Jim McCrery is Today’s Target

Jim McCrery represents Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District.  Call him at (318) 798-2254 first.  Then call (202) 225-2777.  

Ask if he voted for Calvert.  Then you may want to ask the following:

(1)  Are you aware that Ken Calvert paid a heroin addicted prostitute for oral sex?

(2)  Are you aware that Calvert will be the fourth California Republican on the Appropriations Committee to have records seized by the FBI?

TIP:  If they say they want to mail you the answer, ask first to speak to someone else.  If they insist on mailing you something, respond, “So what you are telling me is that you refuse to answer?  I’ll consider that a yes vote.”

Also, don’t forget to call Tom Cole at (202) 225-6165.  Just tell the person who answers the phone that you wanted to let Congressman Cole know you will not be contributing to the NRCC’s efforts until Ken Calvert is off Appropriations.

Report back here in the comments.