Is there a silver lining?

Read this put a couple of thoughts into my mind:

After we’d walked out of the office on Friday evening, we received a note from the office of Gov. Sonny Perdue, announcing that he’d put his signature to the following measures:

SB 5, SB 19, SB 23, SB 60, SB 61, SB 62, SB 87, SB 103. SB 104, SB 116, SB 124, SB 139, SB 156, SB 162, SB 165, SB 172, SB 176, SB 210, SB 212, SB 280, and SR 246.

Not a House bill in the bunch. Imagine that.

Sonny Perdue is definitely angry at House leaders. They made him look bad, so like a child he took his ball and went home. I have always maintained one thought…House leaders were never truly concerned with sending money back to the taxpayers. They wouldn’t have had $200 million in pork projects in the first place if that was really their motivation.

Perdue now has the FY 2008 budget and no doubt he will be taking the veto pen out on some House earmarks as a vendetta. The state’s reserves are going to be maxed out (4% of the budget…roughly $800 million) which is paving the way for something House leaders want…comprehensive tax reform. No doubt it’ll be the Speaker’s plan being pushed, which I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good plan. When you first look at it, it sounds like a tax increase, but that’s a first look…but I am very much in the boat of individuals that need to be convinced otherwise. But my point is they are going to have a cushion to work with, granted they would have much more of a cushion had SR 20 been passed, but still a cushion nonetheless.

I don’t know…just some random thoughts I had and I know that there are others that have already had them. But I still believe sending the $142 million was the right thing to do.