It’s over, I lost.

It wasn’t even close. Congratulations to new Ga. GOP First Vice Chairman Rob Doll from Columbus. Sue Everhart was elected unanimously and will be a great Chairman.

I’m honored that people from all over Georgia voted for me. It’s humbling that people you just meet trust you enough to vote for you. Unfortunately there just weren’t enough votes for me. I was honored the Nominating Committee picked me as the nominee but obviously the delegates wanted Mr. Doll.

I also grateful to the many Peach Pundit readers and posters who supported me. You folks would be suprised just who reads Peach Pundit and where they read it. 🙂


  1. Holly says:


    I, too, am really glad you ran. I hope Mr. Doll will pick up some of your ideas and use them.

  2. drjay says:

    you know we voted for you buzz and hope you will stay active and put your ideas for using new media to build the party forward thanks for stepping into the arena…

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Good job putting yourself out there Buzz. It just was not your time. Patience and perseverance will put you back into a leadership role.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Catch the Buzz! Find out what all the Buzz is about!

    Thank you for running, I enjoyed spreading the word!

    Stay engaged, involved, and let’s keep this ship a rocking man!

  5. GOPeach says:

    Dear Buzz-

    Next time know your audience! I was told you spoke of Peach Pundit in your stump speech. You lost votes when you did that! Many delegates / candidates for office have been trashed here.

    People within the party do not see the Peach Pundit bloggers as solid and trustworthy leaders. They are viewed as loose canons and able to say things to embarrass the Party and really good candidates.

    It is one of the reasons I do not run for anything.

    If you will look around the convention, the majority of delegates are my age ( over 50).
    They would be appauled at the language used here and the way great candidates get trashed!

    Did you mention your faith?
    Did you mention your family?
    I heard Doll did.

    Did you mention your willingness to work the grassroots and connect personally with people?
    I heard Bob Matthews ( my choice) did.

    Learn from your mistakes. The same does to all other bloggers running for office!!!

    Bloggers have too many enemies. I know because I am one of them!

  6. debbie0040 says:

    For the most part, Buzz was done in by “Donut Envy”.

    I heard numerous delegates from other areas of the state say that they did not want the Georgia GOP ruled by the donut counties. Sue Everhart was from Cobb and they said the 1st Vice Chair should be from other parts of the state.

  7. GOPeach says:

    *The same goes to all other bloggers running for office!!!

    Leaders must be principled not oppionated!
    Bloggers are too oppinionated.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    GOPeach, I think you totally lack credibility here. I have to say, pretty much everyone came to the Peach Pundit part and you did not.

    You lack courage.

    Leave Buzz alone and stop attacking him, at least he has the courage to say what he means and not behind some stupid name.

    Buzz didn’t win, but Buzz made a great effort.

  9. GOPeach says:

    Oh do you mean Party???

    I went to Newt’s dinner and people knew me as GOPeach there! Peach Pundit needes representation among the 50+ crown, BM.

    Listen – I am not the “Pub- type”. Ask me for lunch at Chick-fil-A and I am there!

  10. GOPeach says:

    FYI- Part of the reason Ralph Reed got recognized by Phil Gingrey and honored by the overwhelming applause was because how badly Peach Pundit trashed him.

    The young Republicans blogs and bloggers in Georgia need to be careful about going too negative on their own. It will bite cha.

  11. Holly says:

    Ralph Reed got applause, but I wouldn’t call it overwhelming. I don’t think people clapped because he was trashed at Peach Pundit. I think people clapped because they recognize that he put a lot of time and effort into running the state party a few years back. Also, he’s one of the few former politicos who was voted off the island yet still bothers to show up at stuff. Most quit bothering. I do think that’s something for which Ralph should be commended.

    Also, for the record, I didn’t drink at the Peach Pundit gathering and no one made me feel out of place for it.

  12. GOPeach says:


    Quite a few people I know who were there were Said it was overwhelming and overdue support from the party faithful. Even Sue loved Ralph Reed!

    Many of the 50+ crowd know how badly this blog and others ( AKA Political Slime) trash Ralph as well as CNN, AJC, etc…

    Ralph is a REPUBLICAN he was done wrong by those who should have been fighting beside him.

