1. Holly says:

    You know, Grift, I’ve been to a few of those funerals. I know you know I’m a Jim supporter, but I want you to know that even if I hated him, I’d still find your commercial tasteless. Don’t use those names in political stuff without the permission of their families, please.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Wow. That’s a pretty powerful add.

    Is there any issue more important than the war in Iraq? It sucks up all the air in the room, as it should, however, it’s unfortunate that it overshadows other important issues like health care, education, and taxes.

  3. IndyInjun says:


    I am with Jim and always have been, but it worries me that he has locked onto Chambliss when the trend has turned against big spending GOP incumbents, ignored Iraq just as public opinion even in a bastion like Columbia County is openly questioning the Iraq war, and shows no sign of acknowledging that the GOP is in DEEP need of reform, as he did on the day he announced.

    I support Jim, but his timing seems a mite off.

    Thank goodness this campaign is not happening this fall.

  4. Holly says:


    There was a comment on a radio show that Saxby called into while Jim was in the studio in which Saxby said he looked forward to working with Jim in Washington.

    Jim came out against the immigration bill on Friday morning.

    The comment that the Democrats here keep hounding Jim on was part of a statement he made in an article back in February or March in which he was explaining that Iraq was not one of the top results of polling done in the district on major issues. The top three were illegal immigration, education, and taxes. The one part of the quote has been used for miles and miles by the Democrats who are hoping to see Marlow elected, but so far, it’s not really gained traction with the general public.

    Jim has made the wasteful spending one of his biggest campaign issues. He’s openly said he wants unfunded mandates like No Child Left Behind to be repealed.

    I don’t think pointing out that Saxby made the “looking forward to working with you in Washington” comment is a bad thing for Jim. Even with the immigration bill, Saxby is popular in this state. It doesn’t hurt to point out the comment, so long as Jim doesn’t change stances on the issues.

    In having been served by Jim Whitehead in some capacity on the local and state government levels since 1994, I can assure you that he doesn’t have a record of changing to fit his friends’ opinions.

  5. JayHanley says:

    Was permission give from the families of those killed to use their names? In my opinion, it’s not appropriate to use names of fallen soldiers for political purposes without permission of the family. I’d be saying this no matter who released the ad.

  6. John Douglas says:

    There are many other ways to get the message across rather than on the graves of dead soldiers. This is a disgusting and tasteless commercial that I seriously doubt any candidate will claim. My friend and seat mate, Cecil Staton introduced SB 30 this year to prevent just such garbage as this. The bill made it out of the Senate and is in the House now. I hope this ad will be even more reason for the House to pass it when we return to Atlanta in Janaury.
    Let me add that Jim Whitehead has been one of the most supportive Senators in Atlanta when it comes to military related legislation. He has worked with the veterans, active duty and national guard personnel in his district as well as the entire state to ensure they have the best possible benefits Georgia can provide. No one can call his committment to our military into question and not have their credibility seriously questioned.

  7. IndyInjun says:

    Holly, you wrote: “In having been served by Jim Whitehead in some capacity on the local and state government levels since 1994, I can assure you that he doesn’t have a record of changing to fit his friends’ opinions.”

    No he doesn’t and at the same time his positions are not ‘set in stone’ so that even an Indy can have input and IMPACT, if the facts support it.

    What bothered me vis-a-vis Chambliss was Jim’s May 16 pronouncement that: ““Saxby has done a fantastic job for Georgia in Washington, and all Americans owe him a debt of gratitude for holding the line against amnesty for illegal aliens in the Senate. I look forward to working with him in Washington as well, and will do everything in my power to help re-elect Saxby to the Senate in 2008.”

    I emphatically disagree and have told JW that I hope to help defeat Chambliss in 2008, even if it means voting for a Dem.

    I do not know how complete abandonment of principle constitutes ” a fantastic job.,” for his performance is precisely why the GOP lost Congress in 2006, with even bigger losses looming in 2008.

  8. bowersville says:

    Notice my moniker and notice the hometown of the first listed hero, the 2nd hero,Canon, within a few miles, the 3rd listed hero, Clarkesville, my wifes’ hometown.

    The 10th is mostly rural, mountainous and typical small town America.

    We know of our fallen, and consider them heros. The streets are lined out of respect for our dead.

    It is outrageous that some gutless wonder, Griftdrift, from inside the perimeter of I-85 would parade the names and addresses of our fallen heroes for political puposes.

    I had to back away from the computer for a while when I saw the names of our fallen used for a political attack add. Grift, why don’t you just drag them naked through the streets.

  9. JayHanley says:

    Thank you, Sen. Douglas, for your comments. As Chairman of Defense and Veterans Affairs, you certainly would know Sen. Whitehead’s record on those issues.

    Commercials like this just show that the Democrats are desperate.

  10. georgiatenth says:

    I think it is important to remember the very basic rights we have that our troops in Iraq are fighting for, and the fact that James Marlow is not willing to stand up for them, in his business.

    How can we trust James Marlow with our business if we can not trust him with his?

  11. IndyInjun says:

    Jim or anyone else still defending this war must explain (1) whether they are willing to implement universal military service to MAN it, given that our force is limited versus the 400,000 needed to secure the country and (2) whether they are willing to pass a 15% surtax to PAY for it, as was done at the time of the Korean War.

    The basic tenets of conservatism should encompass SHARED SACRIFICE and the FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY of paying for it.

