BREAKING: Fred Thompson wins Georgia GOP Convention Straw Poll in Landslide

The poll, conducted by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia and the Georgia Young Republicans came out as follows:
Fred Thompson – 44%
Newt Gingrich – 18%
Rudy Giuliani – 15%
Mitt Romney – 9%
Mike Huckabee – 4%
John McCain – 2%
Duncan Hunter – 2%
Ron Paul – 2%
Tommy Thompson – 1%
Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, John Cox, Jim Gilmore – <1%

These results are all the more amazing considering that Mitt Romney attended the convention and had an event here last night. Newt Gingrich was the convention’s keynote speaker.

Fred Thompson’s only presence was a group of volunteer supporters from Georgians for Fred Thompson.

At the convention, it was also announced that more than forty current and former elected officials, including a former US Senator and the top two Republicans in the State Senate, were endorsing Fred Thompson.

More to come on this later ….


  1. tony r says:

    And don’t forget earl ehrhart too!

    Hang it up romney, newt, and the others.

    President Thompson. Go ahead and get used to it.

  2. GOPeach says:

    I went to Newt’s dinner last night but missed today’s convention… I heard that out of 1000 delgates, only like 200 actually did the straw poll.

    They mean little.

    Jason… should have has ELEPHANTS!

  3. GabrielSterling says:

    First off there were only around 800 delegates. One of the smallest conventions in years. Of course with no big fight that makes sense.

    Maurice, there were two locations for voting, one was across from Giuliani and kaddy korner from McCain.

    Romney was at the Convention and Newt spoke.

    Over 40 elected officials came out for Thompson (more than every other candidate combined). Thompson has no staff, no campaign.

    Thompson is the real deal. The grassroots is speaking around the nation.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Lot’s of people left early ( like me) and did not vote. I went to Newt’s dinner last night and tried to find Bill Simon.

  5. Will Hinton says:

    It doesn’t make a bit of difference if the nominee ends up being Thompson or McCain or Romney or Giuliani. So long that Iraq is front and center, there isn’t a chance that a Republican will win in ’08.

  6. Holly says:

    GOPeach, I hate to be ugly, but you need to lay off Buzz.

    At least he was at the convention, and he ran for an office in hopes of getting new ideas out there for our party.

    From what I’ve heard from other Gwinnett County GOP members, Buzz is excellent at grassroots and working through problems when they arise.

    I think if you really believe in Reagan’s 11th commandment – the very one you’ve reminded people of when bad things are said about someone you support – then you should practice what you preach.

    That said, when the alternates were seated, our voting strength was 1,100, or there abouts.

  7. GabrielSterling says:

    Over half (50%) of the delegates voted. This was a huge win for Thompson.

    Further, when you voted your badge was marked. When I voted and the person after me voted I saw it happen.

    Fred Thompson will win the nomination.

  8. Cracker says:

    I’m not that great at math but 200 divided by 1100 isn’t 50% there Gabe. I don’t think this straw poll means too much due to the sample. YR and RLC are a small portion of the GA GOP.

    I like Thompson but this poll lacks credibility.

  9. Holly says:

    I think the problem was that people were unaware of the straw poll. It was open to everyone at the convention, not just the RLC and YR, yet several delegates around me were surprised that there had been a poll when the results were announced.

  10. GabrielSterling says:

    There were over 400 voters in the stary poll. If there were only 200 Fred would have gotten over 90% Cracker. The number of paid delegates seated was just under 900 from what I understand. There were alternates seated but nt that many (low turnout convention with no big fight).

    I’ll say, to give the worst case scenario, there were maybe, at best 1100 folks there eligible to vote. There were 429 votes if my MATH is right from the AJC. I’d say that is a large percentage of GOP activists. Those that didn’t vote obviously didn’t have a dog in the fight.

    It was easy to see to the two voting locations in two days. Anyone discounting the results are just unhappy with them.

    HUGE win for Fred Thompson.

