RLC re-cap

Friday was the Republican Liberty Caucus convention at the Loafing Leprechaun in Duluth. The business of portion of the meeting lasted about an hour. We were joined by State Senators David Shafer, Cecil Staton and Jim Whitehead (also a candidate for Congress), Secretary of State Karen Handel, State Representatives Steve Davis, Jill Chambers and John Heard and Dade County CEO Ben Brandon. Bill Greene, another candidate for Congress, attended as well.

Representative Steve Davis was awarded with the Courageous Legislator of the Year for voting against the wishes of his leadership trying to strip the pork from the Georgia Budget. Chris Farris, the RLC-GA chairman, had called me earlier in the week asking if there was a Sonny’s in Henry County so Steve could enjoy some of Sonny’s pork. Unfortunately, there isn’t. Steve had to settle for a gift certificate to Shane’s Rib Shack. In his remarks Chris said his intention was to “help Representative Davis learn to appreciate some of Sonny’s good ole pork BBQ.”

Chris also unveiled the new RLC PAC, the Freedom Fund of Georgia, and received over $800 in donations that day and I believe has commitments for more.


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