    I had to pick between the Bloggers at the Pub and seeing old friends at Newt’s dinner and I went with Newt and then to the Prayer and Praise Gathering at 9. It was great.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Peach, you continue to demonstrate exactly how stupid you are, and the reason why the GOP lost last November (i.e., focusing on the wrong things while in politics)…and, the reason why it is highly likely that the GOP will lose in 2008.

    Rob Doll demonstrated to me in his speech that he is EVERYTHING he told me…no, correct that…everything HE SWORE TO ME HE WASN’T, and I will never believe a single solitary thing he claims to me again.

    Buzz Brockway, unlike Rob Doll, ACTUALLY works to get things done…not just claim that he gets things done, but does them.

    That’s a helluiva lot more than I can say for YOU, Peach, or Cindye Coates, or ASH, or anyone else YOU think so highly of.

    I will have much more to say about Mr. Doll’s performance when I have time to compile it.

    BUT, Sue Everhart will now have to work harder to shoulder much of the responsibility that Buzz would have been able to do because Rob Doll has zero ability when it comes to actually working at grassroots. Sure, he can spout-off the bullcrap well, but he has no ability to actually do any real work.

    In short, he’s a fine “showhorse,” but no “workhorse.” Just like, Peach, YOUR hero ASH.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Peach, Part 2:

    Nothing shows you’re a bigger moron than this statement you wrote: ” Leaders must be principled not oppionated!
    Bloggers are too oppinionated.”

    Oh, noooo, leaders cannot have opinions…that would be bad.

  15. JRM2016 says:

    First, congratulations to Buzz for running a great campaign and generally showing himself to be a person of character in how he conducted his campaign and particularly how he exited the race. I thought Buzz brought many good ideas to the table that will be considered by the leadership team elected yesterday.

    Second, I have no choice but to correct the record since Mr. Simon has seen fit to throw mud at our newly elected First Vice Chairman. I know Rob Doll well, as he has been the County Chairman in Muscogee County for the last four years. Those of you that know anything about Muscogee County know that it is the home of the former Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, Rep. Calvin Smyre. In 2002, before Rob became Chairman, Muscogee County went overwhelmingly for Roy Barnes in the gubernatorial election. Rob took over in 2003. During his tenure as County Chairman, he raised thousands of dollars for the Muscogee County Republican Party, leaving it in great financial shape. That will be an important quality as we must have financial resources at the state level to remain the majority party.

    But more importantly, Rob actively sought to reinvigorate the College Republican organization at Columbus State University, start a Young Republican club in Columbus and charter a Republican Women’s group. The CRs are doing well, our Young Republican group (of which I served as Chairman) is among the largest in the state and the Women’s group is being officially chartered later this month.

    Of course beyond the financial and grassroots successes Rob has generated for the Muscogee County Republican Party, the best scorecard for any County Party Chair in my mind is how the Republicans do at election time. In 2004, after a crushing defeat in the 2002 gubernatorial election, President Bush narrowly lost to Senator Kerry by a 48-52 margin. In 2006, with all of the grassroots pillars in place that had been developed during his time as Chairman, Governor Perdue carried Muscogee County over Mark Taylor, some 17 point improvement over 2002.

    But Rob has done more than simply make our party financially sound and strong at the grassroots level. He has been incredibly active in the community, serving on the Boards of the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley, the Chattahoochee Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Muscogee Education Excellence Foundation to name a few. I can honestly say I have met few people who do more to serve their fellow man and advance the causes of conservatism than Rob.

    I know this first hand because Rob assisted me as I built a team to start the Muscogee County Young Republicans. At every turn whether we needed financial assistance, help getting programs set up or anything at all, Rob was just a phone call away.

    That is why I did not hesitate when Rob announced his candidacy to contact my friends in the Georgia Republican Party and let them know the tremendous help Rob would offer the entire party, particularly Young Republicans. I just wanted the whole Party to have the same great opportunity I have had to learn from Rob and to benefit from his boundless energy and commitment to our cause.