  11. drjay says:

    like gabriel mentioned the ajc has the raw numbers of the straw poll–and if you look at the numbers that voted in the 1st vice chair race it was roughly 900–so the over 400 that did the straw poll is a respectable %–and if you take into account that thompson is not actually a candidate at this point–those are huge numbers–and we voted at the yr booth right across from the mcainiacs…

  12. GabrielSterling says:

    Some have asked about his Seante term. Here are his rankings:

    Among his interest group ratings, FDT earned a perfect zero from National Abortion Reproductive Rights Action, a perfect 100% from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, only 11% from the ACLU, 85% from the American Conservative Union, 86% from the Center for Security Policy, a perfect zero from the American Federation of Teachers, 6% from the National Education Association, 90% from the League of Private Property Voters, 97% from the National Tax Limitation committee, 88% from the National Taxpayers Union and a perfect zero from the liberal ADA. In a 1995 analysis, Project Vote Smart listed Thompson as having supported Contract With America items 100% of the time.

    I think our man Fred Dalton Thompson is walking the walk. Now he is a Volunteers fan, and I am Dawgs fan, but they’re both in the SEC, so I suppose I forgive tat slight infraction.

    In fact, I am pretty sure sure he’s the only possible candidate that has been to a game in the Fall at Sanford Stadium and fully grasped hat’s going on. So, at the end of the day, that’s a plus.

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I’m going to call bullshit!

    First, Gabe, where is the proof that there were 400 votes.

    Second, who counted the votes? Jason Shepherd- A Fred guy. ? Chris Farris- Also a Fred Guy. ? You Gabe- another Fred guy. ?

    Third, NOONE knew that there was even a straw poll! The only votes that were taken were the ones pushed over from the Fred table.

    The mere fact that Sue announced these tainted results from the podium is pure bullshit. I am sorry. I love Sue, but Jason pushed her to do it and without an unbiased poller and poll counters this is NULL and VOID!

  14. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Well, I posted it again and that one it not showing up either. Guess we will eventually have two posts from me.

  15. bowersville says:

    This time of night, if the posts are lengthy, or have links, the spam filter detains them. At least that’s been my experience.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    You couldn’t slide a piece of paper between the political differences of John McCain and Fred Thompson because they are lock step in sync on the major issues facing our party and country like campaign finance reform, spending restraint, the war in Iraq, and tax cuts.

    Thompson and McCain are close friends. In 2000, Fred Thompson was the Co-Chair of the McCain campaign.

    Does Thompson end up running? Who knows? It is horribly disengenious to suggest that this Thompson effort is totally volunteer driven because there have been a number of people involved on a national level pushing people in this state to commit and organize on his behalf.

    I congratulate the Thompson organization for their efforts, however, if straw polls were indicative of who was going to win the nomination, we’d have been honoring President Phil Gramm for his service for having been elected in 1996.

  17. alan.moore says:

    It’ll be interesting to see who wins the real straw poll next November. After all, it’s the American voters, not convention delegates, who will ultimately choose the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania.

    It’s not terribly surprising either that Sam Brownback is in that less than one percent category. November ’06 proved that the ultra conservatives simply aren’t going to win. Apparently, folks now want more moderate candidates.

    How does Pelosi fit into that? Let’s just write her election off as another California screwup.

  18. shep1975 says:

    I don’t know where you all are getting your numbers. 1,000…900…etc. I was on the credentials committee and we only had checked in a little over 600 alternates and delegates.

    that means roughly 2/3 of the conventioned voted in the little straw poll.

    Still waiting for you check GOPEACH.

  19. Holly says:

    Shep, I thought they announced we had a voting strength of around 1,100 once alternates were seated. However, since you were on credentials, I’m sure you’re right and I’m wrong.

    I will stand by my statement that the delegates around me were surprised there had been a poll when the results were announced.

  20. GOPeach says:


    I will be honest here- I do not know DOLL. I heard he was a real nerd. LOL Someone said he had on white shoes and looked like an ice cream salesman. That’s a shame.

    This would have been my choice:

    1. Bob Matthews
    2. Buzz
    3. Doll Baby

    White shoes????? Ya lost me on that one.

  21. Misunderestimitated says:

    Oh, come on Peach…

    White bucks with a searsucker. That is a classic Southern Spring uniform.

