Peach Pundit Gathering at GOP State Convention

We’ve talked about it, now its gonna happen. The Peach Pundit Gathering will be at the Loafing Leprechaun starting at about 5pm on Friday going till whenever. Erick, Buzz, Jason Pye, Jeff and myself will be there. Even you democrats are welcome to show up. 🙂 We’ll be on the front patio.

Also at the Loafing Leprechaun from 3-5pm on Friday will be the Republican Liberty Caucus State Convention – Karen Handel, David Shafer and Steve Davis will be head lining.

The Loafing Leprechaun is located next to the Gwinnett Civic Center – walking distance from the GOP State Convention. If you’re coming just for the gathering, here is a map


  1. Holly says:

    Any establishment that has a countdown to St. Paddy’s day on their web site is okay in my book.

    See y’all there!

  2. Holly says:

    Chris, you might want to include in this post that it’s Friday, not Saturday, just to make sure everyone remembers that. 🙂

  3. tribalecho says:

    Gwwine-et? You’re kidding? Don’t ya’ll come down here?

    The city is a big circle. The middle of the circle is Atlanta. If the circle dies, so do the, ya know, arms.

    I have been oppressed, oh yes I have, by racism. Even though I’m white.

    I don’t get no good transport system. We don’t get no help in our fabulous hospitals. Oh no. That might help all those black people.

    Some people would rather slit their own necks than help some poor folk. Even the white ones.

  4. Chris says:

    Just because Debbie will be there is no reason to be afraid. Really – she’s actually a nice person in person.

    However, we’ll be hiring extra security if Bill Simon decides to come. 🙂

  5. ugavi says:

    You may need a large security force if Bill Simon, Brian, and Debbie are all there 🙂

    I do agree Debbie is a nice person in person.

  6. Jas says:

    Can someone please ask the Republican Liberty Caucus where they stand on the issue of Sunday sales?


  7. debbie0040 says:

    I do agreee with RLC on their support of SB137.

    I believe it should be left up to the local governments to decide.

  8. Harry says:

    I believe that government has a legitimate role in helping keep drunks off the roads on Sunday and encouraging people to show up for work sober on Monday.

    It’s biblical that we (government) encourage sobriety.

    Chris may want to vote me off the island.

  9. jsm says:

    Here we go again, Harry. The government’s way of keeping drunks off the roads on Sunday or any other day is called DUI enforcement. Maybe you should lobby for tougher penalties for that crime. Tracing the “root” of the crime all the way back to the point that it affects law abiding citizens is not conducive to a freedom-loving society. I would think the RLC would promote freedom and liberty. As a member, don’t you think you should, too?

  10. Harry says:

    I’m a Christian moralist who believes in using government to further my aims within reasonable limits. I’m sure I disagree with most of the RLC in this…but who said we all have to agree on everything?

  11. Chris says:

    Harry, we’re a big tent organization. If you believe that the Republican Party should stand for limited government, free markets and indivudual liberty than the RLC welcomes you.

    We’ll work on the Sunday Sales thing. 🙂

  12. jsm says:

    Wow, Harry. I’m as conservative a Christian as anyone, and as I have stated before, I don’t drink. However, Christian moralism is not in the US Constitution. Churches should do their duty, which includes preaching morality, and Christians should live by the morals they espouse. It’s not our job to impose our beliefs on the general public. That only makes people hate us and what we stand for. I challenge you to do some research on Constantine and what he did for Christianity by forcing it on people.

    Christianity is not about making other people live by your standard. I wish some of these guys who put themselves out there as “religious leaders” would understand this.

  13. Harry says:

    I see you as being one extreme, and Constantine the other extreme.

    I see nothing wrong with promoting laws which reflect one’s own religious beliefs….within limits, as I already said.

  14. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Harry, Harry, Harry. Here’s the slippery slope: who decides these “limits,” who enforces them, how does one know when they have been reached — and how does one make sure that they are not breached?

  15. jsm says:

    I have to be at a kindergarten graduation Friday night, but I plan to come back down afterward for the hospitality suites. I may or may not catch you folks.

    I was just thinking also that the get-together may conflict with the YR convention, which happens shortly after the GOP convention.

  16. Chris says:

    The state convention concludes on Saturday. 3 hours after it concludes on friday is 8pm and in the middle of the Victory Dinner.

  17. Harry says:


    My definition of “limits” may differ from yours, but we all agree philosophically that limits must adhere to reason and custom, or? Also, I prefer to accentuate the positive in regards to that common area between libertarian and conservative.

  18. Jeff Emanuel says:

    No, Harry. There is no “we all agree.” If you think that “we all agree” is a limit, then I am sorry to say that you are sadly naive of human nature and of government itself.

    Do you have something better than “we all agree” to offer to the discussion?

  19. Harry says:

    You don’t agree that there should be limits on behavior that adhere to reason and custom, aka moral standards?

  20. Doug Deal says:


    The word conservative is overloaded. It has too many definitions and is used by people with contradictory viewpoints. So, the expression can be both redundant and an oxymoron.

    I think a better way to rank politicians in on a more government/less government scale. In that instance it would be clear that the Republicans and Democrats all share the same basic philosophy.

  21. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Harry, stop changing your argument. I asked you a question above, and all you have done is offer mealymouthed platitudes and subject changes (combined with some pretty flimsy straw men) in response.

    Again, do you have anything more to offer?

  22. Kepper says:

    Bowersville: I don’t remember the exit #, but from I-85 S, take the Sugarloaf Exit (it’s about 2 miles past the I-985 split and the next exit past the GA 317 exit (Lawrenceville-Suwanee). After you exit, keep to the left most lanes (the right lane will put you on Old Peachtree). Drive the access rd until you come to a redlight, which is Sugarloaf. Take a right. Go thru the next redlight (Satellite Blvd). It will be about 200 yds on your left behind the Holiday Inn and in front of the Arena. The 1818 club is also there near the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.
    Hope that helps.

  23. Chris says:

    Humm, tabling the discussion over Sunday Sales till we’re at a bar – awesome idea. 🙂

  24. drjay says:

    hopefully we will get to town in time to stop by the leprachaun, we made reservations at the marriott–i assume that will be relatively convenient to everything??

  25. jsm says:

    Harry, if I may…

    DUI laws punish an action that puts others at a proven risk of danger.

    Blue laws punish an action–a retail transaction– that is harmful to no one.

  26. Holly says:

    Dr. Jay, I definitely hope you make it. You’re one of the many bloggers here that I want to meet in person.

    If you look at that map provided by the GA GOP, you’ll see that the Marriott is a bit away from the convention and the Loafing Leprechaun, but it can’t be more than a few minutes.

  27. jsm says:

    “The YR convention is on Saturday night. ”

    Duh, I just realized I got my nights mixed up. You’re right, Chris. Sorry.

  28. Bill Simon says:

    Chris: Fish actually don’t “drink” water.

    Harry: Do let us know what you mean by “reasonable limits” in your quest for misusing government to shove your Christian views on the rest of us.

  29. Demonbeck says:


    Any Georgia establishment that has a countdown to St. Paddy’s day that is not in Savannah is merely a pretender to the throne. I swear, I don’t even know why that day would be celebrated outside the Hostess City of the South.

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