    I don’t know what Mr. Simon claims Rob lied to him about, but I can only guess what upset him in the 3 minute speech Rob delivered. Was it that Rob unashamedly confessed his faith, perhaps it was that Rob introduced his family or could it be that Rob proclaimed his pro-life, anti-tax and pro-national defense positions? I honestly don’t remeber any other points being made in the speech. I am not interested in getting into a war of words with Mr. Simon, but I am not going to stand idly by and have him slander Rob’s name on this web site and have people who don’t know Rob believe it because it goes unchallenged. As far as I know, Mr. Simon doesn’t know Rob at all. But I know him well and can tell you he will serve us all well as First Vice Chair.

    One post-script: The Young Republican Convention is usually convened a few hours after the State Convention has ended and other than the YRs in attendance, it is a fairly quiet affair. There is no big crowd to address, no accolades to acquire by being there. And of course all the delegates have busy lives and places to go and business to conduct. There was one state officer of our Georgia Republican Party that attended the meeting of the new executive Board of the Georgia Federation of Young Republicans. That was Rob Doll. I wonder Mr. Simon, who was he showing off for then?

    In fact he spent a significant amount of time contributing ideas about how to improve individual club membership and on future board meetings.

    Anyway, I hope this sufficiently clears the record and insures that there will not be further inaccurate information spread on this website.

    Just so I am not accused of posting all of this without standing behind it, my name is Josh McKoon and I am the Chairman of the Muscogee County Republican Party.

  16. Big Mack says:

    Buzz was at a distinct disadvantage because he had to speak first. Rob Doll came out there with his God and country used car salesman speech promising two chickens in every pot and the speech just blew the other two candidates away. Very few Republicans really know Rob Doll. I have been involved with this party since 1962 and I never heard of Rob until two years ago at the 2nd district reorganization meeting. Part of Muscogee is in the 2nd district. He did not bother to come to the meeting; but sent word that he would like to stay on the State Committee. I think Bull is right. Sue will have double duty to perform.

  17. GOPeach says:

    Bob Matthews had the “Dawn Strickland- style” work ethic to help SUE… Maybe Sue will appoint Bob Matthews to something that takes BRAINS and Buzz can be the Party Blogger!

    That’ll work!

  18. JRM2016 says:

    Big Mack,

    I would say 500+ Republicans know Rob Doll since that was the number of delegates that cast their votes for him.

    Rob was a County Chairman from 2003-2007. Prior to that he was a Congressional District Chairman in the Georgia Republican Party. I am sure if you give him a chance to get to know you that you will change the opinion you have expressed here.

    You don’t have your facts straight about the 2nd Congressional District either. I lived in part of Muscogee County that was in the 2nd District until the redistricting moved me into the new 3rd District. Rob has never lived in the 2nd District (he was in the old 8th/new 3rd) and so there is no reason he would have attended a 2nd Congressional District reorganization meeting since he never lived in that district.

    Again, I am not sure what there is to criticize about a speech emphasizing Republican values and promising to work with the new Chair to build a stronger party statewide, just like Rob has done in Muscogee County.

    I forgot to mention Rob had a major hand in the hosting duties for th 2004 State Convention in Columbus which many people still tell me was one of the better conventions in recent memory. I hope we can replicate that effort in 2008 when the State Convention returns to Columbus.

    Again, let me emphasize that Buzz ran a great race and I am not going to say anything negative about the other candidate in the race, as Big Mack and Mr. Simon have chosen to do here. But I won’t allow misinformation to be disseminated about Rob by people who obviously don’t know him.

  19. GOPeach says:

    I am certain SUE will find a place for:
    ASH, Buzz, & Bob to serve!

    After all……. She is “The One” to bring EVERYBODY TOGETHER!!!!

    I can hear Sister Sledge piano intro..

  20. Skeptical says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss Buzz. The GOP passed up on a really good thing in you. Suckers.


  21. drjay says:

    gopeach, you sure do post a lot on PP for someone who seems to have such a negative attitude about blogging.

    and i wish mr doll well and all but his speech seemed fairly general and more platitudes than a vision for what the 1st vice chair can do for the party–and even though most people have the internets i am not sure that even rank and file convention delegates who are more active than most would use buzz’s association w/ it as a reason to not have voted for him…

  22. Look, Rob Doll won because most of the delegates have known Rob Doll for years. This is no disrespect to Buzz, as Buzz is a solid person who would have done the job well, but the delegates elected someone they knew, who has been in the trenches for a good number of years.