    I may have to question your bona fides if you don’t understand “white shoes”…

  22. GOPeach says:


    When I see the GA YR’s work the grassroots in LOCAL RACES that have a chance of unseating incumbent democrats, I will send you that check!! Until then…. no way.

    You seem to be mezmorized with the glitz of national races and not too concerned with the local seats under your nose in Cobb County which could have earned a notch in your belt with people like me who have a focus on local races as you surely must know.

    You want my money … but when are you going to care about what I care about? The GRASSROOTS!!!!

    I get e-mails from the Cobb YD’s [because my son belongs to them unfortunately]. They are so far ahead of you, it is ridiculous.

    I have YET to see the YR’s working in COBB COUNTY—-where you and I live! And don’t give me that … 3 or 4 of our members got married bull #%^%$ either! That dog won’t hunt — Jason.

    I need to see HEART on a GRASSROOTS level. You have actually said bad things about GREAT REPUBLICAN candidates running against democrats in the general and I have a good memory.

    When I see you bring it- I’ll bring it!

    Until then – I will send money to the candidates themselves and by-pass the Young Republicans and all of their silliness —spending more time blogging and reading blogs than working in Phone Banks and Knocking on doors.

    The YD’s are outworking you Jason. I know this for a fact. They are already knocking on doors. Today my son is at a Bacculariate registering High School Seniors to Vote Democrat!!! You are conducting Presidential Straw Polls!!!!!

    You scare me.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Misunderestimitated –

    I can take the ‘St. Simon’s” Sring look with loafers and no socks… but white shoes..???

    And did you say searsucker??? What color????
    blue and white?? yellow and white???

    This is horrible!!!! A 2007 Fashion Don’t!

  24. Federalist says:

    How many observations were there? The first two polls that were touted as F. Thompson victories only had 30 responses, and can not be used as evidence of his support. Furthermore, it is my belief that once F. Thompson joins the race (if he decides to do so) he will not be a front runner. for one he is too far behind in the fundraising race, and nobody has had a chance to attack him for not being a social con. He will suffer the same fate as Rudy…GOP voters can not see the consequences of their decisions but 5 feet in front of them.

  25. GOPeach says:


    and very proud of it!

    but… I fear there is truth in what you are saying.

    Seriously… you see the GOP all caught up in the polls ( like Clinton used to do) and look what happened!!!

    I PRAY TO GOD they would WAKE UP before it is too late and WORK the grassroots!!

  26. Bill Simon says:


    Gee, I’d hate to bring-up this “counting” thing with you and elections and such, but had you actually been in the convention when the credentials report was being read, you would have heard there were about 940 delegates, and about 300 and some-odd alternates, most, if not all, who were moved-up to be delegates.

    The original total voting strength was probably around 1200 or so.

    BUT, as the day wore on, delegates and alternates left the convention to get back to their daily lives, and not all of them remained for the final vote count on the 2nd ballot for 1st Vice Chair.

    Nor, of course, were they all present to vote AGAINST Mike Dvorcsak’s last gasp attempt to change the Rules to somehow work in his favor to get the appeal against his county convention shenanigans thrown out.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    You’re not a “right-wing nutjob.” You’re a nutjob.

    People like you are actually left-wing nutjobs in that you believe religion should be force-fed onto the populace until everyone believes as you and Ralph Reed believe.

    Whether it is the totalitariansim of one religious belief ot the totalitariansim of no religious belief, both outcomes would not be in alliance with the Constitution….and, yet, nutjobs like you persist in supporting and crowing about candidates who feel exactly the way you do.

  28. GOPeach says:


    This is where you lack understanding of God as the sovereign source of Law, Liberty, Government and the Constitution!

    If you want to talk Constition, then by all means let’s do just that and refrain from school yard name calling… using personal insults like pussy, ass hole, bitch, etc… Deal?

    Now- you obviously have taken some neutral politically correct position which leads to taking God out of our Pledge, “In God We Trust” off our money, and faith out of our lives., etc..

    You think you have the the right view of the Constution. You are convinced that America should be a secular or a godless state and religion was not a decisive factor in the formation of the Constitution of the United States and that this proves that the framers of the Constitution did not want religion to influence public policy.

