Sonny’s Gonna Try To Remain Powerful

Fighting off lame duck status, it looks like Sonny has set up a PAC called “Perdue PAC.” You’d think he’d want “New Georgia PAC” or something, but I suspect this is ego. He wants a vivid notice of who he is and is not supporting. I wonder how many challengers of incumbent Republican House members will be getting checks?

Hat tip to the Tip Line.


  1. Common Sense says:

    I think Larry O’Neal is setting up a MarySon and Perdue Plantation PAC for him too

  2. Federalist says:

    I wonder which big-time developers will be running for office soon. Perdue needs to get those million dollar homes built around “modest” estate to increase the property value…not to mention that would require roads to be built. I am willing to bet that he will be selling his land to the state (taxpayers) to have these precious roads built for his elitist cohorts.

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