    Buzz is to be commended for getting out there and trying. Go back at it again and stay involved. Dedication and persistence is what is awarded by the delegates. Buzz definitely has those character traits.

    Hopefully, he’ll run again next time around.

  23. shep1975 says:

    Buzz is a great guy and has a long future in the Party. It’s only because the Rules committee in years past decided the GAGOP would profit better from less voices that Buzz is not there now.

  24. Donovan Head says:

    GOPeach, glad to see your no longer attacking Mrs. Everheart for setting up chairity fundraisers with Democrats!! 🙂

    I voted for Rob Doll because many in the Cobb Delagtion were saying that he was Mrs. Everheart’s choice and I wanted her to have some one who can work well with her.

    And Ralph Reed did get an applause (as he should have) for his service as Fmr. GAGOP Chair, but I wouldn’t say there was anything extraordinary about it.

  25. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Doll won because he had free alcohol!

    jk, LOL. We were lucky to have 3 great candidates.

    I will second the sentiment of Debbie though, folks did not want both of the top positions to be from Metro. It was the old Atlanta v. Anti-Atlanta crowd politics.

  26. Holly says:

    Some of us voted for Bob because we knew how hard he’d worked as a district chairman and likewise would work hard as first vice chair. I’d assume many felt the same way about Rob.

    I don’t like the assessment that Buzz lost just because he was from the Atlanta area. I guess some people voted because of that, but I choose to believe that most of us cast a ballot for those we knew to be hard workers rather than against another because of his county of residence.

    Buzz was my second choice and he knows that it wasn’t anything against him as to why I stood for Bob Matthews. Your “donut envy” theory does not apply to me.

  27. buzzbrockway says:


    Thanks for your comments. I don’t think it was anti-metro sentiment that caused my defeat. Republicans claim to evaluate people as individuals, not as part of a group. I trust most delegates voted for Mr. Doll and Mr. Matthews for reasons other than where I’m from.

    I attribute my defeat to two factors:

    1) Both Mr. Doll and Mr. Matthews had experience at the district level whereas I did not. I thinked that worked in their favor.

    2) I think my message about using technology to help the GOP get it’s message out did not have broad enough appeal.

    I don’t regret running, and I don’t regret campaigning on the importance of new media. Just because I lost doesn’t mean I won’t keep working on that issue, and it’s not worth running if you can’t run on an issue your passionate about.

    Losing sucks though. 😉

  28. Holly says:

    Buzz, one more comment, then I have to be out the door.

    Tell me about it! I hate losing.

    I think you’re right in your assessment, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t bring up a valid issue that we need to address as Republicans. We’re so far behind the Democrats in our use of new media, and we’ve got to find a way to incorporate it to reach new voters. Either we do that, or the average age at the conventions will be likely to keep increasing. 🙂

    No, I don’t mean that younger voters aren’t attracted to the ideals of the Republican party, but just because a person votes Republican, it doesn’t mean he or she is going to get involved in the county / state / national party. It’s our responsibility to get them there, and I think the establishment of the GA GOP has yet to recognize the value of new media in drawing in younger people.

    That’s where you come in, Buzz. You might not be first vice chair on this go round, but you are the one who has the floor to bring about change. I’ll help you any way I can.

  29. bullochGOP says:

    I have never posted here before, but I would like to give my two cents worth and be honest with you, Buzz.

    The reason I voted for Rob Doll is because he is the one that I garnered the most information about on Saturday. He clearly stated his views on taxes, abortion, religion, and getting us back to our grassroots. His record was clearly presented in his brochure. I even learned about his family!

    I read your push card, visited your website, and listened to your speech on Saturday, but all I know about you is that you want to use technology to further the GOP. I agree with you a 100%, but that is all I know about you.

    I am from Statesboro, which is in Bulloch County. The area that the candidates were from had no impact at all on the way that I voted.

  30. Doug Deal says:


    The main reason people don’t get involved in the party is the party itself, not the failure of incorporating new media.

    I have attended candidate rallies, county meetings, party events and filled out interest form after interest form and the only time any party person or candidate staffer has ever called me back was when I donated money.

    When strangers show up, someone from the party needs to give them face time and introduce them to others at the meeting. Sadly, politically motivated people generally stick trying to suck up to the powerful people, so they stand in a loose circle around the highest ranking person that they can, while visitors mingle around the edges uncomfortably until they find a chance to sneak out.

