Whitehead reins in a pair of DC endorsements

Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA), Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Immigration Reform Caucus, today called in to Martha Zoeller’s radio show — on which Jim Whitehead was a studio guest — to endorse Whitehead for Congress, saying:

“As Chairman of the Immigration Caucus I cannot think of anyone better that the people of your neighborhood could send to Washington right now to help us with this fight to stop illegal immigration than Jim. I think you’ve got a candidate that is a perfect fit for the district and a perfect fit for what we need in Washington right now. I’m very proud to endorse Jim today. Please send the reinforcements we need help to stop illegal immigration, and Jim’s the guy you need to send.

Following that was a call-in from Georgia’s own Saxby Chambliss, who said, “I look forward to Jim being up here in Washington to help us.” (Whether or not that was technically an “endorsement” is up for debate; Zoeller said afterward that it “sounded like an endorsement to me.”

Is this fast becoming a one-man race? Perhaps that will depend on the support Paul Broun can get outside of the Athens-Clarke area (due to its dearth of voting Republicans), as well as on how many folks mistakenly write in PAUL BRUAN as their candidate of choice. 😉


  1. Paul from Jefferson says:

    Bill Greene stopped by our table when I was out having lunch with a friend on Monday in Jefferson. He seemed like a nice guy, but neither he nor Whitehead will be getting my vote – at least in round one. I think that it will be Whitehead without a runoff and am well able to contain my enthusiasm about that result.

  2. Holly says:

    I suspect Marlow is more likely to be in a run-off (if necessary) than Broun, but that’s because I think the Dems in the district are going to all vote for one candidate rather than splitting their votes.

  3. Rick Day says:

    My wife volunteers through her church to help teach a 4th grade science club at the MLK center for disadvantaged bright youth.

    One of her brightest students told her she was going to have to move to Mexico after school was out, even though she had never been there.

    “President Bush and his friends not want us here anymore.” she solemnly told my wife.

    4th grade. How do you people sleep?

    Crackers can’t go after blacks anymore (except with their highly successful war on black men, er, drugs), so its on to the Mexicans. You can not deny it.

    True fact: I know a man who is an illegal alien. He is from Canada. Anyone screaming about Canadian illegals? Nah, they look too much like you and me.

    Who is next, gays? Oops, you done beat upon them pretty good. Yankees?

    If a Republican gets elected to that district, all he is going to help Linder with is adding another chair to the W.A.S.P.G.O.B. club.

    As if…

  4. DAMY46 says:

    Paul from Jefferson,

    Whitehead can’t take it without a runoff.

    There are 10 folks running here.

    I think the runoff will be between Whitehead and Marlow.

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