Candidates file to run against Hill

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill (aka. “Walking Small”) already has two challengers for next year and more could be on the way:

Two candidates have filed with the county’s board of elections, notifying officials they will be raising money in a bid to unseat Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill.

Ernest W. Strozier, a lieutenant and 15-year veteran with the College Park Police Department, made his intentions known in April.

Kemuel A. Kimbrough, Sr., an attorney, who spent five years in a previous sheriff’s administration, filed his notice of intent to seek campaign contributions earlier this month.

Others, including a sheriff’s deputy with more than 20 years of experience, and an officer with the Clayton County Police Department, are rumored hopefuls in what promises to be a crowded field.


Opponents have indicated they will criticize Hill’s bickering with Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell and the County Police Department Chief Jeff Turner. They are expected to claim Hill hasn’t been adequately fulfilling the main duties of his office — serving warrants, protecting the courthouse and running the county jail.

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  1. jsm says:

    Interesting that he was on the news the other night talking about how he was going to hit every drug house in Clayton County and make it a desirable place to live again. Yeah, right. I wonder why he didn’t decide to do this back when he was elected and fired half the force?

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