Eric Johnson: “Draft Fred Thompson!”

I just got this e-mail from Senator Eric Johnson, it was sent to the Senate Republican Caucus as well as a few House members:

Dear Friends,

We are writing today to ask you to sign up to support Fred Thompson for President. We believe our party and our country need an experienced conservative who can communicate with America.

Officially, Senator Thompson has not made his final decision, but we believe an announcement is imminent. Once he announces, support will surge in like a tidal wave. We believe we have a small window of opportunity to really stand out in the eyes of the country and the mind of our future President if we stand tall for him now.

Recently, 54 of 81 Texas State House Republicans and several Senate Republicans signed a petition to support Fred in his potential bid. This has generated a huge momentum boost for Fred’s campaign, and I think it would benefit our state to provide vital early support for our next President. With tonight’s SC debate and Georgia’s convention this weekend, all eyes are on the GOP. The time is now.

What we ask of you is to respond to this email by Friday with permission to use your name on a list of legislative leaders encouraging Fred Thompson to run for President and pledging your support to him if he does.

These are historic times and we need a leader like Ronald Reagan who will step forward and lead with a compelling conservative vision for our country’s future. That leader is Fred Thompson.

We hope he can count on your support.


Senators Eric Johnson & Chip Rogers


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    Attention all Legislators, please sign up with us lowly citizens. Go to and sign the petition. Senators Eric Johnson & Chip Rogers, I hope you will sign up especially.
    Thanks for your time,
    Tommy Sandoval

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    Attention all Legislators, please sign up with us lowly citizens. Go to and sign the petition. Senators Eric Johnson & Chip Rogers,
    I hope you will sign up especially.
    Thanks for your time,
    Tommy Sandoval

  3. Bull Moose says:

    We have a real conservative in the race — a consistent, principled conservative in John McCain.

    Johnson and Rogers are right, these are historic times our country faces. These are times that our country needs a tried and tested leader like John McCain. Like Reagan, riding out of the west, John McCain is the heir to the legacy of principled common sense conservatism.

    Since being elected, John McCain has been at the front on the efforts to reign in out of control pork barrel spending. Supported by Fred Thompson, he lead the effort to reform campaign finance. And not to mention, he has been a consistent and strong supporter of our troops during these uncertain times.

    John McCain has the organization, resources, and momentum to be our nominee and be our country’s next President.

  4. Chris says:

    “Supported by Fred Thompson, he lead the effort to reform campaign finance.”

    Humm – Principled conservatives consider that a black mark in Fred’s career.

    Doug: You can hate his politics – don’t mock his service.

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    A consistent, principled conservative who took on a Republican administration and fought conservative leaders in his own party to continue funding fetal tissue research? That’s a real conservative? Please explain.

  6. Doug Deal says:

    Chris, I was not mocking his service; I was mocking his ticking time bomb personality.

    He did what I doubt I could ever do in Vietnam, but we have to stop electing people based on how they are victimized and electing people who have the temperament, ideals and decency that one would expect from someone seeking high office.

    Plenty of history’s biggest monsters are war vets (Hitler), and most of its greatest heroes never served in war.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Stem cell research and fetal tissue research save lives.

    And I DO NOT POST press releases Doug. Sorry if you don’t like how I write, but those are my words and my words alone!

    I worked in Washington, DC. I saw first hand that campaign finance reform was necessary.

    I’m sorry if some of you have been tricked into thinking that somehow your rights have been infringed upon as a result of campaign finance reform. That’s just not the case.

    Stop following the talking points from your interest group of choice and do some independent research on the issue.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Temperment, ideals, and decency — those are characteristics associated with John McCain’s qualifications to be our next Commander In Chief.

    Doug, your associating Hitler with McCain is just grotesque. For that matter, any candidate for office and Hitler is grotesque and just shows that you lack the judgement necessary to form an educated opinion in evaluating these things.

  9. joe says:

    “He did what I doubt I could ever do in Vietnam…”

    Both John McCain and Max Cleland served honorably in Vietnam. Both we through terrible trials. Are there two politicians with more opposite views?

    Military service is not the issue, and I served 20+ years. The issue is political beliefs. I do not agree with either McCain or Cleland.

  10. Chris says:

    Doug – that might be the case. But you compared John McCain to Raymond Shaw – a man who was a POW and was brainwashed by his captors – that to me is an attack on the Senator’s service.

  11. GOPeach says:

    PRESIDETIAL DEBATES in 15 minutes!

    Let’s all pop the popcorn and grab a Coke at pick them all apart like they were the last chicken on the plate!

  12. Doug Deal says:

    I suppose you can come to whatever conclusion you want. Nonetheless, at least it is still clear that he is an unstable man who needs to be as far away from the reigns of power as possible.

    I thought you told everyone you would refrain from posting campaign press releases that you pulled straight from the FAX machine from McCain HQ. I suppose that might only apply to front page posting, so please continue.

    Of course I did not compare McCain to Hitler, and it shows an ease of twisting reality on your part that reveals a little more about your own character than you probably want to reveal. This is beside the point that a comparison alone would not necessary be a bad one (i.e. “McCain is nothing like Hitler, they are very different” is a comparison betwixt the two).

    I was simply stating that people who are soldiers are just as capable as of becoming monster as anyone else, and plenty of heroes have never served in war. Hitler was an example of that. If you need me to explain what these words mean in more detail, just ask as I try to do a remedial class every Tuesday.

  13. BrianDart says:

    Sen. Johnson and Rogers understand that unless a better candidate steps forward, then our chances of victory are very small. Senator Thompson is the only candidate that can unite the party and create the level of excitment that will be needed. A lot of my friends and neighbors have jumped on a campaign just so that they are aligned with someone. They knock Fred Thompson because he hasn’t been running for President for the last 8 years.

    Senator Thompson understands the importance of this decision. His delay shows me that when he does enter the race, then he will do it for the right reasons. We don’t have to be satisfied with the current crop of candidates. Leadership seeks out true leaders, and I believe Sen. Johnson and Rogers are doing there part to make sure it finds the right mark.

  14. Mark Rountree says:

    A good orator — with a conservative voting record to match. Yes, Senator Fred Thompson for President.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Tommy and Brian,

    Your geeky-Greek letter crap makes you look like putzes.

    If you want to greet Sen. Eric Johnson and your other “frat brothers,” do it the old-fashioned way: By sniffing each other’s butts, the good ‘ole
    “Greek way,” okay?

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Demon, I guess you’ve never met me…I am too tall to have been the one in the Yosemite Sam outfit. 🙂

    HOWEVER, since I do shoot my mouth off quite a lot (and, I proudly admit I WAS intricately involved in the PR campaign of promoting the whole Yosemite-Barr affair back in 2002), the nickname might just fit anyway… 😉

  17. Demonbeck says:

    I don’t know if we’ve ever met, but I know you weren’t Yosemite Sam. I remember following the campaigns through your blog.

    I also realize that Erick isn’t the Swedish Chef (nor does he work at Chik-Fil-a,) but that doesn’t stop me from pressing him on it.

    Plus the nickname is quite fitting for someone who constantly plays the grumpy antagonist.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    I think Erick does work for Hooters, though…maybe we should start calling him Mr. Drucker…the source for all the gossip in Hooterville and Petticoat Junction…

  19. Chris says:

    Well, I guess Fred Thompson isn’t divine – he couldn’t make Bill and Debbie get along. 🙂

  20. Holly says:

    But it does prove that they have common ground somewhere! They just have to dig really, really deep. 😉

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