    Just because the word “God” is not in the Constitution does not mean He is not there.

    Most people would not consider Charles Darwin, author of On the Origin of Species (1859), to be someone important in order to understand the U.S. Constitution. Most people think the writings of John Locke, William Blackstone, and James Madison are important in order to understand the Constitution. There is a sense in which Charles Darwin is more important than all of them and has had a profound impact on the modern interpretation of the Constitution. In fact, a case could be made that he has had a greater or equal impact on the Constitution than the delegates at the constitutional convention!

    You most likely believe in God. But for you, it does not matter whether God exists or not when it comes to understanding government. You read the Constitution in a way that is totally foreign to its framers and you think that religion/faith was not important to the framers of the Constitution.

    To the framers of the Constitution, the idea of having a government not based on God would have been unthinkable and did not create a “secular” state in the modern sense of the term.

    At the same time, the framers of our Constitution did not want America to become a theocracy. They did not believe in a theocratic state. The framers of our Constitution did not want clergymen to pick the Presidents and set government policy. This is not to say they saw no role for religion in government. The framers most certainly did believe that religion and religious values should influence the government and its policies.

    George Washington’s first Proclamation as President made this abundantly clear. On the day that Congress finished its work on the First Amendment, they called on Washington to issue a Proclamation to the people of the United States to thank God for the freedoms we enjoy.

    A week and a day later the President’s opening paragraph in his Proclamation said: “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor . . .” The words “to obey His will” are fatal to any suggestion that George Washington and the framers of our Constitution believed in NO God.

    In America, religious values influence government policy through the vote of the Godly people.

    When the UN-Godly vote – the policy is anti-faith which is Un-Constitutional …
    It is the Freedom OF Religion – Not FROM Religion.

  29. GOPeach says:


    You lack understanding of the CONSTITUTION!

    Now I will be happy to discuss this with you without personal insults. Now if you want to discuss it like a sailor and call each other nasty names.. fine!

    Now… what do you feel is “The Constitutional” ?

  30. GOPeach says:

    Let’s read it together and discuss line by line:


    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union,

    1. establish justice, domestic tranquility,
    3.provide for the common defense,
    4. promote the general welfare,
    5. and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Q. Who were ” we the people”?
    A. The Framers!

  31. GabrielSterling says:


    The voting was over two days.

    When was there a vote on the Fulton County thing on the floor?

  32. Joy says:

    Peach, you asked Bill about “The Constitutional”.

    It is such a lovely day, he may have decided to go for one.

    I’m sure he’s pondering the constitution en route.

  33. GOPeach says:

    I am on my laptop sitting outside watching my grand kids play tennis and talking on the phone… it is a pretty day…

    Peach Pundit cracks me up.

  34. shep1975 says:

    Peach, you’re a hypocritical phoney.

    First off, you spend more time here than anyone outside of Erick and he actually does do this for a living.

    There is a brand new, and struggling Cobb Club because your hero, ASH, let the club die. You seem to know everyone since you as so well connected to the grassroots. Why don’t you get off your computer and start making phone calls to the under 40 year olds you know and tell them they need to step up and help get the Cobb YRs back together.

    Of course there were no Cobb YRs working in Cobb in 2006 — because YOU cared enough to help keep the Cobb YRs going. How many meetings of the Cobb YRs did you attent to show support for the group? How many times did you donate to them? How many people did you tell…hey, you should get involved in this group!

    You want to complain about Bill Simon…well, Bill Simon is no longer of YR age, but he tried to help keep Cobb going and supports many of the other clubs.

    Others like Rob Doll financed out of his own pocket…not Muscogee County GOP funds…the creation of that Club which in 3 years has become one of the strongest in the state.

    If we cannot market our organization, we cannot recruit new members. If we cannot recruit members, we cannot volunteer in campaigns. If we cannot volunteer in campaigns, we cannot help Republicans win.

    Your son is in COLLEGE. We have CRs for college and YRs for post-college.

    YDs are college and post-college.

    We cannot set a membership table up on a street corner like the CRs can do on a college campus.

    Outside of personal networks and the internet, the only way to engage new people is through ADVERTISING. Direct mail postcards inviting people to meetings, robo calls, etc all cost money.