    If you want to grow the party, a point has to be made to incorporate new people, because that is the only place where growth comes from.

    Bells and whistles are fine, but they will not make up for the lack of fundamentals.

  31. Doug Deal says:

    Let me add,

    And congratulations Buzz for getting involved. You were my county chairman some years ago, a fellow Tech graduate, and fellow Tech College Republican. You are an honorable guy, and it is not so much your loss, as the State Republican party’s.

  32. buzzbrockway says:

    Thanks for your input bullochGOP. I should have included more personal stuff in my literature.

    With only two minutes to speak at the Convention I choose to focus on what I wanted to do as 1st Vice. Perhaps that wasn’t the best decision.

  33. bullochGOP says:

    I am glad that you did run, though. It is impressive that the nominating committee selected you for their slate. I wish we had the opportunity to hear what they heard from you.

    The thing that I will always remember about politics is that the best candidate does not always win.

  34. drjay says:

    bill simon–it was good to have met you on friday–while i am disappointed that buzz lost–looking at doll’s body of work and having spoken to some folks from columbus–i suspect he can and will do a good job–hopefully buzz will try again and keep working for the party…

  35. Rick Day says:

    WTF does a persons position on abortion matter on THAT level of politics?

    Everyone opposes abrtion. Republicans just want it to be illegal again. (read: back alley clinics)

    My God. Do you guys require blood loyalty oaths too?

  36. bullochGOP says:

    To Bill Simon and Rick Day:

    Whoa. Hang on a second. My point to all of this was that I didn’t have any idea of where Buzz stood or what his qualifications are. I used the items I listed as an example of what Mr. Doll shared. Mr. Doll also clearly listed his qualifications and background in his brochure.

    I came into Saturday with a totally open mind. I didn’t know ANY of the three candidates. The only thing I had to go on was what the candidates said and what promotional materials that were provided.

    I don’t think two minutes is enough. The smart thing to have done was probably to have abstained from voting.

  37. Thig says:

    I agree with you that at that level nothing can be done about the legality of abortion, but a person’s stance on the abortion issue speaks VOLUMES about their morality to me, which does affect other areas they can influence. And no, everyone does not oppose abortion, if they did it would be outlawed already.

  38. Doug Deal says:


    Wasn’t Duke Cunningham pro-life? Maybe that doesn’t speak the kind of VOLUMES you would like to admit.

    This “us versus them” attitutude on a single issue is what is causing Republicans to lose from coast to coast. There is more to life than one’s stance on abortion, and when it doesn’t matter, it should not matter. Maybe if you spent a tenth of the amount of energy convincing people why abortion is wrong that you expend condemning those you disagree with, perhaps you would have more success.

    In the end, Thig, it will be voters exactly like you that turn the country over to the Dems for years to come.

  39. JRM2016 says:

    I think there is a place in speeches for both providing qualifications and stating what you believe the Republican Party should be standing for in the way of principle (I believe the latter of these is what Mr. Simon considers to be “bullcrap”).

    I thought Buzz did a great job outlining what needs to be done re: improving and expanding the new media offerings of the GA GOP.

    I think Rob discussed his experience and vision for First Vice Chair in the brochures which I put in every delegate’s chair. That freed him up a bit to discuss the principles he stands behind in his speech.

    What would be really constructive I think is if for contested races we gave the candidates a little more time to outline their vision (5-7 minutes maybe). After all in the odd numbered year conventions our primary business is electing party leadership and I think we could afford fewer platform speeches and more time for candidate speeches.

    Just a thought…

  40. Holly says:

    If we are going to do all of that – and I think we should – we really need to be allowed a break somewhere in there. People were tired and hungry by the end and just wanted to get out of there.

  41. gatormathis says:

    What’s funny to me is how much people will argue over trivial sh**. The more inane, so increases the commentary…………..

    As Buzz re-entered the Blogosphere, he tucked in his “licking”, bit down on his keyboard, and very eloquently “conceded” his race.

    He tipped his hat to the victor, congratulated the new “incoming” chair, and very genuinely thanked his supporters and freinds.

