Squeeze Play

For quite some time, people have assumed Gwinnett Commissioner Lorraine Green will challenge Charles Bannister for Gwinnett Commission Chairman in 2008. Green has fed this assumption by sparing with Bannister at Commission meetings. Nevertheless she has not made her intentions public.

Green may be forced into making a decision based on two recent developments:

Duluth Mayor Shirley Lassiter recently announced her intention to run for County Commission District 1, the seat currently held by Green. Just a few days after Lassiter’s announcement, Bannister’s first piece of campaign literature hit mailboxes touting his administration’s successes.

I don’t know the two events were coordinated, but the net effect is to pressure Lorraine Green into choosing a race. If you think the Presidential race started early, the race for Gwinnett Commission Chairman might be almost as long.


  1. Chris says:

    Humm – with all these bloggers announcing their intention to run, I should get into a race.

  2. Broty says:

    You can’t run Chris because if you do, you’ll have to resign your seat on the Gwinnett GOP executive committee – and we can’t have that!

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