuring enough to satisfy those getting a little misty eyed.

    Folks like to win. Somebody has to lose.

    I’ve found Mac Collins is a “class act” in either situation.

  8. >Folks like to win. Somebody has to lose.

    >I’ve found Mac Collins is a “class act” in either >situation.

    Such a class act that he went into hiding after the election and never conceded defeat. He benefited from something like $5 million in out-of-state money but it still couldn’t buy the election.

  9. drjay says:

    so is the general it then–does this mean mac collins is definitely “retired” and that other folks like tolleson are going to take a pass as well?

  10. Toddrob says:

    I am excited about Rick’s candidacy! what a great guy with a wonderful family. I understand that Marshall votes to support the war, but where was he when Harry Reid, one of Marshall’s leaders, told our troops they lost the war? Where was his outrage? it is one thing to “vote” to support our troops, but how about “voicing” some support.

  11. Toddrob says:

    No, but he is a national leader for the demorat party. Why doesn’t Marshall invite both Reid and Pelosi down to campaign for him… Murtha and Barney Frank wouldn’t be bad either.

  12. RuralDem says:


    Actually yes, I know of many people in my area who called his office. Even staunch Republicans around here praised the fact that his office was extremely helpful and courteous. Obviously you had one bad experience, but that does not mean his staff is incompetent.


    The article says “It remains to be seen whether Goddard will be challenged by another Republican candidate. Collins, the former congressman who narrowly lost to Marshall last year, has not ruled out another run, and Republicans have floated at least one other name as a possible contender.”

    On another note:

    It’s amazing how people cannot attack Marshall for his views on the various issues, so they go out and try to tie his name to every Democratic “leader”. Last time I checked, you guys were running against Jim Marshall, not against Nancy Pelosi.

    I guess if you’re that desperate for the seat, you’ll do whatever necessary to obtain it.

  13. Skeptical says:

    Toddrob – it’s DemocratIC Party. Unless, of course, you’d like us to all refer to the minority party as the Republic Party?

  14. Toddrob says:

    RuralDem- you are right don’t attack Marshall. Attack is the only thing your domcratIC leadership can do… no real solutions… how about this… a pull out time line for our troops one month before the 08 elections. Classy party, play politics with our troops.

  15. Skeptical says:

    Because Bush has done such an outstanding job with the troops so far – trying to cut their pay, ignoring them when they come home.

    Yeah, no Republic would ever play politics with the troops.

    Toddrob, you are what is wrong with your party. You have no solution but to blindly follow along with the status quo and attack anyone who dares to question that something is going very wrong in Iraq.

    It’s getting easier and easier to spot you 28%ers every day!

  16. drjay says:

    i read the article–i was hoping for info of the more gossipy, insider variety–like someone who has heard the nrcc has mentioned to collins that his time has passed or that financial backers in the 8th have cast their lot–or something like that

  17. RuralDem says:


    I really hope you were just kidding. If not then my comments went completly over your head. I’m not one to throw the “my party, your party” label around.

    Can you think outside party boundaries? Apparently not.

  18. Donovan Head says:

    I don’t think Mac Collins can win this go round, many voted for him who would have voted for Marshall but they were afraid that that Congressional seat would have made the difference between a Democrat or Republican lead Congress…he is a nice guy but he did not preform well in the debates.

    I think Goddard will be a good candidate, and I’m encouraged we can win that seat finally!!

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