    He then speculated an opinion on the “Pundit”, which I interpreted as “you guys really have no idea how many people are reading these thoughts, nor how far these words we are writing here , are going out”.

    This is evidenced by how many people Buzz has told “it was nice to meet them”, along in this thread.

    Buzz seems content, whatever the result, having went through the “process” of being a candidate.

    He has gained experience and exposure, and had to deal with fans and detractors.

    But one thing for sure, he knows his name is more of a “Buzz-word” today, than it was last week.

    I predict Buzz will try again for office in a couple of years. If not, he looked pretty young, so he’ll probably get the notion again sometime.

    So, ya’ll don’t take Buzz’s very nice concession blog, and turn it into something ugly. The next time he tries to do something, every comment in here will be remembered as if “of Buzz”.

    Good job Buzz.

    Good campaign, right to the very end.

    You signed out with class.

    Those of you wanting to flail the hell out of one another, start another thread for that.

    Heck, I knowed a boy who won a race one time just by saying he wasn’t gonna make one of them long assed speeches like all them other folks had been making all day………..

    Politics……..go figure……….

  42. Bill Simon says:

    Rick Day,

    Your trouble is you (like me) try to use LOGIC in deciding who is qualified for a position that actually requires WORK.

    Somewhere else on this blog is a rebuttal from the current chair of the Muscogee County GOP to my statement about Rob Doll’s inabilities to actually do work.

    His rebuttal details how Rob Doll, as chairman of the Muscogee County GOP, shoveled out his OWN money to keep the party afloat.

    Well, you now what THAT says about a chairman of a county party? That they are unable to raise money for the party. That they cannot attract anyone competent enough TO raise money.

    Mr. Doll proved in his “red meat rhetoric” that he is nothing but a bigoted anti-ANY-religion-except his-own-brand-of-Christianity and all other religions can go to Hell. Hmm…sounds like Rob should go join the Taliban…they like demogoguery.

  43. JRM2016 says:

    Bill Simon says:

    “His rebuttal details how Rob Doll, as chairman of the Muscogee County GOP, shoveled out his OWN money to keep the party afloat.

    Well, you know what THAT says about a chairman of a county party? That they are unable to raise money for the party. That they cannot attract anyone competent enough TO raise money.”

    What I actually posted:

    “During his tenure as County Chairman, he raised thousands of dollars for the Muscogee County Republican Party, leaving it in great financial shape.”

    I don’t know how Bill Simon read “raised” and thought “shoveled out his OWN money”, but clearly his discussion of my “rebuttal” is factually challenged.

    Bill Simon says:

    “Mr. Doll proved in his ‘red meat rhetoric’ that he is nothing but a bigoted anti-ANY-religion-except-his-own-brand-of-Christianity and all other religions can go to Hell.”

    What Rob actually said in his speech:

    “I am a Christian.”

    If Bill Simon doesn’t think anyone should publicly profess their faith, that is fine, but he should just make it clear that in his America, people of faith have no place in the public square.

    He also might do well to tell the truth when he posts items to this and other blogs. I hope a commitment to truth-telling and Christianity doesn’t place me in the “Bill’s bigots” column, but that is a chance I’ll have to take.

    -Josh McKoon, Chairman, Muscogee County Republican Party

  44. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Are you sure we heard the same speech? If you would like to call his speech pandering, then I can see that. I thought the whole family thing was over the top… but I didn’t hear any bigotry or Christianity-only talk.

    Btw, who did you vote for in the run-off?

  45. rd says:

    Buzz, please allow me to once again congratulate you. You may have lost this election (I’ve been to that rodeo before), however you expanded your horizons and earned the respect of many. Your campaign was one of class, and dignity as were you in defeat. I look forward to working with you over the next couple of years and am anxious to hear your proposed directions and ideas.

    Remember, in the game of life, its not how many times you get knocked down that counts. The only thing that counts, is how many times you get up………

    Republican Regards,

    rob doll

  46. buzzbrockway says:

    Thanks Rob. It was great to meet you and get to know you a little bit over the past few months.

    You’ve got my full support as 1st Vice and I’ll help you and the Party in whatever way I can.

  47. Doug Deal says:

    rd and buzz,

    I have a lot of respect for people who can maintain public civility, even though they are political opponents. I wish more people would learn from your examples.

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