    The Straw Poll is free advertising and a better solution than renting ELEPHANTS.

    Besides, what would we rent them with? Our good looks? That takes money too.

    I’m happy I scare you. Considering my candidates tend to win and yours don’t, I should continue to scare you. Now stop blogging while you watch other people actually do things.

  35. Donovan Head says:

    I voted for Rudy!! he came in 3rd, but 1st when you count official candidates!!

    I voted for Rob Doll too, because I was told by many in the Cobb County Delegation that Mrs. Everheart liked him..and I wanted someone who could work well with her, not to mention he had impecable credentials.

    GOPeach, I just had my baccalurete service today, and I have to say that I would be very offended as would many onther seniors and their parents if any political group set up a booth to take advantage of what is to be a day of Praise to the Lord for giving us the strength and endurence to graduate and to ask him for guidence as we choose our life’s path…if this is what you call productive, shame on you and your son!! I’m glad it was the YD’s and not us who were too stupid and ignorant to keep politics out of God’s house!!

    I’m writing come out and support Jason due to your rediculous attack on all the hard work he has done. I know him well enough to know that he works hard at all the many things he is involved in and I’m amazed at how he has lead the GAFYR’s..he has been someone for Johnny Blankenship and myself as well as many of the TR leaders to look up to.

    I’m sure he is focused on the big picture as he should be, which is building a force of young people to help get Saxby Re-elected and possibly pick up 2 seats in Congress, not to mention making sure we keep the white house…we already have a significant majority in both the state house and state senate so I don’t blame him for focusing on more important issues. We can’t assume Saxby is a shoe in, all it takes is Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox to jump in and the race becomes competative, if the DSCC finds a poll that shows that Jim Marshall can get numbers close to Saxby, you better bet they’ll talk him into giving up his house seat and running for Senate, the Democrats would rather gain a Senate Seat even if it means sacraficing a house seat, and they’ll pump money into him like you wont believe, look at what theyre doing to this Marlow guy in the 10th.

    In all the State House races I’ve helped on (which would be 3), I was one of maybe 3 volunteers outside of the candiadtes’ families, it is not the responsibility of the YR’s CR’s or the TR’s to be the slaves of people who decide to run for office…if we feel we can make an impact and we like the candidate and if we are available to help, then we will..but candidates should not expect it, we have lives of our own too ya know lol.

  36. GOPeach says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason-

    Okay first of all – Thank You. No, I really mean it. I have not been asked to join the YOUNG Republicans in over 30 years. It is a real nice thing. It’s just wrong.

    It really is wrong Jason- hear me out here- I think you need to take a sales course. Learn how to sale Jason. You are not selling the YR’s! You need to be creative and friendly, Honey.

    That ELEPHANT idea was smashing! [ littereally]. LOL!!! You could have even had an inflatable one or a cut out where people could have their pictures made with it — Gimmicks – Outrageous things like that make a Convention fun and unforgetable!

    Now about that new Cobb YR Club – Try This is a cheap way to get things moving forward. Then there are those 5 minute dating things – You could have a Young Republicans 5 Minute Dating Meet Up – – That would draw a crowd.

    Jason- insulting me by saying:
    “…your hero, ASH, let the club die” is just not cool.

    A. Calling ASH my” hero” was lame.
    B. If the YR’s depended on ASH to survive then they must not have ever been strong to begin with. A good leader owns their mistakes and learns from them.

    I hardly know ASH. I met him a few times but I don’t get out much because of health issues. I help those who need help in phone banks. That’s what I do best. Dial for dollars and votes!!!! You should learn about these things.

    When you said:

    ” I’m happy I scare you. Considering my candidates tend to win and yours don’t.”

    And you wonder why you do not attract people to the YR’s??? I think you need to be a campaign consultant istead of leader of a grassroots organization. After all YOUR CANDIDATES WIN!!!! We need your crack in the 13th Congressional District!!!!

  37. GOPeach says:


    Blogging for a living sound good. LOL!
    I’ll get my resume on Monster ASAP..

