Are you sure?

That this is needed?

Airline passengers will be paying more for their tickets if the man who runs the world’s busiest airport — and his counterparts across the nation — get their way.

Ben DeCosta, general manager of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, wants federal lawmakers to increase the so-called “passenger facility charge” from its current level of $4.50 per flying segment to $7.50 when authorization for the current fee expires Sept. 30 — a hike of about two-thirds.

DeCosta said the fee, which is automatically added to tickets at all U.S. airports, needs to be raised to keep up with increased construction costs as airports struggle to keep pace with an ever-growing flow of passengers.

Maybe it’s just the conservative in me, but if you are seeing an “ever-growing flow of passengers,” it seems to me that more people will be paying the $4.50 fee and so your revenue will go without having to raise the fee.


  1. Ray4VP says:

    I don’t think they thought we would catch that little tidbit. So if the flow is going up, the spending must be going up even faster. Sounds just like our government. Record tax receipts but still can’t cut the deficit.

  2. Contrarianistic says:

    What’s wrong with this charge? Isn’t this for screening facilities, etc. to protect us? $300 billion in Iraq is ok, but $3 extra at home isn’t? I’ll give up the latte to make sure everyone’s bags are screened.

  3. Harry says:

    The extra screening facilities and lack of caffeine would help you sleep better at night.

    The true contrarian would suspect the extra money is going to hire more city workers, and not necessarily at the airport.

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