Hutto for City Council

Rick Hutto will be running for City Council again. He was going to run for County Commission, but decided to play the racial politics game, calculating that Brenda Youmas and Keith Moffett will split the black vote and he’ll get the white vote.

Hutto points out he got 45% of the vote last time he ran city wide and now he has a record to run on. I’d submit that now that everyone knows his record, 45% is the high point, not the low. Burned bridges are not easily crossed back.

I’m for Moffett 100%.

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  1. katurner says:

    If Rick Hutto figures he will be able to stay on and serve, doing what he does for the city of Macon, then let him do whatever he can to stay on council. Don’t get mad and say you’ll support Keith Moffett just because you don’t like what the other person does. You’re ignoring how Rick Hutto has tried to reign in the mayor.

    Besides what do we know about Keith Moffett?

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