    Thanks for the invite to the YOUNG Republicans. It’d been 20 years since I was in that group. Your insults have not been a very good selling strategy. No wonder people do not like the YR’s. You are a cry baby. You blame your failures on ASH. C’mon Jason! Own your mistakes and learn from them.

    I can not attend meetings because of health issues. I dial for dollars and votes. That is what I have always done to help.

    You said:

    “I’m happy I scare you. Considering my candidates tend to win and yours don’t, I should continue to scare you.”…

    Just who are “YOUR CANDIDATES”? Are you a campaign consultant? If not— then you should become one! If ALL YOUR CANDIDATES WIN-
    then… get down to the 13 CD where the rubber meets the road!

    The new Cobb YR group should use That is a great way to connect.

    Jason- I work with underdogs that have a destiny. I worked with Newt and Mack Mattingly. They lost a lot — then they won BIG!
    I was loyal to them.

    You are young still – you will see.

  38. Bill Simon says:


    It was carried by Greg Howard, but it was Dvorscak’s attempt to try and get something changed thta he could use to try (for the 2nd time in 2 days) to get the appeal thrown out on a technicality.

    What I will call the “Dvorscak Amendment” was Howard’s proposal that the number of people required to put forth an initial protest at the county level match what the number is required to appeal it. That is, the amended Rules peoposed by the Rules Committee was to set the number of people required for the first appeal to be “5 people” and the 2nd appeal to be “25 people.”

    Dvorscak and Howard were seen by all who desired to observe in heavy consultation on the floor, and it was Greg Howard who proposed that the rule change be amended to require that “25 people be required to file the 1st appeal and 25 people required to file any following appeals.”

    Dvorscak’s thinking/hoping was to change this rule so he could somehow argue at the state committee level that “Hey, look, this appeal should have to abide by this new rule!”

    That, AND the fact that I predict that there will be another foul-up in Fulton County’s convention next year if Dvorscak and his “pepes” are allowed to continue to run things at Fulton County, makes me think thta Dvorscak was definietly trying to make it more difficult to challenge his foul-ups for the future.

  39. Mike Hauncho says:


    I think your attack on Jason about YRs not focusing on grassroots campaigns in local races is wrong. I can speak from experience that the Atlanta Young Republicans we knocking on doors every weekend during the campaign season and making phone calls during the week. The AYRs alone volunteered on over 12 campaigns last year from the Governor, in which we were volunteer of the week, Cagle, Handle, and Mac Collins to name a few. There is not a YR club in Cobb County which is not Jason’s fault. He has worked to get the club up and running but that takes times and someone within that club to build. The YRs are active and making a difference and to make those comments is insulting to us who were out there every weekend working to get Republicans elected.

  40. Bill Simon says:


    You can practice all the religion you want, in whatever form you want.

    BUT, this concept of requiring that “Christianity be in the public square” has got to stop.

    Everywhere where a town or city has placed “Christianity in the public square,” they do so at the absolute exclusion of every single other religion.

    SO, I don’t want Judaism, I don’t want Muslim-ism, I don’t want Buddahism, Christianity, or whatever being allowed to use public funds or public resources to “display” their beliefs.

    That is my point. Yet, Rob Doll apparently beleives that Christianity (and, ONLY Christianity, at the exclusion and recognition of every other religion) should be the only one “displayed in the public square.”

    If you and “Joy” cannot fathom that concept, I cannot help either of you…you are both terminally ignorant.

  41. Demonbeck says:

    “BREAKING: Fred Thompson wins Georgia GOP Convention Straw Poll in Landslide”

    Was he also in BREAKING II: Convention Boogaloo?

  42. GOPeach says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason –

    I am really flattered you would ask me to join the YOUNG Republicans at the age of 50+. 🙂 Right now- I have some health issues that have come from being a caretaker which limit my involvement. Plus I have grand kids that keep me very busy!!!!

    Now – I am not “attacking you” and you do not need Donovan to jump in and give you back up. You asked for my check and I simply told you why I have yet to send it.

    Attacking ASH and blaming him for the cause the YR’s do not exist in Cobb is a cop out!!! How does one person shut down an organization? It just shows me it was weak to begin with! I would hope that you would stop making exuses and blaming ” my hero” for your failures.

