And You Thought Your Job Was A Shark Tank…

I used to feel working in broadcasting was a daily jaunt through a shark tank of ruthless behavior and backstabbing gone wild. News ain’t got nothing on the lobbyista of the Georgia Legislature. Lawyer Wilson Smith has more tales from the political dark side on his delightful website, What Is Goin’ On? And he lays the blame for Sally Bethea being jettisoned off the DNR board smack dab at Governor Perdue’s feet.

Lawyer Wilson is a terrific example of citizen journalism in action. And that is exactly what is really going on in media right now. A sampling from What Is Goin’ On here:

Then, there are the lobbyists who lobby for causes, kind of like public watchdogs.  You know them as AARP, Common Cause, Georgia Watch, League of Women’s Voters, and, yes, all the Riverkeeper Organizations, such as Upper Chattahoochee, Altamaha, Satilla, Savannah and all the rest.  These are the organizations that don’t donate to politicians’ campaigns. They believe that good people will do the right thing if they have the facts and know the truth. They aren’t that naive, they just prefer it to the stink.   These are the Sally Bethea’s of the lobbying world.  

Do not be fooled, the war they wage is one of vigilance.  Without them in 2007, the coming battle over water 20 years from now will be an easy win for the developers, the rich and powerful, those for whom a dollar justifies a lot of sin.  Scoff at your own risk, but there is method to the madness of those who pay lip service to natural resource protection.


  1. tribalecho says:

    Does this mean that the right and left of GA politics are making up?

    I’ve read about it, but it’s hard to understand.

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