Interviewing Karen Handel

GeorgiaTrend has an interview with Karen Handel. You can get a sense from the interview of why I like her.

Back when I was working in Washington, Karen called out of the blue to chat about her campaign. At the time I was leaning toward Bill Stephens, who has several shared friends with me. Karen pretty much won me over on the phone.

I had talked to several of the candidates running and Karen was the first one who really didn’t care whether it was on the record. She also talked first about the Secretary of State’s functions for businesses, securities, and professional licenses. That’s actually what sealed the deal with me.

Everyone connects the Secretary of State with elections. And that’s very important. Karen talked about that then and continues, as you can see in the GeorgiaTrend interview, to talk about the importance of fair, secure elections. But the Secretary of State’s office is hugely more important that just elections — a function primarily handled by the counties. It’s great to have a Secretary of State like Karen Handel who gets this (to be sure, Cathy Cox understood it too, but I was less than impressed with several of the candidates this past year who did not seem to understand the importance of the job beyond elections).


  1. Bill Simon says:


    Perhaps you’ve never heard Karen Handel speak…but, while she does NOT have that deep drawl that infatuates you about Cathy Cox, she has a very nice, attractive voice all on her own…along with, of course, being a cutie as well. 🙂

    (Easy, Steve H….not trying to hone-in at all on your girl…)

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I think that Karen is doing a remarkable job and I’d go a step further in complimenting her too on the staff that she has assembled. It’s great to be able to call up the Secretary of State’s office and have someone talk to you and be willing to help you. So, tip of the hat to the team she’s assembled!

  3. DMZDave says:

    No question that Karen Handel is the class Republican in the state. She actually believes in Republican principles and knows what that means. Needless to say she scares all the wannabe RINOs in the state because she doesn’t go along to get along, she does right and gets it right. Can anyone imagine what it must take to preside over the Fulton County Commission with class and grace? She wasn’t born in Georgia but she got here as soon as she could. I’m glad she did.

  4. bowersville says:

    I’m glad she’s here in Georgia too. We had a meet and greet for Karen during the primary season. Karen is very impressive. My wife actually voted in a Republican primary for the 1st time so that she could cast her vote for Karen.

    Not only is Karen carrying out her campaign promises, she’s working hard at it. With Karen at the helm, Georgia will continue to have confidence in our elections. Karen gets it right the 1st time.

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