    I would respect you a whole lot more if you would be more humble! You are full of it Jason.

    To say, ” I’m happy I scare you. Considering my candidates tend to win and yours don’t, I should continue to scare you.” makes me think you should become a campaign consultant instead of the chairman of a statewide organization!

  43. Mike Hauncho says:


    You seem to miss the point about a lack of support from the county chairman. YR clubs are a valuable asset to the GOP but they are often overlooked. If we had elephants who would we be reaching out to? If they are of age and at the convention then chances are they are already apart of a club.

    A major part of being a YR is being social. I know that sounds like something worthless but let me explain. The young people who come into our clubs are there because they want to be around like minded individuals. We have so many social events because we want to attract people to something fun. When they see that politics can be fun and educational they tend to get more involved and invite their friends.

    YRs need support from the county chairmen and the State Chairman because we need the leaders of the senior party for advice and leadership as much as they need us to knock on doors. So when you say “where were the YRs” we will respond with “where were you.” Stop turning your nose up at us if you think we are not out during campaign season because we are and there is plenty of time during the off season for you to support the YRs. In your 50+ years I would hope you would have learned that part of being a leader is being able to train the future leaders and no sit back and wait for them to do it themselves.

  44. Joy says:

    “If you and “Joy” cannot fathom that concept, I cannot help either of you…you are both terminally ignorant.”

    Please, Please, PLEASE do not lump me in with GOPeach. The comment which she seems to take in support of her fundie views was really a comment on her choice of words, and a joke.

    The only thing that would bother me more than a massive nanny state government is one run by the dictates of religious zealots, no matter their particular flavor of the divine.

    And “Joy” is not another of GOPeach’s secret identities… Joy is an AnCap whose religious views are her own.

  45. jsm says:

    Hey, Peach. After seeing this whole back and forth between you and Shep, I had to jump in and say something. The YR’s are getting people elected up here in Hall County. Ask any GOP official who he or she wants on the team, and see who they tell you. I guarantee you we can canvass neighborhoods, distribute literature, and generally campaign with the best. We have the energy and enthusiasm you reminisce about. So go back to spanking the kids’ fannies, and quit trying to throw us under the bus.

  46. Bill Simon says:


    Sorry for misreading your comments…I thought you weren’t a nutcase by your first comment, but your follow-up one threw me off.

    Contrary to Peach’s beliefs, I do not spend every waking moment on this blog, so, if there is a long delay in my response (if I ever do respond in the first place), it is because I have other responsibilities in my life, far separate from the imaginary world Peach resides in…where she thinks our Constitution was “ordained by God”.

    What is an “AnCap?”

  47. Joy says:

    Anarchocapitalist. (Murray Rothbard is my hero.)

    While free markets and no government is my ideal, I’m rational enough to see the benefits in working for free-er markets and less government.

  48. RJL says:

    Well, Bill, let it be known that there is bipartisan agreement on the lunacy of GOPeach, particularly on matters of religion and the founding of the U.S. If I were on your side of the aisle, I would consider her moniker a trademark infringement.

  49. shep1975 says:

    Hall YRs helped in Hall. Gwinnett YRs worked on Gwinnett campaigns. The Atlanta and Buckhead Clubs concentrated on Fulton County races. The Atlanta YRs were even as a group highlighted by Sonny as “Volunteers of the Week.”

    The Chair of the Muscogee YRs was also county chair for Perdue’s reelection.

    There were no Cobb YRs because the county GOP did not actively encourage Young Professionals to participate in the organization. I never saw county GOP leadership attend Cobb YR meetings while the club was struggling. Eventually, the leadership gave up and the club folded in November 2005.

  50. GOPeach says:


    You should cover your bases. Cobb is your base. You seemed to be more interested in “your winning candidates” than your YR’s. I suggest you learn how to build a county wide oganization before moving to a State level!

  51. GOPeach says:


    Tell me why you think the Constitution was not ordained by God. Back up your comments.



    Just because I like Huckabee, Tancredo, FDT, Coates, Broun, Reed,
    Staton, etc… Does not mean I am their SPOKESPERSON. They atre just all very good conservatives.

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