This could make Moosegate pail in comparison

The Club For Growth has an analysis of Erick’s War on the GOP Leadership. Basically the FEC has said no, you can’t send letters to donors found through disclosure reports.

Of course, its not Red State sending the letters. Its you and me, individual citizens. Red State may be linking to the reports and offering boilerplate language to use in letters, but they aren’t actually spending the 39 41 cent postage.

Luckily Erick is an accomplished election lawyer who can defeat the hordes of bureaucrats at the FEC and liberate the blogosphere.

[UPDATE BY ERICK]: Actually, there are some loopholes and caveats — namely, RedState is a media exception. And, if nothing else, we’ll call them instead of mail them, which is acceptable.


  1. Chris says:

    FEC reports don’t list phone numbers correct?

    And I like the idea of trying to test case law on bloggers as media. Just don’t mess it up.

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