1. Skeptical says:

    I’m shocked that all the adults actually put aside their own massive egos and did what was in the best interest of the child.

    Be careful DFACS, people might actually start to think this might be a competent agency. Bwahahahah!!! Who am I kidding?? No one will ever think that.

    But I am happy for the little girl that she has the only family she’s ever really known back.

  2. dorian says:

    Yes, it was a happy day for Emma. It was also a sad day for the rule of law. Whether you agree with Judge Parrott or not. Whether you believe this was about an individual’s sexual orientation or not. The day a person can forum shop, and yes, two weeks between orders IS forum shoping, AND have a Judge use the wrong code section, the wrong legal standard, disregard jurisdisdiction, and ignore a father’s rights, it is a sad day for jurisprudence in this state.
    Funny, no one, not even the State was willing to take up Judge Parrott’s cause. But make no mistake, this was a serious blow to the legal system. At least DFACS took the high ground, and didn’t cave to political pressure. Oh, yea, they did. Well, at least the AG’s office stepped in and. . .no not them either. Ok, well, on the Bright (pun intended) side, at least none of us has to be bothered enforcing unpopular orders anymore, we can just go somewhere else and get a new one.

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