    So far, the GOP has opted for exhaustive redeployments and borrowing war costs from the Chinese.

    Having NO ANSWERS to these two questions after 4 years not only is utterly irresponsible, but is bankrupting America.

  12. griftdrift says:

    I would like to clarify a few things.

    1. I do not live inside the perimeter although I have in the past.

    2. I am not a democrat and am in no way associated with the democratic party.

    3. Sen. Douglas, I believe the bill you speak of will have a bit of a constitutional problem. You see, speech has to be free, even when it is the most distasteful.

    4. If I were a “pimp”, I’d certainly leave the video clip up and revel in what would surely be one helluva blog storm in the morning.

    But instead, I’ve decided to pull it. Not because I do not believe in the content. Even as I created it, I wrestled whether to publish or not. I knew it would be sensational and cause a furor. But sensational is not what I have ever been about. I do not enjoy it and have been free to criticize it in others.

    In the end, I found myself uncomfortable with my own creation. I have friends who have been there and some who are there now. In no way would I ever want to dishonor the members of our military. My intent was quite the opposite. But intent does not alleviate the queasiness I had in my own stomach as I watched it again. It just didn’t feel right and I want no part of that.

    If it offended you, I apologize. If it caused anyone personal pain, then apology cannot begin to be enough.

    Having said that, there is one thing I will not apologize for. Jim Whitehead is a disgusting troll. The fact that he refuses to discuss his views on the war including an apparent committment to an open ended conflict for generations also does no honor to those who were listed in my video or any others who make the ultimate sacrifice.

    And by God, if you’ve got the stones to run for office then you better have the stones to at least discuss the most important issue of our generation.

  13. Holly says:


    Thank you, and I say that as a tenth Congressional resident and nothing else. I can appreciate your concerns about the war. I think we all have them, even those who support the conflict completely.

    Secondly, I am going to listen through the Hart County debate audio again. I know there was an Iraq question, but I do not remember which candidate answered it. I know Jim spoke on the issue at the Augusta State University debate, but I do not have that audio / video. I can probably get a copy if he didn’t speak to the issue in the Hart County audio. It’s late, though, so I will not get to it until tomorrow afternoon. I apologize for the delay.

    While I never said you were a Democrat, I will not take back my comment that Democrats are the ones continually taking the comment out of context. I’ve seen it on Tondee’s Tavern and other blogs, plus James Marlow tends to mention it ad nauseum in every speech. Jim should’ve chosen his words far more carefully, but it was part of a larger quote, and I know he didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.

  14. Well Holly, maybe the question you should ask is if this guy needs to choose his words more carefully when speaking about the importance of the most significant political issue of our generation then maybe he isn’t fit to be a Congressman.

    I mean, it would be like someone running in 1863 saying the Civil War just isn’t that big of a deal…oh whoops I misspoke. Or in 1943 saying WWII just doesn’t captivate them around my town, or in 1970 saying my people are happy with the way things in Vietnam are going etc.

    Sen. Douglas: If a police officer died in the line of duty and there was a legitimate question about his commanding officers and their conduct putting him into that line of duty, would you not want to have political candidates mention that police officer by name?

    Members of our military put themselves on the line to fight and die for our country. I’m grateful to them for that. When legitimate policy differences between elected politicians and the people trying to replace them could prevent similar soldiers in the future from being in those situations (or put more soldiers in similar situations) then it is our duty to speak out and remind people that lives of our brave men and women are at stake.

    I seem to recall that on time to time some Republican politician (particularly Bush) will have a high profile public meeting with a family member of a war supporter where they say “My son died and he’d want us to continue fighting the fight” and they generally mention the fallen and their survivors by name. Don’t recall you ever proposing to curtail free speech rights in an instance like that.

  15. shelbinator says:

    Wow. The one thing this comment thread has taught me about Whitehead fans is that they seem to value the *names* of our fallen soldiers more than our soldiers themselves. Oh geez, let’s not acknowledge the harsh reality of failed policy, it’d be improper! Gasp! Y’all need to shove the indignation where the sun don’t shine and face up to the real issues about this generation-defining disaster, which is something Whitehead apparently won’t do.

  16. Observer says:

    The ad is tasteless. By the way, why all the attacks on Whitehead? Where do Broun and Greene stand on the war? We know Marlow wants to cut and run leaving the country to the terrorists to use as a home base. We know Whtiehead wants to go after the terrorists. Where do the other candidates stand?

  17. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Broun has made himself pretty clear on the war – he’s a supporter of the GWOT as a whole. As for Mr. Greene, I’m sure he’ll weigh in himself here before too long 🙂

  18. UGA Wins 2006 says:


    Still nothing from you on why we should trust the government to get this immigration bill right. Nothing in their track record indicates anything close to success. It is a sorry record of lies, inaction and refusal to enforce the current laws.

  19. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    A typical Monday morning, that post from me should have been in the immgration blog. I will repost it there. My bad………for May already.

  20. IndyInjun says:

    Using the names of the fallen is an abomination.

    This being said, unlimited support for the “GWOT” is just as mindless, and probably more destructive, than the Dem’s desire to cut and run.

    How do you propose to PAY for an endless occupation or are you for borrowing $trillions from the Chinese to the point that the USA is bankrupt.

    How do you propose to MAN this war with SHARED SACRIFICE and does it include a draft?

    I must be the only CONSERVATIVE left in Georgia.

    Being caught between these parties is like being between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    Jim Whitehead is a good man wed to one of these terrible parties.

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