Hart GOP Chair endorses Whitehead.

Just received this email:

For immediate release: May 12, 2007
Following Hartwell Debate, GOP Chair Endorses Whitehead

(Hartwell, GA) – State Senator Jim Whitehead (R-Evans), a candidate to fill Georgia’s 10th Congressional seat vacated by the late Congressman Charlie Norwood, received the endorsement today of Hart County GOP Chairman Bill Myers following his performance at the Hart County GOP debate.

“After listening to all the republican candidates at today’s debate, it is clear Jim Whitehead is the best man for the job,” said Myers. “Jim made it clear that he has the experience and the ability to best carry on the Norwood legacy. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be the best representative for Hart County.”

“I am pleased to accept the endorsement of the GOP Hart Chairman, Bill Myers” said Whitehead. “The folks of Hart County need a strong advocate in Washington regarding Corps of Engineers issues, border security and taxes— I am pleased Senator Nancy Schaefer and local officials like Mayor Matt Beasley, and Hart County Board of Education member Ronny Weaver believe I am the best man for the job.”

The Hart County Republican Party hosted five of the Republican candidates, and a representative from the Bill Greene campaign to debate the issues at Fletchers Restaurant in downtown Hartwell.



  1. GOPaide says:

    Was it that red headed tart Kellie whats her name that debated for Greene? I heard she destroyed her marriage and the Greene campaign

  2. Holly says:


    Kellie has blonde hair.

    I know it’s going to sound weird with me coming to her defense here, given that Bill and I have been sparring back and forth on another thread, but I don’t think it’s right to bring Kellie’s personal life into the picture.

    She seems like a sweet girl. I don’t know her well. What I can tell you is that, from what I’ve observed of her, Kellie is a hard worker, and I think she truly believes in her candidate.

    I think we should keep away from personally attacking the staffers. They’re working hard for their respective candidates, but as people behind the scenes, they certainly didn’t ask for the limelight, nor is it fair to drag their dirty linen out into public.

    As to what you’ve said, I don’t know anything about Kellie’s marriage, and I can honestly say no rumors have been passed this way. Really, there’s no reason for us to know. I’m sure she is dealing with that privately, which is appropriate.

  3. profg says:

    Buzz, you probably received our campaign’s email at around the same time:

    County Commissioner, Past GOP Chair Embrace Conservative Agenda

    HARTWELL, GA – Bill Greene, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, announced today that two well-known Hart County GOP leaders, County Commissioner Dan Reyen and immediate past GOP County Chair Randy Bannister, had signed on to be county co-chairmen for the Greene for Congress campaign.

    “I’m honored that Dan and Randy have endorsed me,” said Bill Greene, considered to be the leading conservative candidate in the special election to fill the late Charlie Norwood’s seat. “Randy’s long-time leadership of the Hart County Republican Party will help bring in strong grassroots support there, and Dan’s extensive political connections will ensure a great get-out-the-vote effort for us all across Hart County.”

    Reyen and Bannister joined a long list of elected and party officials around the Tenth District who have endorsed Bill Greene for Congress, including other county commissioners, GOP chairs, mayors, sheriffs, and city councilmen. “I’m excited at the level of commitment we’re getting from officials who have endorsed my campaign,” said Greene. “While other candidates have people putting their names on a list for them, we’ve got grassroots leaders who are actually in touch with the voters, and who are working hard to ensure we win this election. Every day it becomes more clear that the people of this district want a new generation of leadership, and not the same old ‘politics as usual’ from the same old politicians.”


  4. Rick Day says:

    Why can’t people use quotes in theri press releases that sound like they come from real humans, and not some bible of boilerplate response?

    “I am pleased…” What? What kind of REAL man talks like that?

    “I’m honored that Dan…” WTF?? When I hear the phrase “I’m honored” I think of GWB saying it, and we know HE writes his own speeches in his ‘downhome’ style. Then I lose the lunch.

    Know Bush, no honor. Anyway..

    Did they have to open an 8 or or 12 CAN for Mr. Meyers spot?

    GA politics is so g.d. phony.

  5. profg says:

    Rick, I’m honored that you perused my posting so closely, and I am pleased that you chose to respond to it.


  6. Donkey Kong says:

    Rick Day,

    It’s because press releases aren’t meant to be read by real humans–they’re meant to be read by journalists. And as a member of the media, I can confirm that we aren’t real people.

  7. GOPeach says:


    The people know who is NOT a politican!
    They need a leader who CARES for people.

    Dr. Braun… the man for the 10th!

  8. JayHanley says:

    Looks like if GOPPeach cared as much about her candidate as it seems, she’d learn to spell his name correctly.

  9. JayHanley says:

    I should be corrected on one thing, I mistakenly typed GOPPeach not GOPeach. My apologies. However, while I may have had trouble spelling GOPeach, I can spell my candidate’s name correctly: JIM WHITEHEAD.

  10. GOPeach says:

    I agree Maurice!

    However – this race will expose a lot of hidden agendas so do not be surprised.

    I have been around a loooooooooooong time!

    Here is the pattern… the side that slings the most mud is the the source of all the dirt.

    All these guys seem real nice until we get down to the wire and things get nasty.

    Mud is being slung by the Whitehead campaign already ..

    That is the ONLY negative thing you can say about Paul Broun is GOPeach is a supporter…

    hummmm… that speaks loud and clear!

    GOPeach supports Fred Thompson also!

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