Where Should Atlanta’s New Airport Go?

That’s the question. The answer of course is a high speed, heavy rail system, not light, running between Atlanta and Macon’s airport. Use part of the allocated funding to build the rail and the rest to upgrade the pre-existing, heavy jet capable Macon Airport.

BTW, most studies conclude heavy rail, as opposed to intracity light rail systems, are worthwhile. Put that puppy done the middle of the interstate and you’re good to go.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Someone who lives in Macon and planning to run for it’s city council would certainly believe that. I too live in Macon, but the greatest benefit for Georgia would be on the North side.

    Shorter trips for you and me to the airport does not make the idea better for everyone else.

  2. jaybird says:

    There is talk about running rail to Chattanooga’s airport. A bit further, but could service the fast growing northwest corridor.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    The PERFECT location would be just north of where the Outer Loop of Atlanta’s 285 was planning on going.

    That way, we can still install the Outer Loop and it will be able to provide direct access to and from the Earl Ehrhart Airport & Golf Country Club.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    I totally agree with Erick on this matter. Use rail to go to Macon’s airport. Spread out the wealth.

    For that matter, I really want to see high speed rail be an approach discussed in Georgia’s future.

  5. TM2000 says:

    I agree with you Bullmoose. CA is looking at that idea and the Governator is sounding like he supports it. You know why he supports it? Because he’s a man of the future, didn’t you see Terminator?

  6. Federalist says:

    No no no. Build the airport just south east of Perdue’s home in Houston county, but in the oaky woods. I think that the airport would really drive down the value of that property, and Perdue will certainly not profit when the developers pull out of there rather than building a country club community or private city. Perdue got away with this scandal, obviously because it was too complicated for GA voters to understand…this is the only way Sonny will be punished for his abuse of the office.

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